Motorcycle Struck by Truck on Glebe Road

by ARLnow.com September 19, 2012 at 11:44 am 4,516 15 Comments

A motorcycle was struck by a truck at the intersection of Glebe Road and Columbia Pike.

The accident happened around 11:15 a.m. Traffic camera images show the motorcycle under the truck, but initial reports suggest the motocyclist was able to slide his bike before coming in contact with the truck.

The motorcyclist is being transported to the hospital with what are being described as minor injuries.

The westbound lanes of Columbia Pike and the northbound lanes of Glebe Road are currently blocked at the accident scene.

  • Ralph

    …while carrying a tuba on their backs.

  • B22201

    I like how the web-cam says “Grebe Rd”.

    • TrafficRand.com

      So sowwy

    • nom de guerre

      Headline should be changed to “Motolcycle Stluck by Tluck on Grebe Load.”

  • D’oh

    Glad the rider avoided serious injury. But hitting the brakes and staying upright will always stop you a lot quicker than sliding your bike.

    • Buckwheat

      I’m sure laying the bike down was not the rider’s intent unless he were filming an action movie.

      ABS is not a common feature on motorcycles. A panic stop can cause the wheel(s) to lock up losing the gyroscopic action of staying upright and losing the traction with the roadway. A motorcycle will go down quickly one those things happen.

      Thank goodness he/she appears to be OK.

      • Tim

        ABS is fairly common on new bikes. I wouldn’t buy a bike without it.

        • More FUD

          What an elitist comment. Maybe it was a used bike, because the person couldn’t afford a new bike with ABS. Maybe they could only afford one with AB.

  • MC 703

    Traffic cam is clear now. Good news. No major investigation required.

    • Tim

      It’s obvious that the truck was turning left and failed to yield to the bike.

      • Greg

        Bike ran red?

  • Salmon Ella

    Looks like the truck made a left turn in front of the motorcycle…of course, we don’t know who had the right of way at the time…

  • Accident Reconstruction Team

    It looks more like the motorcycle hit the truck…

  • CA

    If I recall correctly from MSF class, a car/driver turning left into a motorcycle is the most common type of motorcycle accident.

  • SHLady

    Was it a guy on a scooter?


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