UPDATED: Police Investigating Possible Homicide in Hall’s Hill

by ARLnow.com August 7, 2012 at 10:45 am 17,053 144 Comments


Update on 8/8/12 — ACPD has confirmed that they’re investigating the deaths as a double homicide.

(Updated at 2:55 p.m.) Police are investigating another possible homicide, this time in the Hall’s Hill/High View Park neighborhood.

A maintenance worker found two men dead in the living room of an apartment on the 1900 block of N. Culpeper Street, after a family member had called because they hadn’t seen the resident for awhile, according to Arlington County Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck. A television was on in the apartment and blood could be seen, but no weapon was found, Sternbeck said.

Detectives are investigating the incident as a possible homicide or double homicide, though so far police are only officially saying the deaths are “suspicious.” The deceased men have been identified by police as Keefe Spriggs, 59, of Arlington, and Carl Moten, 31, of no fixed address.

The men are acquaintances and the apartment belongs to Spriggs, Sternbeck said. Asked whether a killer is still on the loose, Sternbeck was vague.

“We do believe it’s an isolated incident,” he said. “We are very early in this investigation. The detectives that are working the case will be processing the scene, interviewing all the neighbors [and] last known contacts of these individuals.”

Several people, including a woman believed to be Spriggs’ sister, have already been interviewed by detectives on the scene.

This could be the third homicide in Arlington in as many weeks. On July 24, a woman was killed in a murder-suicide near Fairlington. On July 27, a jewelry store owner was killed during an armed robbery on Columbia Pike. A 53-year-old D.C. man was charged with murder last week for the latter crime.

Prior to July, there had not been a homicide in Arlington since March 14, 2010.

  • Marlo

    Man this town is turing into my hood – west side of bmore

    • newty25

      The criminals are moving North! Quick… we need to secede from the South and start a revolution… before the South kills all of us!

      • Eds

        Huh? Baltimore is north of Arlington last time I checked.

        • which way is north is it up or down

          • nom de guerre

            it’s actually sideways.

        • Boss

          Do you live in Arlington? He is referring to south of 50

    • Bender

      With increased urbanization come the things associated with it, like increased crime. And especially in the HOT summers, people in urban cities don’t like being packed in close to other people. Tempers get short, patience wears thin.

      • newty25

        South Arlington is urban? Since when? The more urban areas of the county have the least amount of crime… let along violent crime. VA is for lovers, North Arlington is for hipsters, and South Arlington is for criminals.

        Know your role, jabroni.

        • TJLinBallston

          Now, now. Some of our wealthiest, leaf-iest, more desirable neighborhoods are in South Arlington. There’s really only one Arlington.

          • South Awwlington

            Arlington Ridge Road, Fort Scott, etc. I love the whole argument.

            Who wants to live in a cramped 1500 sq ft colonial for 1m? Not me.

        • Bender

          Way to demonstrate your complete inability to logically follow a point.

          It is long been proven that urban areas have higher rates of crime.

          Historical trends show that violent crime increases even more in urban areas during the hot summer months.

          Arlington County government has a policy and plan of making Arlington more urban, with substantially increased population density “smart growth”).

          This is a hot summer.

          Ergo, we can reasonably expect that there will be increased violent crime in Arlington now during this hot summer and in the future as the county becomes more and more urbanized and people dense.

          • drax

            Better run away!

        • craig


        • Jackie Moore

          That is so ignorant! To say that South Arlington is for criminals is just ridiculous! Crime happens EVERYWHERE! Know YOUR role!

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    Good lord!

  • j

    ArlNow: is it possible to add links to the addresses on this site? b/c copying and pasting in google maps is hard 🙂

    • nunya

      just do a right click search.

      • Buckingham Bandit

        I use the right-click search, but if you want the address, you still need to eliminate the “block of” from the search, so that your query becomes “1900 N. Culpeper Street”, which brings up the Google map display.

    • nom de guerre

      to j-I’m guessing your parents drove you to and from school each and every day.

  • LolaMINI

    This reminds me of when every few days there was a bank robbery in Arlington. I hope that doesn’t become true for homicide.

  • CrystalMikey


  • Bella Luna

    WOW! Three homicides in under one month? My condolences to the victim’s families.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Not Good at all.

  • South Awwlington

    There goes the neighborhood.

  • really
  • Patrick

    This has to be some sort of mistake this location is north of Rt 50?

    • really


    • Mary-Austin

      Yes, it is North Arlington’s version of Nauck.

      • Nauck Resident

        Nauck is not dangerous. Your attitude is.

