Car Plows Into Columbia Pike CVS, Again

by ARLnow.com September 26, 2012 at 1:35 pm 6,727 48 Comments

(Updated at 2:20 p.m.) A car has plowed into the CVS Pharmacy at 5017 Columbia Pike for the second time in as many years.

The incident happened around 11:00. The car, a Mitsubishi sedan, hopped a curb smashed through a low wall and several large windows next to the entrance to the store, coming to rest on the sidewalk. Nobody was injured. Initial reports suggest the driver was trying to back out of the parking spot, but instead hit the gas while the car was in drive.

The fire department ordered the store temporarily closed as a safety precaution, pending a building inspection. A manager, who was assessing the damage, said the mid-day closure was costing the store “thousands” of dollars, not to mention the cost of repairing the damage.

In May 2011, a car hopped the curb and smashed into the store just feet from where today’s accident occurred. The scars from that accident are still visible in the repaired section of wall.

The manager said the store will likely look into planters or other ways to prevent additional accidents.

  • Arlntv

    It’s not a Mazda rather it’s a Mitsubishi

    • Charles

      oh no not a CVS it’snotlikewehavetoomanyofthem

  • Richard Emerson

    The message is clear: God hates CVS as much as humans do. Next year, when ARLnow reports that salt mysteriously rained down on this CVS, don’t act surprised.

    • DarkHeart

      Rite-Aid is worse. 43% of the time I can’t find what I need there and have to go across the street to CVS.

      • YTK

        I stopepd going to one of the Rite Aids (Col Pike and Walter Reed) becuz the checkout clerk used to grab people’s hands and finish their credit/ATM card transactions for them. I think she still works there.

  • Novanglus

    When are people going to realize that ONLY SOME CVS’s have drive-thru’s!!! You can look it up here folks:

  • Hollywood

    How dumb do you have to be?

    • Trolly Troll

      I hear the reverse horsepower in that 4 cylinder is a beast. They probably just tapped the pedal.

  • RightWingWhacko

    I tell you, whenever I drive through a CVS, i really don’t pay attention to whether there are flower boxes. I just think don’t think that idea is going to work at all.

    • Harry

      I think they meant getting some big, heavy planters that can stop the car BEFORE it causes structural damage to the store.

      • YTK

        AMEN!!! Not just flower boxes but big honkin’ planters with big weather-resistant plants in them — if anything they will not only stop these inadvertant “drive thru’s” but they will help (gasp!) purify the air.

  • Manual Steve


  • South Side Chris

    Neither the store nor the car flipped. Does that make it non-news?

  • novasteve

    Gotta love automatic transmissions.

    • there he is

    • Zelora

      May you be cursed with short legs, making it impossible to put the clutch in, AND, people who imagine standard transmissions are best for EVERYONE.

      • darsasx

        If your legs are too short to push the clutch in, how in the world do you manage the brake and the gas pedals?

    • JamesE

      Driver accidentally dropped the clutch in 1st, the raw torque of that 4 cyl launched it forward uncontrollably.

  • Clarendon Cruiser

    I would suspect that the drivers advanced age would have something to do with this. Who else drives to shop at CVS at 1100?

    • Hank

      A lot of guys who run meth labs out of their Virginia Square apartments need to acquire matchbooks and cough syrup at really any hour of the day.

    • BrianKal

      and has those bird plates

  • John Fontain

    Sounds like somebody’s Extra Bucks were about to expire…

  • SomeGuy

    I think someone tried a series of similar entry approaches at Guarapo and neighboring storefronts over the weekend.

  • Mike Hunt

    The store doesn’t carry business interruption insurance?

  • South Awwlington

    This CVS is a hell hole…typically the line is 10 deep before an employee behind the counter discontinues their personal conversation with the other CVS employees and begins WORKING (opening another register.)

    Personally, I can’t wait until the entire shopping center is plowed under…

    S. Arlington Mill Neighbor

    • SoArl

      That will be a happy, happy day. I’ll bring the champagne so we can toast its demise while we watch the bulldozers move in.

      • South Awwlington

        I’m sure some other neighbors will want to be included. 🙂

        I will miss the nice people at the Oriental Supermarket and the cleaners. Hopefully they manage to hang on in the neighborhood.

        • YTK

          I really miss what used to be there — Bruce’s 5 and 10. Man, that was retro Dime-Store Heaven.

          • Maggie

            you’ve been around for a while to remember Bruce’s! How about the Red Carpet restaurant?

  • Columbia Piker

    In other news, substantially LESS loitering, LESS public consumption of alcohol, and LESS littering due to CVS’ indefinite closure.

    May this be the first step in this whole center being shuttered for new development.

    • South Awwlington


  • CrystalMikey

    Damn…VA plates (not MD).

  • bobco85

    Why does the owner need to put in planters? There’s already 2 things in the way: 1) concrete bumper and 2) sidewalk curb! How fast did this person manage to go that they went over both of these obstacles and still manage to plow into the store without realizing it? Must have been some long text message or something.

    I’d say take the license away, and when they go to the DMV to get a new one, show them the pics from this accident and say, “This is why you don’t get to have a license!”

    • YTK

      They will still drive anyway. Happens all the time.

    • soarlslacker

      People do stupid stuff. Sometimes you have to design a product (or place) so that the imaginary “stupidest person on earth” can safely use it. I did not say that this is not crazy. How much revenue is the CVS losing everytime is has to close to get the store fixed?

  • Karen

    What the what? Ok, that is unsettling…how…?


    • LtCol Obvious

      That test would have only required you raise one leg … you have three others you can drive with. wtf?

    • novasteve

      You’re a girl?????????????

  • Zack

    This wouldn’t have happened if there were streetcars.

    • confused


  • CornHead

    God, if people are too distracted to control an automatic, imagine the chaos if everyone had to drive a stick shift.

  • soarlslacker

    Put up some “jersey barriers” aka those large concrete bariicades that are often found in hwy construction areas!

  • Id

    The driver was too excited about the anticipated arrival of the Streetcar.

  • Novanglus

    Shouldn’t the headline say “Another car plows into…”

    As written, it sounds like it was the same car.

    • Ren

      Good point, but did we confirm it wasn’t same driver as last time? You can’t just assume!… 😉

  • nom de guerre

    Just drove by-repairs are almost complete and store looked like it was open for business.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels

    Maybe they’ll finally fix that front door that’s been broken for 5+ years, AMIRITE?


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