Chipotle Plans October Opening For Lee Heights Franchise

by Aaron Kraut August 6, 2012 at 3:30 pm 6,108 39 Comments

The Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant slated for the former Cafe Parisien space at 4520 Lee Highway in the Lee Heights shopping center is scheduled to open on Oct. 16, according to a company spokesperson.

The franchise owner and a team of contractors were on site today (Monday) to tour the still-empty interior. But a sign on the boarded-up front of the store promised the “Burritofication” of the former French restaurant and long-time Lee Heights fixture, which closed suddenly last summer.

This will be Chipotle’s fifth Arlington location after one opened in June in the Pentagon City Mall food court.

  • they need to fire everyone at the ballston mall one and start over.

    • Elaine

      yes. they funked up my burrito bowl there last thursday. stupid idiots

      • John

        How can they screw it up? You stand there and direct every thing they do. Tell them what to add right there. Stay off your phone and pay attention. At Chipotle you build it with their gloved hand. Its easy. They screw up they fix it. If its a call in. CHECK YOUR ORDER. I eat at Ballston Chipotle all the time. Never had a problem.

  • Wilbur

    Parking is gonna be Sooooo much fun here

    • Perksgal28

      Actually, there is a large parking lot behind Lee Heights….so, I don’t see much of a parking issue…

      • CW

        Thanks for pre-answering the question i was going to answer! From the way people jockey for spots out front, I always assumed the answer was no. I guess they just have a death wish and enjoy backing out blindly into oncoming traffic.

        • Wilbur

          CW answers the question. As far as customers go, the parking lot in the back is a mythical unicorn: it doesnt exist. They will jockey for position and double park so that they dont have to walk more than 10 feet for their starbux – (even tho if they parked in the back they would be just as close —- BUT they would be in the back).

          • CW

            Lol…for the record i meant ask not answer. A little slow today. All credit to Perkz.

          • I also love how drivers turn left _over a double yellow_ onto incoming traffic to snag a parking spot

          • Capt Redundant

            “mythical unicorn:”

  • Mary-Austin

    Can a girl get a frozen yogurt shop in there?
    And maybe another sausage-fest bar??

    • arlgirl

      Froyo moving into Lee Harrison if that’s any help.

    • SomeChick

      I run the sausages in this town honey. Move on to Alexandria. 😉

      • Cyrus

        Cat fight! How about dueling pillows at dawn?

  • NoVapologist

    So disappointed to see Chipotle going in there.

    • Guy LeDouche

      So NOT disappointed to see Chipotle going in there.

      • Justin

        Agree. Very not disappointing. The French place was mediocre at best.

    • DeportEmAll

      Agree. Very disappointing.

  • nunya

    speaking of fast food.

    butchers choice of baltimore is going door to do selling meat. in case you’d like a delivery.

    i passed on that opportunity.

    do they need a license for that?

  • Jeff

    Just what Arlington needs – another chain restaurant. This won’t help District Taco. First the landlord let’s a Starbucks open next to Cafe Parisien; now this.

    • arlgirl

      I don’t mind a Stbx because it’s a comfy place for folks to hang out. I do mind the Chipotle, though. Wondering how it will fit into such a tiny space. Arlington doesn’t need more chain restaurants, I agree.

      • Josh S

        A) Actually, it’s strange but I’ve never found any Starbucks that were comfy places to hang out. They tend to be too cold and the seating is usually laid out in an awkward manner. The one at the Lee Harrison shopping center probably comes closest.
        B) Chains are bad, but Chiptole is yummy.

    • CW

      I wouldn’t mind it if the bit of added competition scared District Taco into tightening up its operations a bit – last few times I’ve gone it’s been slow as owl s***.

  • craig

    f it. there are only a few chipotles in the area, having another one is good. DT will be fine. I love DT, but, sometimes its good to mix it up

    • NPGMBR


  • Kay

    I dont agree. This will not hurt District Taco – two totally different flavors of foods.

    • R0bespierre

      Yeah, good flavor and bad flavor. District Taco destroys Chipotle in both taste and ingredient quality

  • Sarah


  • C Spackler

    Next in Ballston: “World of Beer”

    Grand oppening 7 AUG


    This place, I am excited about, Chipotle, not so much…

    • C Spackler

      the extra “p” is because you will have to after a few drafts there…

  • KG to the power of 3

    *likes this*

  • TheBeermonger

    Not sure how I feel about this except to say that there is a real danger I may just put all the weight I lost this past year RIGHT back on. Oh well.

    • CW

      Maybe you can work with Chipotle to come up with beer pairings…

  • Slap Me Sideways

    Am I still in Arlington? I can’t believe there’s not a dog-friendly fun-run to commemorate this great news.

    • WeiQiang

      We’re still trying to figure out the best name and distance before we publicize it. Candidates are:

      Borzois For Burritos 5K

      Greyhounds For Guacamole 10K

      Sharts n Shih Tzu’s 100m Dash

      Canarios For Carnitas Run For Your Life

      • nom de guerre

        Toto for Tacos 200m

      • ooh ooh

        Bark for Barbacoa (and there could be a contest at the end where the person that makes the biggest idiot of themselves begging for a taco gets free food for a month)

  • Travis

    I thought nearly all Chipotles were company owned. Doubtful the “franchise owner” was there as indicated in the article.

  • Trina

    I wish they’d get rid of the Starbucks there. The caffeine addicts in withdrawal fighting over the parking spots at 7:00 AM in front are so irritating. Is the coffee at Randolphs really so bad that Arlingtonians can’t support a LOCAL business instead of a global chain that’s claim to fame is wayyyy overroasted, bitter coffee beans? Come on!


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