Video: Senior Citizen Flash Mob at the County Fair

by ARLnow.com August 10, 2012 at 6:36 pm 6,571 30 Comments

A large group of senior citizens, organized by the Arlington Department of Parks and Recreation’s Office of Senior Adult Programs, participated in a “flash mob” at the Arlington County Fair this afternoon.

The seniors — who were later joined by fair-goers during a reprise — performed a choreographed dance to the Black Eyed Peas song “I Gotta Feeling.”

A video of the performance, and an interview with dance leader, choreographer and Ms. Senior Virginia 2012 Kathy Fanelli, is below.

  • birdy


  • Waycroft Mike

    Senior citizens? Gross.

    • Nice

      Hopefully you’ll die well before that age Mike since it’s so gross.

  • b

    can a ‘flash mob’ be govt organized?

  • lol that was cool

  • JimPB

    Way to go, Seniors. That the rising seniors (children and grandchildren) can do as well when the inevitable passage of time makes them seniors.

  • dallynd

    Well, flash not so much but let me please be moving that well and wanting to do so as a senior. Love it.

  • WikiTi

    On the plus side, those seniors are lookin’ good. On the down side, flash mobery jumped the shark in 2009. Next up, senior pole dancing ? Seriously though, you go girl.

    • Skeptical

      Runner friend of mine, 60 this year, pole dances for recreation. So does a seminary student I know who’s approaching 50. They both look pretty awesome. Nothing flapping anywhere. You need to watch out for those old women.

    • drax

      Wait, senior citizens doing a dance that’s out of fashion?

  • Ill.I.Am

    Tonight’s the night
    Let’s live it up
    I got my pension
    Let’s spend it up

    where did I leave my pills?

    • Stillwell


  • Tabby_TwoTone

    No bingo wings on Ms. Senior Va!

    • Zelora

      Ummmm…..good thing the camera was far away. Maybe they were just flapping too fast for you to see.
      I am whereof I speak….

  • bobco85

    Other areas’ senior citizens just sit on rocking chairs, but ours do flash mobs! Go Grannies and Grampies!

  • Mary-Austin

    Easily better than your average Clarendon skank.

    • skank3rs

      I prefer Shirlington skank.

  • Arlutingfacts


  • Elmer

    I don’t dare make a wisecrack. Why? My wife was a dancer in the flash mob and throughly enjoyed it!

    • drax

      We’re all shocked to learn that you’re a senior citizen, Elmer.

      • Elmer

        And we’re not shocked to see yet again that Good ol’ Drax is back with the ever snide remark to an upbeat comment.

  • Brian

    I’ll have a broken pelvis with my corn dog please #countyfairproblems

  • Sam

    That’s fantastic. Great job everyone!

  • Carmen

    Cool! They did a great job and looked like they were having fun.

  • Barbara

    Great job Arlington seniors!

  • Jake

    Not really a flash mob if the announcer announces it in front of a crowd like that. Not at all what I was expecting to see given the title.

  • Miss Priss

    At least no one described it as a hot flash mob!

    Nice shots of Miss Candice lensing the event.

  • Marlo


  • Marlo


  • Melissa

    OMG lmao at these comments; loved the “mob” too


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