Confessions of a “John” Arrested in Arlington

by Katie Pyzyk July 30, 2012 at 3:40 pm 39,825 146 Comments

A “john” who says he was recently arrested in Arlington for hiring a prostitute is stepping forward with his story, and a warning to others.

“I write this piece as a warning to men in the D.C. metro area because I don’t want them making the same mistakes I did,” he writes.

The man wishes to remain anonymous and will not say where he was arrested, but confirmed it was during one of the recent prostitution busts taking place throughout Arlington.

“I thought you’d be interested in learning what’s it is like from the side of the john being arrested in Arlington,” he told ARLnow.com. “I hope I also give you some insight into why some people do this sort of thing. I figure since they make it a very public and embarrassing crime I might as well roll with it and own it.”

The man explains that johns arrested in Virginia don’t remain anonymous in the eyes of the law; the state’s practice of making public the names of those arrested has his identity scattered across the internet. Now, those who search his name for any purpose will see his arrest.

“I’m going to have to answer for what I’ve done to anyone and everyone for the rest of my life. I wear a scarlet letter now,” he writes. “It’s almost like you’re a sex offender, never mind that what you’ve done is a misdemeanor. They make [it] feel much worse; like it’s a felony.”

In the following excerpt from the man’s blog post about his experience with prostitution, he explains what happened during his arrest:

I was leaving the hotel where I had just met my latest “friend” and was trying to justify the cost in my mind as I walked down a busy street bustling with nightlife. I was oblivious to my surroundings and I never saw my judge, jury and executioners coming. They appeared out of nowhere. The next thing I felt was the coldness of the glass window as I was forced up against it and then the tightness of the handcuffs as they were snapped into place on my wrists. It was open season on Mr. John. I was visible to everyone. Had anyone I knew seen me I don’t know what I would’ve done afterwards to myself. I thought to myself that I rightfully deserved my fate and I am readily willing to admit it.

They were watching us Johns the whole time. As we went in an out of the rooms. In the end they got a whole bunch of us along with the escorts. It was a reverse prostitution sting without the female officer. They used the escorts that were there as the bait. I honestly should have turned back the minute I saw a police car in the parking lot leaving hurriedly, probably thinking that I spotted them or on their way to bust another John. But I wanted what I wanted and I paid the price. Even now when I walk past that hotel I look to see if they are staking the place out. I sometimes will see a police car parked there waiting for its prey. I then think about the poor fool who is about to be caught. Of course they use unmarked vehicles as well. If you see people standing around in a parking lot in plainclothes that’s them. All of this was being done the night I was caught, they actually didn’t come out of nowhere and I was stupid not to see the signs and know that they’re always watching.

I cooperated fully with the officers and told them everything they wanted to know. They spoke to me about the perils of prostitution. Besides the danger of STD’s (and yes I use protection) and the physical danger that these women are putting themselves into; I could also be robbed. They relayed to me some of the horror stories they’ve been subject to. While I too have read some of these stories online, having a police officer tell it to you in person really wakes you up to the reality.

So I appreciate what the police are doing and I know that I was wrong. All I’m saying is I’ll never do it again–not so long as I’m in a place where it’s illegal. The pain I’ve put myself through is not worth it. Now every time I’m walking and hear a car screech I flinch thinking it’s a cop coming for me.

The man closes his piece with a straightforward warning to others: “Don’t turn into me.”

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  • Elmer

    And some call prostitution a “victimless” crime.
    Not so for the prostitute nor the john.

    • Steve R

      Just have to wonder what the police are doing while they wait for the guy to finish his business and come out. Hoping he’s not a murder too?

    • Chris M.

      What??!! The only victim in this case was the guy victimized by a stupid public policy designed only to makes its advocates walk around with a smug sense of moral superiority.

      Exploitation will exist no matter what the laws are, but this law just makes the effects of exploitation in this industry more dangerous for all parties.


  • Jean

    Alternatively, legalize it. Presto change-o, problem solved.

    • Arlingtonian

      Countries that have legalized prostitution have had problems with human trafficking associated with prostitution. Legalization is not a panacea.

      • Jean

        Have there been any countries that have *not* legalized prostitution that have had problems with human trafficking associated with prostitution?

        How does the problem compare between the two sets of countries?

      • drax

        Countries that have illegal prostitution also have problems with human trafficking.

        Legalizing prostitution makes it much easier to keep out or catch traffickers.