        • South Arlington resident

          Excellent reply!! Totally agree.

          • Waycroft-Woodlawn Resident

            Halls Hill is not dangerous either. I walk through it on the way to Heidelberg all the time and my children’s school abuts it. But it does have some issues, particularly in that apartment building. And it is a legacy of racism – you can still see the concrete wall separating the white side (Woodlawn) from the black side (Halls Hill) and the sizes of the lots and house flips dramatically within a block. It too is being slowly redeveloped but the lot sizes are not attractive to developers.

          • South Awwlington

            Where is this wall and if its symbolism is as described, why hasn’t it been taken down?

          • HighViewPunk

            It’s at the eastern end of 17th Rd. in Halls Hill separating backyards of 17th Rd. and 17th St. addresses. I have no idea why it has remained up.

          • Mary-Austin

            My guess would be it is private property and the homeowners don’t want to pay to knock it down.
            It probably provides some privacy.
            My dad grew up on 16th Road in the 50’s and said kids used to throw rocks at each other when one group would cross over the wall. Things have come along way since then.

          • Waycroft-Woodlawn Resident

            I think it hasn’t come fully down because it’s basically just a property line fence now. It’s been modified in some places but, yes, it is still there.

          • Suburban Not Urban

            Because it’s important to clean and remove all reminders of history even the bad parts?

          • HighViewPunk

            I absolutely agree. There are some issues, but I’ve never felt unsafe in this neighborhood, at any hour.

      • Silk

        Really….I grew up there.

    • HighViewPunk

      Yes, north of 50. Sadly, I’m not too surprised. There are some very troubled places in this neighborhood.

  • J Dubb

    THat S–t CrA

  • SomeDude

    The address is just south of the Heidelberg Pastry Shop and Langston-Brown Community Center

  • SomeDude

    Of interest is a history of the area: http://www.johnmlangston.org/Membership/highview_park/

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      Thanks – I hadn’t seen that before.

    • Kay

      Neat. thank you.

  • YTK

    Keep building more residences. Keep “gentrifying” with more bars and more places for people to congregate and get drunk/high through the wee hours of the morning – DON’T add any parks for recreation and beauty – Keep bringing the literacy rate down by poor schooling – KEEP cutting down trees — and DON’T add any satellite police stations ANYWHERE. It’s the ARLINGTON Way.

    • YTK

      Then again, maybe the $$$$TREETCAR Project will cure all ills.

      • Eds

        Little reminder not to forget to take your meds today.

      • FrenchyB

        Holy Non Sequitur, Batman!

      • South Awwlington

        Maybe you can find another childish argument to keep bringing up? Did you get beat up much as a child?

      • Bender

        What we need is Midnight Basketball.

        At least, that was the answer to violent crime back during the Clinton Administration. They certainly saw a connection between lack of recreation and crime.

        • drax

          No, that was not the answer to crime back in the Clinton Administration. It was a tiny part of a much larger program. You are committing the same fallacy that dolts like Rush Limbaugh did when they first cherry-picked midnight basketball.

          • Bender

            Again, way to miss the point completely. You’ve got people here snarking at the connection between recreation and crime, and that is EXACTLY what Clinton did, even if it was part of a larger plan.

            If you want someone to contemptuously laugh at, laugh at Clinton, not Limbaugh.

          • drax

            As long as you don’t misrepresent it as anything more than a tiny part of a large plan, like Rush did.

            And nobody’s here snarking about recreation and crime anyway.

    • Mary-Austin

      Yea I’m sure this happened cause there wasn’t enough recreation and beauty.

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        I’m thinking maybe YTK meant to post this in response to Morning Notes instead of here?

      • speonjosh

        Errr, it’s not that hard to make the link. It’s like climate change. You can’t blame any one particular murder on a lack of recreation and beauty, but collectively, as recreation and beauty goes down, crime goes up.

        All that said, I fail to see how Arlington suffers from a significant lack of recreation / beauty.

        • JohnB

          correlation =/= causation

          • Andy

            That’s cool how you created a not equal to symbol.

    • HighViewPunk

      This place is right next to a park. A pretty nice one too.

    • jlm

      I get where you’re coming from. The beginning of the end.

    • nom de guerre

      Both Slater Park and High View Park are located 2 blocks or less from this address.

    • ArlRes

      LOL. It’s actually within 1 mile of like 5 parks! And I wouldn’t describe this apt complex as “gentrified”…

      • UptonHiller

        This is actually where the gentrified end up. It’s the anti-gentrified area.

