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Photos: Epic Smokehouse Opens in Pentagon City

by ARLnow.com September 12, 2012 at 10:50 am 8,945 32 Comments

Epic Smokehouse, a new upscale barbecue restaurant concept at 1330 S. Fern Street in Pentagon City, opened its doors to the public on Monday.

The restaurant serves “quality smoked meats and seafood paired with innovative cocktails and high-caliber wine at affordable prices,” according to a press release. Lunch items range from$10 to $15, while dinner entrees range from $15 to $25. Soups, sides and salads are priced between $2 to $7. Wines by the glass — available whenever the restaurant finally gets its liquor license — range from $6 to $10.

Lunch items include the EPIC burger (pictured — blend of ground pork and beef, bacon, smoked gruyere cheese, homemade apple wine BBQ sauce, fries); beer belly chicken (beer and herb roasted chicken); and a cho’gall sandwich (slicked brisket, pulled pork, lettuce, grilled onions and chipotle mayo).

Dinner items include apple wine smoked ribs (with fries and Carolina slaw); smoked brisket (with pancetta mac and cheese); black Angus ribeye (porcini rubbed ribeye and bacon sprouts with a red wine sauce); duroc pork loin (kona rubbed duroc pork loin with creamy polenta and Patron Cafe XO sauce); and garlic ginger teriyaki shrimp (marinated shrimp, vegetables and coconut jasmine rice).

Dessert choices include bourbon bread pudding with smoked ice cream, pecan pie, and candied bacon cupcake (pictured below).

The space seats 84 inside and 16 at an outdoor patio.

Co-owners Joon Yang and Wayne Halleran, long-time friends who were most recently working at The Palm restaurant in Tysons Corner, say they want Epic Smokehouse to be a “neighborhood gathering spot.” At the same time, though, they want the restaurant to be a more modern, urban and upscale version of the traditional red-and-white-checkered table cloth barbecue joint.

While some might see Epic Smokehouse’s somewhat inconspicuous location across from Costco as a hindrance to attracting customers — the only other restaurant on the block is a Dunkin’ Donuts — Yang says he sees it as an opportunity.

“We’re kind of lucky I guess,” he said of the location. “When we saw this, we saw the need for it. With the amount of residents that live right here, they need something that’s close to them. When we saw the opportunity to open something here, we jumped at it.”

  • novasteve

    Got my hopes up for a second with the title. 🙁

    • SomeGuy

      Take solace knowing that Epic Smokehouse could probably get away with painting a cigar smoker mural on the side of their restaurant.

  • Ralph

    Yeah! Pentagon City!

    • PCity

      Thanks, friend.

  • drax

    Oh, no, another restaurant “concept!”

    I don’t want to eat at a concept.

  • Regis

    Can I request that these types of eye-candy articles be posted after lunch. Thanks.

    signed, my waistline

  • Never Forget 9-11

    Definitely going to check it out……hoping for a new neighborhood favorite!

    • Never Forget 9-10

      It opened on Monday.

  • B22201

    I think the work “Epic” gets thrown around too much.

    • B22201

      word. . . not “work” 🙁

      • Bill Lumbergh

        The work ethic gets tossed around too much, too.

        • drax

          I almost said that too, but I was too lazy.

    • DarkHeart

      I blame Jim Rome.

      • Rome

        Blame it on Rio, baby.

  • CW

    I just can’t get past the name. All I can think of are the Epic Meal Time videos. Was that their intent?

  • YTK

    ‘SOK, but my wallet says “MickeyD”

  • Id

    What’s awesome is that you can take the Streetcar there.

  • Joehoya

    In Texas, serving brisket with “pancetta mac and cheese” would probably get you shot.

    • drax

      This ain’t Texas.

  • EPic dodo

    Need to go down south for bbq. This looks like epic dodo

  • awkward placement?

    I mean I get that burger places are a block from each other here… but to title it “smokehouse” with Harry’s “smokehouse” downstairs in the mall seems kind of silly, doesn’t it?? I mean not that that’s anything amazing to compete with, but why the similar name. At least PRETEND to be different. 🙂

  • Alex

    The name seems like something I’d expect from Idiocracy…

  • Jack Tors

    I’m glad “Epic” is in the title of this restaurant. I’m pretty sure this word is not used enough today. Oy Vey…

  • arglebargle

    Am I just low class, or do the ideas of ‘upscale concept’ restaurant, and ‘neighborhood gathering spot’ not go together at all?

    • Josh S

      Good point.

      Again, another example of the marketing people sucking the soul out of everything they touch.

      • charles

        Yeah, well, marketers have to do that when there’s nothing real to work with, as in this case… wheat, corn syrup, high-sodium, high-fat.

  • Courtney Shelor

    I went for lunch today, the food is AWESOME! The BBQ sauce is nice and tangy, the service was great!!! You MUST try the Candied Bacon cupcake, it is LEGIT!!! They do not have their ABC license yet, but they said they should have it by the end of the week.. I will definatley go back again and again!

  • Buddy

    and wait until you try to park to eat there…
    OMG…it ain’t gonna happen…and they think enough people
    will pour out of those apartments to support them….
    Good Luck, new owners!
    BTW: who did your research for that location?
    I wish all new places well..
    Too much $$ with too little common sense.

  • Elle K

    I see neither corn bread, nor hush puppies. Maybe a corn pone food truck could set up just outside?

  • Sarah

    It is AWESOME. Wonderful for the people who live nearby! We had the pulled pork platter and shared a salad. It was amazing. The decor is pretty and the restaurant is fun. Great location, great food!!

  • Sam

    I hate rubbery looking bacon…they should know better! Esp for a picture!!

  • I and my three friends had dinner at Epic Smokehouse this evening (18 NOV 2012). We were very impressed with the interior design and the attentiveness of the maître d’, the wait staff, and the chefs. Five stars for ambiance and service.

    Regrettably, however, I cannot rave as enthusiastically about the food we ordered. My two friends who ordered the beef brisket were satisfied with their beef brisket. I and my third friend, on the other hand, were totally disappointed with our food – pulled chicken platter for me and beer belly chicken for my friend. The chicken meat in both dishes were dry and totally devoid of flavors. The rotisserie chicken at CostCo and Harris Teeter tastes far better than those we had at Epic.

    If must say something good about the food…it’ll have to be about the serving size. The amount of food on each of the four plates on our table looked like it can easily feed two people. And for the amount of food Epic serves…I’d say the prices were reasonable.


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