  • JohnB

    A sad example of how misguided laws make a criminal out of this lonely guy and create a market for the exploitation of the service provider.

    • SomeGuy

      Dead on. Sounds like this guy and his new “friend” were consenting adults agreeing to a transaction, and thus weren’t victims until the moral authorities stepped in and publicized their names in an unflattering light.

      • JohnB

        Actually, sounds like the provider was being exploited.

        • drax

          There’s that word again, “exploited.” What exactly does that mean, John?

      • Huh

        Only at the very high end of the market, and on TV and film, are prostitutes truly “consenting.”

        At the level of motor inns and sham “massage” parlors, prostitutes are slaves to their pimps at best or, more often, victims of international trafficking.

        The cause is a demand-supply gap, not misguided laws. And legalization increases that gap. It removes the only barrier for consumers (horny guys with an itch to scratch) without increasing the number of consenting suppliers (women willing to sell their bodies). That creates a market vacuum which gets filled with unconsenting suppliers.

        As shown in many countries, especially the Netherlands, legalization leads to more slavery and more trafficking. Presto-change-o, Jean: problem made worse.

        • Tabs

          Thank you.

        • dk (not DK)

          Excellent summary.

        • drax

          Yep, we all agree that slavery and trafficking is wrong.

          But prostitution should be legal.

          Please show us the evidence that the Netherlands has has more trafficking.

          • LuvDusty

            Prostitution should be 100% legal. It’s 2012, this is ridiculous.

            The problem is REGULATION, as with any service provider. In order to avoid the pimp sub-culture and trafficking, the laws in place have to be changed to protect the service providers, so that they can have full support from law enforcement if necessary.

            Regulations, Regulations, Regulations..and then Strong Enforcement.

            This is the key, for not just legalization of prostitution, but also for drugs as well as for pretty much every other issue that is plagueing our Nation–including abusive Health Care, Financial and Tax regulation.

        • Don

          That conclusion doesn’t add up. The trafficking and pimps happens because the illegal nature of the business means the oppressed aren’t able to turn to law enforcement for help. It’s more cut and tried with the folks being victimized by a pimp – they can’t get help from the cops because doing so removes their ability to make a living.

          Trafficking victims have the additional issue of potentially being deported. Tragic, but it’s not unique to sex work. Folks on the fringe of legal presence in the country are often victimized by employers of all sorts, often with sub-standard wages and working conditions they cannot complain about.

          If you want to be really torqued up about something, be bothered that selling their bodies represents a wage possibility that far outstrips other options available to women. It’s a sad reflection on our culture and priorities but it doesn’t mean we’re best off making criminals out of people for doing something that’s legal if they do it for free. If you’d like to see less of it then you might also consider the fact that it’s the prohibition that pushes the costs up high enough to make this more appealing than working a desk.

          You’re also overlooking the fact that the prohibition on sex work means that folks who are not being oppressed by a pimp or trafficker are much more vulnerable to violence. If your’e going to weigh positives and negatives you need to acknowledge that as well.

    • SouthArlJD

      If you think this is all about consenting adults entering into an arm’s length transaction wherein both understand what’s involved and consent fully you probably don’t have much experience in this tawdry world. A lot – if not most – prostitutes in this area are either drug addicts seeking enough money to cover the costs of their addiction or people (usually women) in the thrall of some pimp who gets most of the proceeds of their encounters. There’s a lot of sexual slavery going on out there, too.

      • +10000

      • drax

        So drug addicts shouldn’t have jobs? They’re not “exploited” in legal jobs?

        If it were legal, you wouldn’t have so many addicts doing it because non-addicts would take their jobs.

        • dk (not DK)

          The only thing keeping non-addicts from prostitution is the fact that it is illegal? You must run with an interesting crowd, drax.

        • KarlMarx

          everyone whose surplus value goes to enrich capital, is exploited that is correct.

          • drax

            So pretty much all our jobs should be illegal, huh Karl?

          • Come On

            Do you really not know who “Karl Marx” is/was?

  • South Awwlington

    How very Pretty Woman.

  • Don

    This smells like a disinformation campaign to me – local law enforcement looking to put the fear of arrest into people. Either that or this otherwise very articulate person has never seen a single cop show and doesn’t know to ask for a lawyer. Instead he spills his guts and confesses to cops who had no probable cause to detain him?

    I don’t buy it.