    • geri

      What the hell are you talking about?

    • +11

    • drax

      Except it’s not.

    • Marie Antoinette

      You can get drunk and high at bars in Arlington? I wonder why my favorite bartender has been holding back the cannabis menu?

      • UptonHiller


    • Waycroft-Woodlawn Resident

      Whatever your views, you clearly know nothing about Halls Hill. Slater Park is right adjacent to this apartment building. And our schools are among the best in the country — including Glebe School which serves this neighborhood along with Wacroft Woodlawn and Waveryly Hills.

  • Truthi

    Why do I think it was drug related?

  • Use The Internet

    Come on, it’s “Hall’s Hill”, one of the sketchiest/low rent areas of North Arlington. Domestic problem central. I just don’t understand why people have to hurt the “one they love” on their own way out.

    • B22201

      It’s gone downhill ever since Ovechkin moved out.

      If you use GoogleMaps, and cross the street, it looks entirely non-sketchy with a fairly large/newish house.

      • Lee-n-Glebe

        OV wasn’t on the Hill, he was on 16th across from the hospital. Hall’s Hill ends abruptly at 17th st, the neighborhood between 16th and 17th is very nice.

        • drax

          Remnants of the segregation wall are still there.

        • B22201

          Sorry. . . that one block crime buffer. Sorta like the one last week wasn’t IN Fairlington but on the other side of the fence.

          • John

            Waycroft Woodlawn is not Halls Hill, one of the county’s historically black neighborhoods. Halls Hill begins 3 blocks west of 16th St. Anyway, Halls Hill is not a neighborhood of criminal activity, and it is fairly well integrated today.

          • Duder3

            Numbered streets in Arl run east-west, so your statement makes no sense.

            Hall’s Hill (Highview Park) begins just above N. 17th and continues to Lee Highway. All of it is west of Glebe and east of G. Mason.

          • John

            Meant north of 16th street. It’s not one block away. It’s three, due to the way Arlingotn numbers the streets.

          • Lee-n-Glebe

            It sounds weird, but as I live there I can tell you it’s more of a barrier than you might think.

      • nom de guerre

        Ovechkin previously lived in the Waycroft-Woodlawn neighborhood which is closer to Fairlington than Hall’s Hill/High View Park.

        • Duder3

          Uh, no. Fairlington is far S. Arlington. Ovie lived (as stated above) across from VA Hospital Center, well into 22207.

          OK, I guess he’s about 200 feet closer to Fairlington than HH, but still 4 miles north of it.

          Hope they catch whoever did this.

  • Use The Internet

    Unless it was a double homicide, if so, probably drug related in this area.

  • Jimbo

    North Arlington. Figures.

    • North of Lee Hwy

      Well, there’s north and then there’s North…

      • Marie Antoinette

        Ta Ta!

      • Ashton Heights

        North of North Williamsburg Boulevard of GTFO.

        • South Awwlington

          North Of North as in Chain Bridge. Beat that with a stick!

          • WeiQiang

            There is that real estate listing that shows up on the right margin for $6M. THAT’s north of Chain Bridge RD.

  • TJLinBallston

    Statistically, the murder rate in Arlington is skyrocketing, in comparison to the lack of murders since 2010. We’ve got trouble right here in River City.

  • Black Flag


  • Casey

    “This could be the third homicide in Arlington in as many weeks.”

    You mean third or fourth homicide. [depending if it was a double murder, murder-suicide, etc.]

    • nom de guerre

      Let’s just say that this could be the fifth -cide in Arlington in as many weeks.

    • Guy LeDouche

      Though not technically Arlington, add in the Eden Center murder which is on the border of Arlington and Falls Church and that makes potentially 5 murders in a little more than 3 weeks. Very sad that we’ve had this bad streak going.

      • novasteve

        Last summer was the summer of bank robberies, now we have a summer of homicides.

        • Marie Antoinette

          Just hope the Guillotine doesn’t become trendy…again.

      • Duder3

        Eden is entirely within FC. I believe the border is McKinley, where that big estate is on Wilson.

        • nom de guerre

          That estate is called the Febrey-Lothrop House and it was once occupied by Audrey Meadows who played Alice Kramden, Jackie Gleason’s wife on “The Honeymooners.

