Ask Me (Almost) Anything: Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

Today we debut a new periodic feature called Ask Me (Almost) Anything. Intended to be a local, community-oriented derivation of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything discussion threads, Ask Me (Almost) Anything allows readers to discuss important and interesting topics with local community, government and business leaders. See below for discussion guidelines.

Founded by four local families, the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing is an award-winning, community-based nonprofit that has been working to develop and preserve affordable housing in Arlington County since 1989.

APAH currently provides affordable housing to 1,000 Arlington households earning between $20,000 and $64,000 per year. Since Arlington doesn’t have a public housing agency, nonprofits like APAH are an integral component of the county’s drive for more affordable housing.

In addition to developing and owning affordable housing for the long-term, APAH provides a number of services to residents of its communities.

“APAH’s mission is to enhance the Arlington community by developing, preserving and owning quality affordable housing,” the organization said in a statement. “Through resident services APAH is changing lives by helping individuals and families in crisis to access services and providing programs to improve workplace skills, health and well-being and build community.”

Among the projects APAH is currently working on, this month the organization expects to complete a major renovation of the 111-unit Buchanan Gardens Apartments (pictured, below) at 926 S. Buchanan Street, just off Columbia Pike. APAH is also set to begin construction on the 122-unit Arlington Mill Residences (pictured, above) at 901 S. Dinwidde Street — also off Columbia Pike — by the end of the month.

Nina Janopaul has been President and CEO of APAH since 2007. She was previously a principal at Capital Strategies Consulting, Inc. and the National Director of Development for Hostelling International USA. Janopaul graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University and has been an Arlington resident since 1983.

Nina Janopaul will be taking your questions about APAH and affordable housing in general in the comments section through 5:30 p.m. today (Monday). Please note that she may not be able to answer every question asked. Also please note that in addition to our normal comment policy, we ask that questions and comments be of a civil tone. We welcome tough questions and critical comments, but anything of a mean-spirited nature will be removed.


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This is my last column. Over the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of sharing my views about housing with you. I don’t know if I changed anyone’s mind, but I do know I stirred up some conversation.


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