    • SArl

      Had no probable cause to stop him?? How do you figure that. The way I see it he just gave a confession,

      • Don

        I said probable cause to -detain- him. All he had to do was decline to talk to them and they’d have to let him keep on walking. Instead he immediately rolls over and starts taking? I just don’t think that jibes with this articulate article and desire to warn others.

    • Student of the law

      Law enforcement officers don’t need probable cause to make a “pedestrian stop,” as they did here (the standard is “reasonable suspicion,” which was met). The officers likely witnessed him meeting with a known prostitute in a hotel known for prostitution and returning a short time later. Most people’s hotel stays are for more than 25 minutes.

      A defense attorney would have advised him to keep his mouth shut until he met with counsel. I’m sure he was Mirandized, and the police advised him of this too…he obviously waived that right by confessing.

  • Misguided laws, and bullying cops…

    That’s the biggest problem I have with these “stings”, versus traditional ones (traditional being that an undercover cop either poses as the seller or the customer, busting those attempting to engage in the other side of the transaction).

    They had ZERO evidence here of any crime being committed. It is not illegal to visit a hotel room; it’s not illegal to rent one.

    It’s a joke to think that you have probable cause to arrest someone for suspicion of prostitution because they spend an hour in a hotel room.

    And I give APD more credit than to think they’re doing that.

    Instead, they cuff these people, and basically berate them with borderline unconstitutional lines of questioning until they admit to committing a “crime” (as relayed by this guy).

    • Student of the law

      See my comment above. Probable cause isn’t required. We only have one side of the story here – I’m sure the police witnessed enough to have reasonable suspicion to make a stop. They probably saw numerous men visiting a woman in a room for short periods of time. Cops who do these stings spend a lot of time coordinating with the commonwealth’s attorney’s office to ensure that they are operating within the law — when they don’t, the cases don’t hold up in court. Courts have repeatedly upheld these sorts of stings, particularly when police witness behavior that raises reasonable suspicion of prostitution activity (e.g. visiting a known prostitution hotel for a short period of time).

  • Tabs

    hahahaha! Hilarious. Oh, poor boo, getting his widdle wrists put in handcuffs. I bet it’s that guy who works for an NGO that someone here knew.

    He committed a crime. And yes, you can catch certain STDs with or without protection. That’s why HPV rates are through the roof.

    • SomeGuy

      Why would this be funny to you? Don’t you feel for the victims of this heinous crime?

    • Who cares?

      Why are the STD’s that this guy does (or more likely doesn’t) have my concern?

      If your concern is cutting the risk of disease, there are more effective ways to do so than busting people.

      Logic like yours is dangerous, quite honestly. Just a relexive, “he did the crime, he should do the time” without taking even a moment to think about whether we’re really addressing the problem (or for that matter, whether there’s really a problem that even needs addressing).
      PS – I’d personally rather we make use of the word “widdle” a crime.

    • drax

      If you think the police should be busting people for having sex that could spread STDs, you need to send them to bars and bedrooms, not just hotels, Tabs.

  • wow

    dumbest article i have ever read

  • Josh S

    It’s articles like these that give ARLNow a bad name.

    Your credibility in reporting news suffers when you offer up your site as a mouthpiece for the police.

    • SomeGuy

      Josh S, I find myself agreeing with you lately much more often than I used to. Either you’re getting smarter, or I’m getting dumber! 🙂

    • Fred


    • drax

      It was interesting, I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise, and it’s clearly not generated by the police. Get over it, Josh.

  • Swag

    So… which of you was it?

  • DeeDub

    This is the same county where groups of individuals stand on street corners waiting for “johns” to pick them up for cash services, no taxes paid. Many times, these streetwalkers are scammed out of the money or beaten up or worse. It’s a dangerous business being a day laborer. But, in Arlington, they advertise your services with big signs in English and in Spanish. What a farce!

    • SouthArlJD

      What are you talking about? Never been to the Shirlington Employment Center, I see. Starting rates there are around 12 bucks an hour and a lot of those guys command even more than that. That’s the whole point of having such a facility and it has gotten a lot of guys who used to congregate on the corners looking for work into one place. People seeking laborers come in and fill out paperwork and negotiate with the workers for their services.

  • Dodge

    The John is the poor fool? No sympathy for the women / girls who may have been trafficked and are sex slaves?!