        • Guy LeDouche

          Thanks for your insightful comment, though I don’t think it changes or disputes anything that I said. As I said, the Eden Center is in Falls Church and on the border between Arlington and Falls Church…as in the boundary of the county is right there. Yes on Wilson, the border is two blocks up from there at McKinley. To be precise, since I guess precision is what you were seeking, the edge of Arlington County runs at an angle from south-east to north-west and from where the edge of Eden Center, it is about 1 block or approximately 500 feet north on Roosevelt to the “border”. Going across Roosevelt from Eden Center as the crow flies, it is about 350 feet to N. Rochester St. Considering that the story about the Eden Center murder was reported on this site, and I also remember an article on here another time regarding illegal fireworks at Eden Center, I don’t think it is a stretch in a discussion about the unfortunate string of recent tragedies, to state that including the Eden Center murder, our community that is usually free of such incidents has potentially experienced 5 murders in a few weeks. So was your point that we shouldn’t lump that murder in with “our” Arlington murders because it was a few hundred feet away so we shouldn’t consider a center frequented by Arlington residents as part of our “community”? I think that takes the eye off the ball which is our “community” has experienced a string of unfortunate tragedies. Thoughts to all the families of those lost in all these incidents…even if it occurred a few hundred feet over our border.

  • South Awwlington

    1900 N Culpeper was recently for sale for 860k.


    Talk about over investing in the neighborhood.

    • Mary-Austin

      Just goes to show how stupid some people can be to pay a premium for North Arlington.

      • South Awwlington

        We agree for once. I have always favored Arlington Ridge, Aurora Highlands if I were rich. But I’m not. All of this drivel over N Arlington is so overblown.

        • TJLinBallston

          Just like Old Town; North of Washington Street or South? In McLean, you’re either off Georgetown Pike or you’re not. These neighborhoods are all fine places to live. Up in my high-rise in Ballston, I constantly remind myself I don’t look down on anybody. Keeps it real.

          • Duder3

            OK, what is with you people who don’t know your directions on the compass?! Washington Street (GW Parkway) is north-south, not east-west.

        • Mary-Austin

          Agreed. I would add Arlington Heights to your list. You can find just as nice of a 1940’s colonial as you would in North Arlington for about 50-100k less.

      • UptonHiller

        Is that a premium price?

        • Allen


      • Marie Antoinette

        Must be a lot of stupid people out there keeping the prices up.

        • HayDiosMio

          I wish i was stupid too…


          yeah… that.

    • SomeDude

      Nice big house – looks like it was designed by Tony Montana…

    • drax

      4 bed, 4 bath, 2,896 square feet.

      • Mary-Austin

        4 full baths is a sign the builder/developer doesn’t know what they’re doing.

        • 22207

          Or that they listened to the client who wanted 4 baths in their new house.

          • Mary-Austin

            These places usually aren’t built for particular clients.

            But maybe you’re right and it was built for those guys who don’t care about resale value.

          • 22207

            You’re all over the place with your blame and reasoning. Such a trivial little thing you are.

          • Mary-Austin

            oh my…someone is bitter.

          • 22207

            Hehe. Trivial and delusional. I almost feel pity for you.

    • Lee-n-Glebe

      That’s a lot of house for that money. Of course, this article is indicative of why it’s that cheap.

  • Arl for Now

    I live in Waycroft and I consider this my neighborhood too. We share the same parks and elem. school and know many kids that live on Culpepper. I feel terribly for these men’s families.

  • Tabby_TwoTone

    WAPO is reporting that the deceased are two men, African-American, one a chef at a restaurant in FC and a father of five.

    • Tre

      Shhhhh, you don’t want to humanize the deceased.

    • Stacy

      On the down low?

  • AWP

    Bad news – my condolences to the families, and I hope they figure it out quickly.

    This neighborhood has always seemed out of place – just drive through it and then the surrounding hoods, and you’ll see what I mean. Like most of North Arlington, there are some new builds on tear-down lots, but I wouldn’t call that neighborhood gentrified. There is a mix of nasty homes, original smaller but well kept homes, and then the newer builds.

    • CW

      The newer builds in that area are some of the most horrifically ugly I’ve seen anywhere. From there on over to the radio tower McMansion strip it’s just lots and lots of bad vinyl siding.

      • Duder3

        The new mcBunaglows directly on G Mason across from USPS aren’t so bad. Kind of tall but definitely an improvement. Agree on the ones under the Tower on Greenbrier, though. I think that’s called “Voltage Views.”

      • SomeChick

        Siding is gross, unless on a Farmhouse.

  • Vision Quest

    Just to clarify, this murder did not take place in Fairlington.

    We can all breathe easier

  • SouthArlJD

    Spriggs and Moten – a couple of old time Arlington names. Sad to see this type of violence in our area.

