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UPDATED: Renovations to AMC Theater in Courthouse

by ARLnow.com October 4, 2012 at 3:45 pm 15,622 42 Comments

(Updated on 10/9/12) A major renovation project is underway at the AMC movie theater at Courthouse Plaza (2150 Clarendon Blvd).

The renovations have been underway for at least two months. The lower level theaters have already been remodeled and now feature power adjustable leather recliners with footrests, as well as terraced rows of seating that make it easier to see the screen over the person sitting in front of you. With the lower theaters complete, renovations to the upper theaters are now underway.

Meanwhile, improvements to the lobby include updated decor, a new snack counter and new Coke freestyle machines. The theater’s restrooms have also been renovated, according to AMC spokesman Ryan Noonan.

The multiplex has remained open during the construction. Construction is expected to wrap up in the first half of November, according to Noonan.

The new recliners have reduced the seating capacity of each theater, but Noonan said the plush seating “makes for a phenomenal movie-going experience.”

Similar renovations were reported at an AMC theater in Atlanta earlier this year. Those changes included the addition of a bar that served beer, wine and cocktails that patrons could take to their seats, but Noonan said the Courthouse theater will not serve booze.


  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Any Osullivan Doorman want to take me to a movie?

    • O’Sullivans Doorman

      Not with grammar like that.

      • Jim Moron


      • Drunk_IrishChick

        Are you working tonight? I ll show you proper grammar

        • WeiWeiQiang

          Gonna conjugate?

        • CW


  • WestoverAndOver

    Does anyone recall when this theater opened? Was it ’96, ’97?

    • DW

      That’s about the time that new stadium style theaters were being built, and old movie-house theaters were being converted.

      • NPGMBR

        Exactly and I’ve avoided this theater because of the old style seating. My favorites are AMC Tyson’s and AMC Hoffman Center. It’s nice to know AMC Courthouse is getting this reno as its the closest to me.

    • Mike

      I’m pretty sure the AMC Courthouse theater was there when I moved to this area in 1990 (though it may not have been part of the AMC chain back then).

      • Daniel

        Right around 1990… I worked there in HS starting around 92…
        It has always been an AMC theater.

        • Waycroft Mike

          I remember seeing the Michael Keaton Batman there. What year was that?

          • CrystalMikey


          • P. Monroe

            I saw that movie there, too. 1989.

  • Bad Apple

    They’re renovating, and they don’t want anyone to know about it? What the heck?

    • drax

      They’ll be having a big surprise revelation. Obviously.

      • Dee

        MOVE THAT BUS!!!

  • bobco85

    I hope they’ve renovated the HVAC system as well. Last time I was there, I watched The Hangover 2, and with the A/C not working it really felt like we were with the characters in Thailand!

  • DCBuff

    We recently saw a movie in one of the renovated theatres, and it was pretty cush. After making our way through all the construction mess, that is. If one goes to the AMC Courthouse website, one does find that they are putting the new seats in. But for AMC not to respond to media inquiries is strange. Maybe this is all part of the Chinese takeover. Of AMC, that is.

    • Swag

      AMC doesn’t care about local blogs.

  • Marilyn Walker

    March 10, 1989 was the date AMC Courthouse opened according to Cinematour.com. I knew it was more than 15 years ago, but lost track of exactly when. I’m looking forward to completion of the renovations.

  • Zach

    Are they upgrading the projection and sound at all? I didn’t mind the shabby interior – it felt kind of nostalgic, actually – but found the movies there to be small-screened, dim, and muddy-sounding.

    • nom de guerre

      I wonder what the schedule will be for disinfecting the new leather seats.

      • DCBuff

        Same schedule as cleaning the old seats.

  • Dodge

    I have been to the new theater. It is awesome! I love the leather seats that recline. You can also put the armrest up to cuddle wih your date (or a stranger next to you if you’re weird.) This is a new reason for me to go to the movies.

    • Jackson

      Groping strangers?

  • I hope the possibility of a bar means they are pitching to a more adult crowd, both with facilities and films. I love indie films but usually have to trek over to E Street in DC or Shirlington to see them.

    • Garden City

      But I like the trek to E Street. Dinner at Bistro d’Oc and then an intelligent movie at E Street Cinema.

  • Mistery

    Movie theaters? People still go to those? Let’s see–I get to pay $12 to sit there and listen to ringing cellphones, popcorn chomping, and old people whispering “WHAT DID HE SAY?!” All while some jacka$$ puts his feet up on the seat next to mine? No thanks.

    Oh, those leather seats are gonna feel real nice once some soda and fake butter has been spilled on them.

    • Yuke

      You better hope that goo is only fake butter…..

  • DanO

    I just moved from Atlanta, and if they’re taking the Courthouse (saw “The Birdcage” ther in its first run) in the same direction as the Buckhead Fork and Screen, it will be worth the mystery.

    • Bad Apple

      “The Birdcage” had a second run?

      • Agador Spartacus

        It has never ehstopped running, mira.

      • blahblah

        “oh is nothing..is just aspirin with the A and the S scrassed off.”

  • YTK

    I hope the AMC renovations revitalize that creepy area at the metro level (like UTILIZE it!) — it always looked like it was abandoned.

  • Hank

    Is it just me or does the Courthouse theater seem show bottom of the barrel releases? They screen a lot more Katherine Heigl-type movies for an extended period of time than most places. Totally serious question: Is it cheaper for theaters to show one new release versus another?

    • NGlebe

      The distributors generally do not offer the same movie to Regal Ballston and AMC Courthouse. A movie plays at one or the other, never (or almost never) in both. I’d guess that Ballson often gets the better movies because its a bit better than the AMC (at least before the renovation).

  • Westover

    I hope they got rid of the rats, and I hope they don’t keep pushing all the kids movies there. . .

    • Templeton

      Oh, don’t tell me–that Bubonic Plague incident again, is that what you’re implying?

  • This article has been updated with additional information from an AMC spokesman, who contacted ARLnow.com one month after our initial inquiriy into the renovations.

  • Pretty sure that I was going to the movies at Courthouse in the mid-80s. 89 sounds too recent.

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