    “More than 80 percent of the 2,515 suspected incidents of human trafficking investigated by law enforcement agencies between January 2008 and June 2010 involved adult prostitution or the exploitation and forced prostitution of children, a Justice Department report released Thursday says.” http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/apr/28/most-human-trafficking-related-to-prostitution/

    Or if they are there by choice there’s a good chance their stuck in a cycle of violence that the John is just reinforcing. Not to mention that the profession is super dangerous.

    “First, most people working as prostitutes have a history of childhood physical and sexual abuse. Second, sexual and other physical violence is a frequent occurrence in adult prostitution.” http://www.prostitutionresearch.com/ProsViolPosttrauStress.html

    I’m glad the Arlington PD is focusing on the Johns. Many PDs try to catch and punish the women who are often the victoms. Without a bit of public shaming for the Johns, this disgusting crime will continue to go on.

    • Tabs


      And yes, I find the author’s self-pitying diatribe pathetic and laughable.

      • Former John

        Is it really pathetic? I’ll give you that. It is laughable? I hope not. I wrote this not because I expect pity. I blame myself. I write this as a warning. If I can stop someone else from making the same mistake then something good can come out of my mistake.

        • Never-a-John

          But don’t you see that something good already did come out of your mistake! You got handcuffed, will have to pay a fine, and hopefully learned your lesson! The deterrence effect is just gravy.

          • Former John


            You’re right. I agree with you. In this case it worked as I lay prostrate in my humiliation. Learning a lesson is only half of it. Sure I’ve learned a hard lesson, but I don’t want others to go through it.

      • Former John


        I see that you have an interest in fighting the exploitation of women and girls and I commend you for it. I want to say to you that I am truly sorry for what I’ve done. Sure I harbor self-pity but I harbor much worse than that if you read the piece.

        What I want to ask you is this: can I be forgiven? I have wronged the community I’m not asking for pity.But in your eyes would you be able to forgive someone like me? I’m not the monster you probably envision in your mind right now.

        • Tabs


          If you’re real and sincere, I invite you to find out the truth about sex trafficking in the United States and the involvement of organized crime.

          Here is Tina Frundt’s story.



          • Tabs

            And it’s not just women and men. Boys and young men are also victims of sex trafficking.

          • Former John


            I am for real. I knowingly paid for sex and in turn helped fuel this nightmate. I only thought about myself and not others. That said were it legal I would probably do it still considering my personal life failures. But it it is illegal then I hope that this teaches others a lesson that I had to learn the hard way.

          • Tabs

            And for a story about “higher-end” prostitution, look no further than Kate Holden’s autobiography. It’s a no-holds-barred read. Much of it is brutal, violent, and scary. But she doesn’t hesitate to admit that there were a few notably good lovers, and some that she wished she could have told what they did wrong so they could actually please a woman.

            She didn’t choose it. The drugs did.


            “What happens when a bright, well-loved young woman gets hooked on heroin and turns to prostitution to keep up her habit?”

          • SomeGuy

            “She didn’t choose it. The drugs did.”

            Tabs, if this john had been under the influence of drugs while engaging with a prostitute, would you champion him as a victim? I.e., “He didn’t choose it. The drugs did.”

    • Henry

      Just because 80% of trafficking cases involved prostitution doesn’t mean that 80% of prostitutes are being trafficked. Just sayin’.

    • drax

      It should be legal.

      Human trafficking or forced prostitution should be illegal.

      Make the first legal and it’s easier to stop the second.

  • Dodge

    *they’re stuck in a cycle of violence

  • SomeGuy

    How did ArlNow acquire the link to this anonymous blog post?

    • internet tourettes

      Dusty send them a link!

  • Piece of my, err, mind

    Last line of this “news story” is oh so funny…

    The man closes his piece with a straightforward warning to others: “Don’t turn into me.”

    Of course, he would not be in this hot water if he never “opened his piece!”

    • Former John

      You are correct there’s not disputing your statement. I would not be in trouble, however I made a mistake.

      • Seriously

        You made “a” mistake? It sounds like you sought out the services of a prostitute on numerous occasions. I’m skeptical this is “for real”, but was your mistake the one night you got caught?

        Maybe you are a public servant trying to beat the media storm.

        • Former John

          If you want to know yes it took be getting caught to realize this was a mistake. I’m not a public servant I’m a regular guy. It did take me getting caught sometimes you have to learn the hard way and I did.

          I’m saying to you that I’m sorry.

