Grateful Red to Hold ‘Grand Opening’ Wine Festival

by ARLnow.com September 13, 2012 at 3:20 pm 3,692 13 Comments

Grateful Red (2727 Wilson Blvd) wine shop in Clarendon is holding its official grand opening celebration this weekend.

Wendy Buckley, who also owns Screwtop Wine Bar, opened the store a couple of months ago, but wanted to take some time to get established before holding a big bash. This Saturday, September 15, Grateful Red will officially hold its Grand Opening and Fall Wine Lovers Festival.

Visitors can sample more than 30 wines and craft beers, along with gourmet goodies and cheeses. Local business Cookies and Corks of Falls Church will be at the store to offer samples of their specialty wine pairing cookies. Customers will receive discounts off of wine purchases over $50. The store will soon kick off wine classes, and will offer more information and a sign-up on Saturday.

All of the store’s usual offerings will also be available including meats, cheeses, gifts like soaps and lotions, more than 120 beers and more than 50 wines for less than $12.

It is free to attend the event, which runs from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

  • karzai

    Does anyone know what is moving in next to Grateful Red? (The store that was Sisters something something). I think I saw a “coming soon” sign but I passed by quickly and didn’t catch what it said…

    • drax

      How rude of them not to make a bigger sign.

      • karzai

        “Hello, is this Sam’s Corner?”

        “Sorry, we’re closed.”

    • ArlGal

      A jewelry store is going into the old Sisters Three location. The owner owns another high-end jewelry store in Alexandria but this is going to be more boutique/costume jewelry.

      • karzai

        I think that adds to the retail diversity. That seems like good news.. I keep hoping for something like “Suzie’s Little Gifts” (something like this) that is in Cleveland Park to come here, but no luck yet…

    • B22201

      I certainly hope it’s more amish lingerie. I always enjoyed walking past and thinking to myself (or aloud to my girlfriend) “That’s some sexy looking flannel in that window display”.

      (maybe they were a wonderful shop, and people. . . I have no idea, but they had the plainest window displays ever)

  • ef yourself

    do the yuppies even know who the grateful dead is?

    • drax

      Of course. They went to Dead concerts. Then they got mortgages.

      • Josh S

        If we allow for people who currently fit the definition of “young” and “professional” to be in the range of let’s say 22-35 and the Grateful Dead has not performed a concert in 17 years (yes, surviving members of the band have performed since then as The Dead, but this is a back of the envelope calculation here, so we’re going to leave that out), then even the oldest of the current yuppies could have been no older than 18 the last time that they could have seen the Grateful Dead in concert. So it’s possible, but very unlikely that all but a small minority of Arlington’s yuppies went to Grateful Dead concerts.

        Which is not to say they haven’t heard of them.

  • This will be closed in 6 months.

    • Swag

      You don’t think there are enough pretentious wine drinkers in Arlington to support a shop like this?

      • Josh S

        Yeah, given that a wine store already went out of business once not too far from there, it seems unlikely that they will survive for long. But Twisted Vines down on the Pike has lasted much longer than a lot of people predicted, so who knows….?

        • PL25rd

          There are also a lot of Arrowine loyalists in Arlington (myself included). Their selection is amazing, prices are good, and parking is always available.


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