Hall’s Hill Community Mourns Loss of Homicide Victims

by ARLnow.com August 15, 2012 at 8:45 pm 6,743 12 Comments

Through song, prayer and poetry, the Hall’s Hill community came together Tuesday night to mourn the loss of two of its own.

A candlelight vigil was held for double homicide victims Keefe Spriggs and Carl Moten at the Hall’s Hill/High View Park Memorial Garden. Dozens of people young and old — including friends, family and neighbors of the victims — attended the somber vigil, which was organized in part by the Calloway United Methodist Church (5000 Lee Highway). Speakers included pastors and community members.

On the morning of August 7, 59-year-old Spriggs and 31-year-old Moten were found murdered in an apartment on the 1900 block of N. Culpeper Street, in Hall’s Hill — the neighborhood in which they were both born and raised. So far, police have not released any additional information regarding the ongoing investigation into the homicides.

Spriggs, known as Kee-Kee to friends and family, was divorced and was working at a body shop. Moten, also known as Pooh Bear, was an acquaintance of Spriggs and had been working as a cook at a restaurant in Falls Church.

Calloway pastor Rev. Sonja Flye Oliver said Spriggs and Moten both came from families with “extremely deep roots in the Hall’s Hill community.”

“Both of these families are families of faith, families of character,” she said. “These people exemplify what it means to be a close knit community.”

Rev. Oliver said it has been more than a decade since a crime like this has happened in the area.

“This is just shocking, it’s a shocking thing to have happen,” she said. “I’ve heard over and over again: things like this just don’t happen in Hall’s Hill.”

“When one of us hurts, all of us hurt, because we’re all related,” she told the gathered crowd. “We’re related by blood or we’re related by the Spirit. I like the feeling of family that this community exhibits all the time. You feel the love and the presence of God here.”

The families of both men are “not strangers to loss,” Rev. Oliver said. Spriggs’ mother had previously lost a son to a motorcycle accident and another son to an illness, she said.

The funeral for Spriggs was held on Tuesday. Moten’s funeral will be held at Mt. Olive Baptist Church in the Arlington View neighborhood on Thursday.

Rev. Oliver said Arlington County Police have been responsive to the community during the investigation into the homicides.

“We have faith that they are working diligently and trying to piece everything together,” she said. “I think the community will rejoice when we have an answer. We would just like to know who and why.”

In the meantime, she said, the “outpouring of love from the community” has been helping the families of Spriggs and Moten cope with their loss.

  • Condolences

    Sorry for their loss and hope the victims rest in peace. And the killer(s) brought to justice.

  • well done, arlnow

    thank you for a more tasteful display.

  • Really???

    Our community is a big family and I think arlnow.com did a good job of showing that in this article. Thank you arlnow.com. RIP Bear and Kee Kee.You will be missed.

  • thanks

    Thanks Arl Now… Sometimes it seems that the native residents get overlooked for the new to the area, condo-purchasing residents… I am happily surprised to see your thoughtful reporting on this tragic incident of one of Arlington’s own.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    Nice story.

    (psst: diligently, not diligantly)

  • RebeccaK

    Thanks for honoring the lives of these two men, and the community who valued them in life and in death. It was a shame that the first pictures of them were mug shots. Mr Spriggs and Mr. Moten were much more important people than their scrapes with the law might have had some think, and their loss is deeply felt.

  • krissyarl

    has there ever been more information released on what happened to these men? is there still a killer in our neighborhood?

  • Marcus evans

    Great question. I haven’t heard of anything else. I think family, loved ones should be updated.. Rest n paradise keekee . Rest n paradise pooh bear. HALLS HILL LOVES YALL. TILL WE MEET AGAIN!!!!!!!! ARAB FROM HALLS HILL

  • B

    I have been wondering the same thing, Krissy and Marcus. I live in the area and was shocked to have heard of this report (way back when it happened) — but have not been updated via news, arlnow, or anything since the days following! The public deserves to know!

  • Thank you arlnow.com. RIP Bear and Kee Kee.You will be missed. felt sorry for their loss and hope the victims rest in peace.

  • JillCB

    What’s going on with this case, any news?


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