          • Seriously

            If the woman you were with was there by her on free will and not a victim trafficing or abuse, then I really don’t care. I have never paid for sex, but if consensual, I don’t care. Stop beating yourself up.

            (Well, I have not directly paid for sex anyway. Does buying dinner and drinks and springing for the hotel room count?)

          • Tabs

            I don’t know. Was the woman or man so desperate for a meal, and so unattracted to you, that he/she would not have had sex with you otherwise?

          • Henry

            McDonald’s is hiring. It just takes longer to earn money. Resorting to something illegal to feed yourself because you don’t want to do something legal, but harder, doesn’t make you a victim.

          • Boom! Roasted

            Pretty sure she thinks women have no moral agency

  • internet tourettes

    Was this an after school special?

    Sounds very fake, “They were watching us Johns..”

    Has Dusty started to take some some creative writing classes?

    • H. Dragas

      haha Creative Writing classes.

      Made me laugh.

      Whomever wrote that little testimony doesn’t come across as to bright. If it really is a person, I do feel some pity for him.

      • Former John

        I don’t come across as bright I admit because obviously I should have known better than to do what I did. But now that this information is public I am here to warn people. Do you think I’m the only John in Arlington County?

        You’d be surprised at who these women service. I want them all to stop and think that their reputation and careers are not worth taking this hit. Can you recover from this? Sure, but look it’s still tough.

        Of course the women can be victims here too and I’m not denying it. All I’m saying is I am sorry I’ve learned my lesson and I don’t want other people going through it.

        It’s not worth it at all. As the police officer told me go to Vegas if you have to do this.

        • H. Dragas

          FWIW I think prostitution should be legalized and regulated. As long as the woman you were with weren’t underage or forced to be hookers, I don’t have a problem with what you did.

        • PopRocks

          Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas too. People think that because it’s legal in the brothels, which are located in neighboring counties, that it’s legal in Vegas (Clark County) as well.

    • Tabs

      Chris Hanson’s After School Special.

      To be followed by Lance at 15.

  • Arlingtonian

    A really smart person would say nothing to anybody except an attorney, get the name of the cop that cuffed him, find out everything possible about the cop (previous disciplinary actions, failures to appear in court, etc., harrassment complaints, etc.), inform the cop’s supervisor in writing, and contact the press if the supervisor does nothing.

  • Chris B

    Oh come on Katie! This is not a news article.

  • Say What ??

    So let me get this straight…the police are hanging out behind a place where they know prostitution is taking place.
    Rather than raid the place, they sit outside and watch as people go in and then arrest them when they leave ??

    This just doesn’t pass the smell test ….there would seem to be a plethora of legal issues with that action.

    • internet tourettes

      If you’re justifying your performance on the amount of arrests/convictions than this is the type of police behavior that is encouraged. Don;’t you every wonder why the police don’t sit on the on ramps to 66 the week before inspections expire and warn drives that their inspection stickers are expiring as opposed to being their a week later with the ticket book…..

    • Former John

      I’m saying to you that is exactly how it happened.

    • CommonCents

      You are so right…. Arlington should have a Pre-Crime Unit like in that movie the Minority Report, so they can arrest people BEFORE they enter the hotel room and commit an illegal act. Do people think before they type? All the dollars, and no cents.

      • internet tourettes

        The polices job should be to prevent crime and successful police force writes very few citations and has low rates of reported crime. Its that simple. Its the cop who is proactive looking for when or how crime might happen want as opposed to the shaved head and “Fort Apache in the Bronx” mentality Cop who waits in the 7-11 parking lot for an emergency call.

  • Former John

    To everyone on this thread I am the John this article is about. I admit my wrongdoing and am merely trying to tell others that it is not worth it. This is not some kind of disinformation campaign. It was the most stressful and painful thing I’ve ever been through.

    If you have questions for me I’m glad to answer them on this thread. I emailed arlnow.com with the link and they graciously covered it. I hope I provided people with some insight.


    That is the link to the page they were sent.

    • Question

      The picture on the link, the cops are DC and in the picture on arlnow the Cops are Arlington. Why?

      • Former John

        I used DC cops as at first I didn’t want to have the county known. I’ll change it now.

        • Henry

          So you’re saying both photos are just “stock footage”, right? Meaning it’s not you in the picture?

      • Questioning

        TThere are a lot of things in this story that are making me question it. I assume that ArlNow did some fact-checking before running it.

