Voting in Progress for Next Year’s Outdoor Movie Fest in Crystal City

by ARLnow.com August 16, 2012 at 1:50 pm 3,274 33 Comments

Crystal City has chosen a theme for next year’s outdoor film series, but it’s counting on locals to vote for which movies they want to see.

The neighborhood’s 2013 outdoor movie theme is “Blockbusters,” a reference to both hit movies and to the long-term plan to break up Crystal City’s “mega blocks” with new roads.

“With new buildings rising, new art popping up, fun daily events and activities going on, and the next evolution of an even more pedestrian-friendly street grid underway, the Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) has selected a commensurate theme for its 2013 outdoor movie series that reflects these exciting changes,” the BID said in a press release.

Among the films that movie-goers can vote to see next year are classic and more recent hits like The Wizard of Oz, Citizen Kane, Jurassic Park, Brokeback Mountain, The Social Network, Inception, Black Swan, and The Artist. The winning films will be announced at the year’s final Crystal City outdoor movie night, on Monday, Aug. 27, outside 1851 S. Bell Street.

Crystal City BID says this year’s romantic comedy-themed movie series has drawn “thousands” of visitors from throughout the D.C. metro area.

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  • James Moron

    Does it really take a year to rent a DVD?

    • YTK

      ‘S-OK As long as it doesn;t take a Village to do so

  • nom de guerre

    I cast my write-in vote for Caddyshack. “IT’S IN THE HOLE!”

    • YTK

      I’m all right– don’t nobody worry bout me – HUH!! Doody alert in the swimming pool!!!
      LOOOVED that movie. Still eat Clark Bars

  • Yawn

    How about “urban decay.” Show Escape from New York, Children of Men, other films whose bleak urban squalor matches that of Crystal S–tty.

    • nom de guerre

      Beneath the Planet of the Apes

    • speonjosh

      I Am Legend

    • Arlingtonian

      “Bleak urban squalor”? Really?

    • Arlingtonian

      Crystal City is quieter than Clarendon but it’s hardly a run-down slum. Actually, I kind of like the fact that there aren’t hordes of recent college grads puking on the sidewalks every Friday and Saturday night.

      • YTK


      • YTK

        I got off the bus once in front of P Brennan’s recently and the sidewalk had been “christened” with puke. This was even before the ABC store had opened. Guess they better hose down those sidewalks like they do in N’Orleans French Quarter, from now on.

  • voting for anything with boobs in it

    • Huh?

      Don’t you mean teats?

      • sunflower

        i think he’s really a were- was-wolf

  • novasteve

    With all the Liberals here in Arlington, no doubt Brokeback Mountain will be a winner.

    • jackson

      You seem kinda bitter.

      • Arlingtonian


      • Arlingtonian

        Mr. Negative. Obsessively so. Kind of scary actually.

    • sunflower

      your name should be nova(underprotest)steve

    • Hank

      Out of curiosity… is there anything you like about living in Arlington? It seems like your personal hell.

  • Dr. Kwok

    Nothing spells outdoor family-friendly movie night like Brokeback Mountain…

    • Huh?

      Gays have families too.

      However, there is that one graphic scene in the tent.

    • bum

      Or Black Swan, for that matter.

    • CrystalMikey

      Did they ever claim it was family friendly? Heck, their first series was all James Bond movies, not too family friendly there.

      • You’re right, they did not say family-friendly. But, I would expect some better judgement in what’s being shown outside in public. James Bond and Brokeback Mountain? Come on.

  • YTK


  • YTK

    JAWS!! Then, as everyone is piling into the Metro to go home, the JAWS theme song starts to play on the PA.

  • Rick

    Jaws — what a great movie. watching “Shark Week” on TV this week, and after 37 years (movie was released in 1975) I still have trouble going into the water

  • Unbeeweebable

    Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    The first one. Still the best one.

    • YTK

      That would be great but can you imagine the possible panic when the snake scene appears?
      Perhaps they should mandate that all the Ophidiophobes sit in the VERY BACK.

  • CrystalCityRestauranteur

    Wonder where they will have it next year? The building they show the movies in front of is going to be gutted and turned into a 24 story office building. I vote Long Bridge Park.

    • Arlingtonian

      The courtyard shouldn’t be affected, although I’m not 100% sure. The plans that I’ve seen for 1900 Crystal Drive show minimal changes to the courtyard. Only much later on will the courtyard be transformed into an even larger central park.

      One issue could be construction lighting in the new structure causing problems with the movies at night. That depends on how quickly work crews proceed. The building won’t be complete until at least 2016. Until then, that plot is likely to be a construction pit for a while, after the current building is taken down.

  • Ryan

    I feel like a lot of the movies on this list can’t really be considered blockbusters. More like Oscar hopefuls. Lost in Translation is a good movie, but nobody would refer to it as a blockbuster.


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