Mail Truck Overturns in 7-Eleven Parking Lot

by ARLnow.com September 4, 2012 at 2:35 pm 14,605 23 Comments


A U.S. Postal Service mail delivery truck flipped on its side in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store this afternoon.

The accident happened just after 1:00 p.m. outside the 7-Eleven at the corner of Old Dominion Drive and N. Vernon Street, across from the Lee Heights Shops. The mail carrier who was driving the truck told police he was trying to park when his foot somehow became stuck against the accelerator, causing the truck to hop the curb and do a 360 degree turn across the southbound lanes of Old Dominion Drive, before finally striking a parked sedan and flipping on its side.

The driver’s leg was pinned between the vehicle and the pavement, but a group of witnesses managed to lift the truck just enough to free him, according to police. He was then able to climb out of the truck on his own power.

The driver suffered lacerations to his leg and arm, but did not require transport to the hospital. In fact, he remained on scene to help workers transfer mail from the truck to other postal vehicles.

The postal carrier was given a citation by police for failure to maintain his vehicle.

  • nom de guerre

    automatic transmission.

  • JamesE

    Neither snow nor rain nor slurpee

  • New USPS Slogan

    If it sticks, it flips.

    • snicker


  • Regis

    Would have never guessed those things are RWD.

    • johnny b

      Basically a Chevy S-10 under the body.

  • poor man – his day is not going well at all and it’s capped with a ticket. I’m happy he stayed around to protect the mail.

    • yes again

      The cops were pissed that there was no expired inspection sticker, this could have been double points for their monthly quota…

  • stamp prices going up.

    This is so awesome.

  • stamp prices going up.

    I did a similar thing when I drove for UPS. But didn’t flip it. It involved wet shoes, falling off the seat, flooring the truck, while pulling on the steering wheel. Thankfully no one was killed. I never started the truck again without wearing my seat belt. Speedy recovery to the postal guy.

  • McChipstah

    Oops that’s near me…now I know why my mail hasn’t been delivered! Sorry mailman…no worries. I can do without my junk mail for a day. (that is all I get nowadays)

    • Zelora

      Yeah, it’s a quarter after six and no junk mail for me either. I had better go look in the 7-11 parking lot.

  • Mack


    • NoVapologist

      Better than USPSTD I guess.

  • JimPB

    Kudos to helpful witnesses who lifted the truck sufficiently to enable the post office employee to free his left.

  • awh hells bells


  • window of operation

    OK Just finish the route abd be back by 5 PM. we will fire you later .Glad he s ok

    • KO

      HA! You don’t know how true that is.

    • tom

      you don’t know how true your statement is

  • YTK

    Ouch. The TRUCK went postal.
    Glad no one was seriously injured.

  • tom

    if he was on probation , he needs to look for a new job

  • Wendy

    At least the wheels are curbed.

    • Joyce

      Good observation, but there’s no curb. I suppose there will be a safety talk on this one tomorrow morning.


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