        • Former John

          Correct this is just stock footage. I was not photographed in my arrest. As far as fact checking I think I have given enough details to show that this story is indeed credible–without giving way too specific a set of information. It’s a hotel in Arlington and it is recent I think that says a lot.

          • Henry

            Not photographed? So they let you go without booking you, but you still have an “arrest record” that is all over the internet? Riiiiiiight.

          • Former John

            My name is public information Henry. It is all over the Internet. They dont’ have to book you to arrest you. They detain you and issue you a summons to appear in court. It’s still an arrest and a misdemeanor.

  • novasteve

    Why is it that western countries have legal prostitution and they are doing quite fine? In fact Germany has a higher quality of life than the us. Japan too.

    • Yes again

      Because they are socialist?

      • novasteve

        So venezuela and they’ve got legal prostitution and a very very very very high crime rate, something to the level of making chicago seem safe.

      • H. Dragas

        Yes, and also they don’t have a crazy ‘religious right’ to deal with.

        • Arlingtonian

          Venezuela has had the Catholic Church ever since the Spanish invaded and destroyed the region’s societies and beliefs. That’s a “religious right” if there ever was one.

    • dk (not DK)

      Why is it that western countries have universal health care and they are doing quite fine? And have a higher quality of life than us.

      How come you never ask *that* question?

      • wut

        They are about to implode with debt. So I wouldn’t say they are doing “quite fine”

        • Bon Air

          If you’re referring to Old Euroope, their current fiscal problems are largely unrelated to their health care systems. It is due to have a currency union without a political union.

          Besides, Korea, Taiwan, Scandanavia, Germany, etc all have public health care systems (none of whom are in debt trouble) and somehow don’t have the spiraling health care costs we do.

  • Skeptical

    News flash: until it is no longer illegal to be a prostitute in the US, we will have no fecking idea how many prostitutes are drug addicts, how many have been trafficked, how many are happy to be doing the work they do and how many are just trying to pay the bills.

    I’ve never bought or sold sex myself; it’s just not a transaction that attracts me. But then, I’ve also never been to a football game or a rock concert. I’d rather be hit with a rusty rake than do either, but I don’t characterize the people who do like these recreations or the activities themselves as “disgusting.”

    STDs are no joke, but then, people get food poisoning from church picnics, and we haven’t gone on a crusade against church picnics.

    Let sex for pay be as legal as sex without money changing hands, and concentrate on the issues of coercion, worker’s rights and safety. A little intelligent attention to zoning ought to take care of citizen concerns. I’d rather have this be a matter for code inspectors and free up the cops to watch for people who, say, rob businesses and kill the owners. You notice even the John who wrote the post said he would not do it again anywhere that prostitution *wasn’t* legal. Which it is even in Catholic Spain. Have they figured out something we haven’t?.

    • novasteve

      Will never happen. YOu have an alliance between radical feminists and religious fanatics that will never allow it to be legal.

      • drax

        Religious fanatics must be liberals then!

  • jorge1234

    “Then they came out with herpes, you keep that $&%# forever like luggage.”
    -Eddie Murphy

  • jackson

    Because we helped rebuild both countries after we beat them in WWII and since then they’ve pretty much just existed while we fought in Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iraq again? We spend more on “defense” than both of those countries combined several times over. They spend their money on other things.

    • JimPB

      After the tens of millions of killings and injuries and massive physical devastation that Germany and Japan inflicted in WWII, few if any of the victors initially wanted Germany or Japan with a large, strong military, and that engaged outside the borders of the respective countries.

      I believe that a first deployment for the German military outside the boundaries of that country was recently to Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission there. Modest in size and with a wary eye for negative reactions. I am not aware of a deployment of Japanese military outside of that country.

    • H. Dragas

      They also (at least Germany) have a better system of government that allows them to come to real solutions.

  • jackson

    That was a reply to Steve, not the John, by the way.

  • Kolohe

    Congrats Arlington!! You took this guy off the streets but not the guy in bright yellow vest murdering shopkeepers!

    (Just remember folks, marrying for money is perfectly legal, but dating for money isn’t. )

    • novasteve

      Priorities Kolohe, Priorities.

    • Arlingtonian

      Divorcing for money is even more legal.

  • GC NOW

    What this article fails to address is the self serving attitude AC has towards prostitution. ACPD turns a huge blind eye towards all the activity in Crystal City. There is a lot of prostitution in the hotels that service DCA; the only difference is the level of the clientele and the discretion of the prostitutes. The hotels won’t do anything about it to prevent the stigma that comes with arrests.

