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by ARLnow.com September 18, 2012 at 8:30 am 4,205 48 Comments

$23 Million House Up for Auction — Its address might say McLean, but a $23 million house that’s now up for auction on Chain Bridge Road is technically located in Arlington. The house, once featured on the MTV show “Teen Cribs,” will be auctioned off at the Arlington County Courthouse on Sept. 27 after its owner went into foreclosure. [Curbed, Tranzon Auction]

School Bus Stop Next to Sex Offender’s House — A local mom is lobbying Arlington Public Schools to get her middle-school-aged daughter’s bus stop moved, after finding out that the stop is located near a convicted child sex offender’s house. [WUSA 9]

APS Not Formulating New School Names, Yet — Arlington Public Schools say the process for naming two new elementary schools expected to be built over the next couple of years will start when the schools’ boundaries have been decided. At that point, a committee of parents, teachers, staff and residents will be formed to recommend a name. If the school is to be named after a person, that person must have been dead for at least five years. [Sun Gazette]

Lacrosse Team Selling Mulch — As part of a fundraiser, the Yorktown boys lacrosse team is selling hardwood mulch for delivery. The mulch, which is $4.95 for a 3 cubic foot bag (minimum 10 bags) will be delivered by on Saturday, Oct. 13. The deadline for ordering is Oct. 2. [YHS Patriot Lacrosse]

  • sunflower

    lax team selling “much”.

    • SomeGuy

      Not sure what they’re selling, but it’ll be a lot.

      • Clarendon Skank

        I need to investigate further.

        • SomeGuy

          Much, hardwood. What more do you need to know?

          • Clarendon Skank

            If they’ve turned 18 yet. I don’t want to end up on that list.

  • huh?

    Looked at the sex offender database. Nearest one it could be is about 3 blocks away. A few others all around the area though – where can you move the stop?

    And sex offenders can drive cars. A bus stop further away from their homes doesn’t help anyway.

  • DarkHeart
    • sunflower

      min req is ~ one cu yard, right? (sorry, it’s pre-coffee)

    • Josh S

      I don’t think 3 cubic feet (3′ x 1′ x 1′) is the same as one cubic yard (3′ x 3′ x 3′).

      (But I’m only halfway through my coffee.)

      • sunflower

        but they’re requiring you to buy 10 bags of it

        10×3=30 cu ft div by 27 = 1.1 cu yds

        (on my second cup ;- } )

        • Josh S

          Do I know you?

          • sunflower

            you do now…

    • Mulchismo

      You have your units way off – most bagged mulch is sold by cubic foot – not yard. So 10 bags would be 30 cubic feet, and that’s not as much as you think it is once you start spreading it around. That’s a actually a good size – if you don’t pay attention a lot of landscaping places sell it in 2 CF bags for not that much of a price difference for what you could find a 3 CF bag at a place that stocks them.

      • DarkHeart

        Fair points all.

        County asks $50 for 5 cubic yards delivered ($10/cy)
        LAX asks $5/3cf or $50/30 cf (10 min)
        1 cy = 27 cf

        Mulch is 5 times more expensive, but worth it to help support your community (and county does not offer 1.11 cy delivery option)?

  • CW

    I’d like five pubic yards of much! Happy spelling!

    • sunflower


    • drax

      High school selling pubic yards – too close to sex offender story.

      • sunflower

        maybe we need a pubic yard as a place in which the offenders can hang out (so to speak)

  • Narlington

    Wow APS really doesn’t pay attention. lets put a bus stop in front of a registered sex offenders house. Now I know why they didn’t want to release the bus routes. Please will they fire someone for putting the children at risk.

    Its nice to see that the reporter asked him are you a sex offender, and he says No. That means he is and will do it again sicko. Police should keep an eye out for that guy.

    • Josh S


      This person can’t be the only registered sex offender in Arlington. If APS has to now go around and make sure to reroute all of their bus routes so that they stay a certain number of feet away (100? 200? 500?) from sex offenders, what is the tradeoff in convenience and logical route-making for imagined extra security?

    • huh?

      If you look at the map on the sex offender database site, they are sprinkled all over the place. There are probably bus stops near sex offenders’ homes in many parts of the county. It’s hard to avoid them.

      (Not all sex offenders choose children as victims though).

      And this one isn’t “in front” – the nearest listed offender is 2-3 blocks away, according to the map.

      Besides, sex offenders can drive cars to bus stops anywhere.

    • drax
      • Village Genius

        It should not be too difficult to identify a sex offender’s house because the map shows that each house is identical — red roof, one story, with a blue door. Just tell your kids to stay away from such a house.

    • AuntLinda

      Yeah, right, and what’s the difference if someone green lights a bus route and a week later a sex offender buys a house next to a stop? It’s not like some county employee is sitting there saying – “You, know, I really feel like doing something stupid today, so I’m going to purposely place a bus stop next to a sex offender just so I can watch a soccer mom blow her top while I eat lunch.”

      The information is out there and people can keep an eye out accordingly, and they should move it if it can be done within reason – but – you also can’t possibly expect that every community needs to bring everything to a screeching halt every time a sex offender moves within some arbitrary distance of something, and that heads should roll.

  • Dr_K

    Sing it now… ~ How – much – mulch – would – a – lax – team – sell, if – a – lax – team – could – spell – mulch? ~

  • Ren

    The story about Hunt ($23M house) was pretty interesting…I hadn’t heard it. There’s a Wapo link through the Curbed one if you want to learn the history there.

    • bemused bystander

      That mansion isn’t “technically” in Arlington; it’s physically and legally in Arlington County, though the snobs who live along Chain Bridge Road prefer the McLean postal address.

  • Becoming indifferent

    Are they selling much mulch?

  • OldYeller

    I can’t imagine paying that mulch for a house. Isn’t there a snout house around here for about a mil?

    • DarkHeart

      All about the river view and proximity to a bridge into DC?

    • Josh S

      $1 million snout houses are a dime a dozen around here….

  • Googler

    In case anyone is interested to see what 23 million will get you these days, you can check out the Teen Cribs video here (start at 11:50): http://www.mtv.com/videos/teen-cribs-season-2-ep-4-mira-and-carlies-cribs/1633176/playlist.jhtml#series=2211&seriesId=27109&channelId=1

  • novasteve

    Let me guess, AC will name the news schools after famous communists of historical past.

    • sunflower

      take the a m meds pls steve

    • drax

      For God’s sake, put a little effort into being clever or funny and you might get somewhere.

    • Ned

      I bet you’re a real hit at holiday gatherings.

      • drax

        “Mom, Crazy Uncle Steve is ranting about commies again!”

        “Ignore him and eat your turkey, and don’t go near him after dinner.”

        • novasteve

          Was I crazy when the EPA honored Che Guevara?

    • DCBuff

      Steve is probably right; however, drax is also right, he could have found a way to be more creative and humorous about it all.

  • househoor

    Jeezus!! I am not letting my kids out of my sight-line. There are frickin’ child perverts all over this area.

    • sunflower

      close to 500 in fx cnty–pretty scary
      and these are the “registered” ones

  • craig

    what about the sex offender? I wouldn’t want a bus stop near my house either! Kids are loud and obnoxious, making noise before 9am. Let me sleep in dammit!!!

  • SHLady

    The mansion was owned by Rodney Hunt. what happened?

    • sunflower

      see wapo link at curbed link

      • SHLady

        wow, just wow.

    • drax

      His brother Mike moved in.

      • sunflower

        stop it!

        • sunflower

          man, what a one-liner fest today!


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