    • travis moody

      ^^^^^^^underrated reply^^^^^^^

      my name is travis moody, and i grew up w/ pooh bear. the spriggs and the moten families are extended through mine.

      i lurk here. i don’t know/don’t care what most of y’all folks are saying, most of the time, because it’s ignorance. i will agree w/ this reply, though.


      • From back in the day


        Were nekya ball and pooh still together? How many kids did they have together? Was 2 last I’d seen her. Sad for the families.

  • UYD Fan

    Are we still “vague” on whether a murderer is on the loose? I can see those apartment buildings from my bedroom window.

  • R A J

    RIP Keke and Bear

  • Me ke

    To the folks who found time to be quick witted and sarcastic regarding this story…you’re pretty much morons….I mean really, two guys died and this is what you come up with? I bet you are making assumptions that given the location and race they somehow were involved in criminal activities….if this happened in Clarendon Boulevard high rises you would be demanding a stronger police presence…jeez what jackasses

  • biggirl

    This is my neighborhood. My house backs up to the park next to the apartments where the men were discovered. This area used to be a little rough, but we had no problems at least the last 10 years. I am still not afraid to be here. We walk the dogs even after dark, right past these apartments. I hope this was an isolated incident. The best thing we can all do is know our neighbors, and pay attention to what is happening around us. Be friendly. Be vigilant. Be safe. RIP to the 2 men who lost their lives.

  • SoArl

    From the pictures, that looks like affordable housing/Section 8. Shocking.

    • Me ke

      Meaning what?

    • Silk

      I wonder if the guy that committed murders at the movies was from section 8…stupid comment.

  • Nik

    I grew up in North Arlington, and Attended from Yorktown high school . I knew one of the men.It is wrong how some of you all are focusing on the wrong thing with this story… 2 men are Gone… we should be thinking about how blessed we are it was not us.. and pray for their families and friends instead of the crazy comments I love arlington and to be honest this part of town used to be worse so to say there goes the neighborhood… I do not agree with that .

    I realize that most people who live in arlington .. moved here and are not orginally from the area. Yes I am defending my city ..you could live somewhere worse. I agree with Big girl and Me ke also

  • CulpeperRes

    This story shocked me, I moved to Culpeper a couple months ago and have done the walk to Ballston day and night and always felt safe, I really love living here. Thank you to all of the residents of Halls Hill for replying and helping to quell my nerves. I, like you, hope this is an isolated incident and I pray for the victims and their families and friends.

    • krissyarl

      agreed! i have lived in dorsey woods for 5 1/2 years now. i’ve never had a problem walking down culpeper day or night and have always felt safe there. this is truly shocking. and so sad for the families of the two men.

      really would love more information if the police know if there is a suspect still at large. i saw a cop sitting in front of the apartment building seemingly on guard last night around 11:45pm.

  • Lee-n-Glebe

    Any updates to this story? Police cars were still there this morning.

    • Vision Quest

      yeah, what happened? Murder-suicide?


  • HomeGrown

    It seems rare on these forums to find those who are actually from Arlington and not transplants. I grew up just across the highway from HH and had/have many friends who are from/live in this area (some who lived in that very apartment complex). As it’s been said, this area was rougher in the past but not that rough. Growing up here, it seemed like northside v. southside issues caused the most problems but for the most part that seems to have faded away.

    In my view, Halls Hill retains the history and culture of Arlington more so than anywhere else in the county. While Arlington continuously welcomes more and more new people, the result is a rise in cost of living & constant gentrification which threatens those who have called Arlington home for decades. The HH neighborhood has fought hard to keep their historical community alive. Lineage goes back to the Civil War era for many HH families. This type of living history should be protected. This is sad news to hear, as I remember seeing these individuals around growing up. Prayers go out to these two long-time Arlington residents and their families.

  • Old Halls Hiller

    Hmmm, I used to live on the Hill, and I don’t remember the neighborhood ever being “rough.” Pardon me, I grew up in somewhere completely different. I remember meeting Pooh around three years ago, so naturally I feel bad for his family and friends who are suffering from this, along with the other gentleman. I do want to say, it is important for young people in Arlington to “stay in the know” and to understand what is going on around them. As far as neighborhood development etc. The person who made the comment regarding Halls Hill trying to maintain their culture and history, I agreee, it’s wonderful! However, that will ONLY continue if the following generations continue with the same tenacity as their ancestors.

    Rest in Peace to the victims
    and God Bless to their families

  • Ms. B




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