    So instead ACPD will pop johns and prostitutes on Columbia Pike. Because these people aren’t white collar, they’ll be less likely to mount a legal defense. Bottom line: if you want to engage in prostitution in AC, get a room at the DoubleTree instead of the Days Inn.

    • H. Dragas

      It’s a lot harder to catch high dollar escort services. The woman (and johns) are better educated avoid high risk behavior (high risk in terms of attracting police attention).

      They also come up with the same story ahead of time.

      • dk (not DK)

        Every time I see this handle, I laugh. Thanks.

    • Fool

      #1 Just because you don’t see ACPD popping johns and prostitutes in Crystal City doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

      #2 How do you know “those people” on Columbia Pike getting busted aren’t white collar?!

  • Stitch_Jones

    Don’t be fooled. This is PROPAGANDA from the cops or some concerned agency/group. You are being had.
    Arlington cops – please stop the bank robberies before they happen and keep the bums at the Courthouse Metro from accosting people instead of conducting this pathetic disinformation/deterrence campaign. In case you have not noticed, D.A.R.E. and Scared Straight do not work. Nor will this, especially when you all engage in the same type of activities at your annual police conventions/jamborees.

    Try again – no points this round!

    • Former John

      Mr or Ms. Jones

      I’m not propaganda I’m real. I’m the John. I changed the picture on the “blog post” for someone here–to show I’m real.


      I’m very sorry for what I’ve done and writing about it is one way to show that. I’m trying to stop other men from doing the same thing. I’m not the only one. I won’t be the last and I want them to think about what it does to their lives for the foreseeable future. It’s not worth it.

      Go somewhere where this is legal that’s all I’m saying. At least when it’s legal and regulated there’s also less victimization on the part of the sex workers.

      • Henry

        Here’s the original picture, appears to be from an ACPD article on seeking suspects in “bait car” stings.


        How is this showing that you’re “real”?

        I’m starting to believe this less and less.

        • Former John


          It’s not supposed to be a real picture. It is stock footage I took off of the Internet of ACPD officers arresting someone. The man being cuffed and what the picture portrays is how I feel so I chose that one. I feel like that car thief it’s as if what I done is just as bad to the law because that is how they want you to take it. They humiliate and publicize your wrongdoing the same way.

          And I guess it works…

          • Henry

            Explain this comment, please, Officer:

            “I’m not propaganda I’m real. I’m the John. I changed the picture on the “blog post” for someone here–to show I’m real.”

      • Don

        You had better hope that the person in that picture doesn’t find it and get a lawyer interested in suing you for ‘false light’ claims. Your use of that shot implies he was pinched for prostitution which me might find defamatory. Since you refuse to use a shot of yourself you’re clearly acknowledging that such an association is unpleasant.

        He might not have a lot of luck prevailing, given that he’s already been visibly arrested for a different crime, but having the ISP records subpoenaed and your identity revealed is clearly not something you want.

  • JnA

    What can you expect? County Board has gentrified out the middle class and made neighborhoods into party zones for tourists, businessmen, military and contractors here TDY.

  • Alex

    As with illegal drugs, sex crime laws in the US are historically creating organized crime and permitting it to flourish nationwide. Most of these women and girls are probably gang property, addicts, or in some cases loving what they do. If the sex trade was regulated and taxed instead of banned the ones who love it could work for themselves. They would not need the “protections” organized crime “provides”. The ones who are trapped in to that life would not be trapped nearly as often. Take the long view. This system obviously is NOT working and the police and courts and prisons are obviously not effective or efficient. Our GDP is said to be $15.5 trillion but our black markets for gaming, sex, and drugs are likely another $3 trillion. Picture an $18.5 trillion regulated and taxed economy instead of the one we are putting up with.

    • dk (not DK)

      Have you ever noticed that roughly 99% of the people who advocate the legalization of prostitution are male?

      “the ones who love it.” LMAO.

  • Marlo Stanfield

    Ridicilious!!! Next time I bet he does an “in call”

    • Former John

      I would not dare. What if they are tailing known sex workers? It’s not that hard to do—why risk it? If it’s illegal I’m not doing it anymore.

      • Henry

        That’s it. Busted. It appears that in “industry parlance”, “incall” is when you go to them, which is what you did. “Outcall” is when they come to you. Browsing “escorts” on BP for 15 minutes would have told you that, Officer/Activist. Try it.

