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Rose Celebration at Rose Garden Canceled Due to Lack of Roses

by ARLnow.com October 5, 2012 at 4:10 pm 4,430 20 Comments

A fall rose celebration at the Bon Air Memorial Rose Garden (850 N. Lexington Street), originally scheduled for Saturday afternoon, has been canceled due to a lack of roses.

The event was to include “docent led tours, potting stations for your own rose rootings, poetry readings, cookies and lemonade” at the garden, which contains some 2,000 roses. Instead, the event was called off last week because of a midge infestation that decimated most of the rose buds before they had a chance to reveal their fall blooms.

“The reason for lack of bloom was due to an insect (i.e. midge),” Arlington County Environmental Landscape Supervisor Patrick Wegeng said in an email. “We found the midge’s work approximately three weeks ago. We sprayed last week to halt the infestation… It has been determined however that most bloom will not recover this season.”

“According to staff that have worked in the rose garden for numerous years, midge infestations have occurred before within the garden,” Wegeng added. He said the rose plants are in good shape and should have a full bloom this coming spring.

“We had a terrific season until this insect started eating the buds,” Wegeng said.

In place of the public event, the Arlington Rose Foundation — which helps support the rose garden — will instead be holding smaller gathering at a private residence in Reston.

  • Cate

    We have a rose garden? Awesome. Shame there aren’t any flowers though right now.

    • Nearby Resident

      We do indeed. It’s really something when the roses are in bloom. They were planted right after WWII to honor the war dead. It’s right behind the tennis courts you see from Wilson.

      The roses are really nice, but like most things that are nicely maintained in Arlington, I think it’s all done by volunteers, with no help from the County. (Could be wrong.)

  • Wiz

    Well that certainly takes the bloom off the rose.

  • Dr_Klahn

    Maybe the man with the healing gaze could come and stare at them.

    • Nice One


  • Observer

    They never promised anything.

    • Lynn Anderson

      I beg your Pardon

  • Amused

    Maybe they could just gather a bunch of Arlingtonians named Rose and have the Gazing Dude stare at them for a while?

  • Zelora

    Midge. Reminds me of that inconstant Merge, as in “Merge Left.” But instead the midge got rid of the rose…..let’s hope my doggerel lobe doesn’t kick in now.

    • Too Late

      “let’s hope my doggerel lobe doesn’t kick in now”

      Too late…….

  • Zelora

    Also: Gidget.

  • Becoming indifferent

    At first, I thought I had logged onto The Onion.

  • Zelora

    No, THIS is what happens when the doggerel lobe kicks in:

    Bon Air Garden’s focused on roses
    To pamper folks’ eyeses and noses.
    Alas, this October
    The rose bit is over
    ‘Cause midges have caused midgelosis.

    • Too Late

      Now that IS doggerel !!!

      Pretty good though.

  • Ted

    County Employee: We don’t know nothing about them bugs because we live in PW County and it’s enough to do to just to be on-time to work at the Trades Center before dropping our kids off at an Arlington school near where we used to live.

  • TJLinBallston

    That never stopped the Cherry Blossom Festival but it’s a thorny issue when there is no color.

  • Rose Hickory

    Wait! I’m confused. This story is really interesting because I saw another story on the rose garden on another website where this guy Wegeng said that the midge was detected last week. In this piece, he says it was detected three weeks ago. The rose lady said the garden had not been treated at all this year. I just don’t get it. Was the garden treated one week ago? Three weeks ago. Never? Please explain!
    I go to the rose garden frequently with my children and the place was alive with insects that were happily chewing up the roses in early August. Does this guy even know what a midge is?

    • Zelora

      Yeah, maybe they were aphids. That would spoil my limerick.

  • Curmudgeon

    “Decimated” means reduced by 1/10th. Yes, I am That Annoying Grammar/Vocabulary A-hole.

    • sunflower

      and to say “decimated most” compounds the error…imho


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