        And, by the way, the reference to Hunt’s Point, subject of a well-known HBO documentary, was really cheesy.

        • Former John

          ROFL sorry for the error. I think Marlo meant outcall as that is what I think he meant which is why I answered the way I did. That doesn’t bust me. The reference to Hunts Point is real it’s not cheesy. When I was 20 or so that’s where I went. I’m from the Bronx originally. Now a days they’ve cleaned it up a lot. I’m talking about doing that back in 1999 or so.

          Why is it so hard for you to believe that someone is truly sorry for what they’ve done? It took me getting arrested to see that what I was doing was wrong–I’ll give people that. Before I thought nothing of it; I thought that I’d never be “that guy.”

          But I’m not an activist or an officer.

    • drax

      No, just internet porn like the other 99.9% of Americans.

  • YTK

    He should have taken the first streetcar out of there.


  • Henry

    ArlNow has been had. The guy just posted that he changed his picture to “prove that he’s real”, but the new picture is pulled off of the ACPD website and is labeled “unidentified suspect 1” in a bait car sting.


    The whole blog post, and his comments here, don’t feel right. Questionable sting, straight confession for no reason, cops being “nice” and “explaining the dangers” to him . . . it doesn’t smell right. I’m in the camp that believes this is an ACPD or activist group plant / fake story.

    Congrats, however, on being picked up by HuffPo.


    • Former John

      Henry what would I have to do for you to believe me? I changed the picture so what? It’s real. I give specifics you can do research on backpage. I’m real.

      • Henry

        How exactly does one “research on backpage”? You mean that I could go on BP and figure out that hookers advertise there under the “escorts” section? Or that you posted a warning and a link to this same blog there? Not very informative / helpful.

        How about describing what happened after you were arrested. How do you have a “record”? Were you arraigned? Processed?

        • Former John

          What happened after I was arrested? I was detained on the street in handcuffs. I was issued a summons to appear in court and let go. I’ve already appeared in court and I’m currently due back in court soon. Without giving away my identity you have to understand I’m limited in what I want to disclose.

    • Former John

      I see that Huffpo supposedly reached out to me. I haven’t seen anything. If anyone wishes to contact me on this site or elsewhere; you can write me here [email protected]. It is an anonymous email.

      Is it so hard to believe that I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I want to stop others from doing the same thing?

      • Henry

        “Is it so hard to believe that I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I want to stop others from doing the same thing?”

        Only when you’re making it up.

    • @Henry

      I’m suspect as well. But, if thsi guy was making this up I think that would be an offense in itself. Falsifying a false arrest report or something.

  • SteamboatWillie


    I’m with you. My first thought when reading this was: Cool but fake.

  • Farmer John

    I’m in love with your daughter, whoaaaaaaaaa!

  • Glebe Roader

    John, why do you care so much to try to convince people on this blog that you are real and this really happened to you? Unless you want to be driven insane with comments on this blog, you might want to just post once … and move on.

    • Former John

      You’re probably right. I’ll stop commenting then. People have a way to contact me if the so choose to. The story is out my point is made. And I hope that this really makes other “white collar” guys like me think twice before hiring a prostitute. That is my intention.

      • Henry

        Point is made – “don’t visit prostitutes or you might get arrested, and that sucks.” Got it.

        While the point is good and valid, the story itself gets filed under “fiction.”

  • Pablo

    For a little extra money, go to Nevada: http://travelnevada.com/

    It’s legal and safe.

  • YoBimbo

    What a drama queen.

    And? Legalize prostitution.

  • wut

    Men who use prostitutes are selfish and majorly pathetic.
    Either too ugly or lacking social skills to meet a willing woman.

    • Former John

      In this case I’d agree with you. If you read the post that they link to above–I say that I am unattractive it’s why I’ve done what I’ve done.


      I was acting selfishly because I didn’t think about the provider and their possible victimization in all this. I didn’t think I would get caught until I was caught and I’ve learned the hard way not to be a repeat offender. I am the first to admit that I am pathetic in this regard.

      I don’t seek pity or sympathy however.

      • dll

        No, you just seek attention, whoever you are. Thought you weren’t going to comment any more.

        Please let this sad, FAKE morality tale die.


  • Former John

    I wasn’t going to comment but the previous comment struck at me personally. So I commented.

  • Not hard to figure out


    F*** a




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