Bardo Rodeo to Return… in D.C.

by ARLnow.com October 9, 2012 at 2:15 pm 12,726 64 Comments

Bardo Rodeo, the Courthouse-area brewpub that eventually became Dr. Dremo’s Tap House (closed in 2008), is now being resurrected — in the District.

Last year we reported that co-owner Andrew Stewart had been raising money for a possible new Clarendon location for Dremo’s. That fell through, and almost exactly one year ago Stewart told Urban Turf that he was looking to open a “huge bar in DC with an in-house brewery.” Today, several news outlets are reporting that Stewart and his brother, Bill, will indeed be opening a Bardo Rodeo location at 1200 Bladensburg Road in Northeast D.C.

The Washington Post reports that Bardo will brew its own beer, using brewing equipment mothballed after the Arlington location ceased brewing operations.

“Everything’s going to be the same,” Bill Stewart, Jr. told the Post. “Same recipes, same equipment.”

Prince of Petworth has photos of the tire store and two adjacent buildings that Bardo will be replacing.

According to a liquor license application cited by Titan of Trinidad, the brewpub will have 98 seats inside and 251 seats at an outdoor “summer garden.”

The new Bardo is expected to open at some point early next year.

Photo by Patrick Kennerly via cizauskas/Flickr

  • Mark Flanigan

    Arlington loses yet another well-known business…

    • JamesE

      It lost it a long time ago

    • Joe Bologna

      Hadn’t been in that neighborhood in a while. Some ginormous holes in the ground now.

  • JamesE

    Way too obsessed with opening it in Clarendon when there where plenty of other options in Arlington.

  • MB

    I hope so. But not holding breath . . .

  • JamesE


    That’s out there

  • Uhhhh

    I don’t mean to sound like a party pooper, but isn’t the Trinidad neighborhood in D.C. known as one of the worst crime areas in the entire area?

    • Hank

      If I had to guess, they’re banking on this location being close enough to the H Street corridor, so people will feel a bit safer about venturing out to that neck of the woods.

    • Keith

      That’s what I was thinking. Not Metro accessible, in the ‘hood. Um… woohoo 🙂 / awww 🙁

      • ByteMe

        not metro accessible but they are getting….

        drum roll …….

        A STREETCAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • drax

          Yep. And the area is already attracting new businesses.

          • Becoming indifferent

            Yeah, more bars. Just what that area needs.

          • drax

            Apparently. And restaurants too.

            Don’t you just hate that?

          • John K.

            Yes, because it has turned into a douche magnet. Yay, another douche magnet. Woohoo. Yay development.

          • ByteMe

            also yoga places and bike shops

    • ByteMe

      Flats at the Atlas District is down the block, and many of the townhouses are being renovated – still a way to go, if I understand correctly

    • Michael H.

      That was always my impression. Maybe it’s improving the way that other D.C. neighborhoods are (like Petworth, Columbia Heights, H St. NE, etc.). But the lack of a Metro station nearby will be a problem.

      Still, it’s amazing to see how much many of the neighborhoods in D.C. have changed since the 1990s. Even Metro Center was a bombed-out wreck in the early 1990s. It’s completely different today.

      I doubt I’ll ever trek all the way over there. But best of luck to them with their new location.

    • unfortunately, the image of Trinidad as some kind of urban sh-thole is nowhere near the truth. i could go on at length about how you’re more likely to be mugged in chinatown or shot in columbia heights, but hey, people believe what they want to believe.

      yes, i live in Trinidad.

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Ill stick to the comfey confines of my Irish Pubs in Arlington

  • DynaFlash 8

    We got Whitlow’s when Oliver Carr’s E Street project went south in the early 1990s. That’s a keeper.

    Let DC have this dump, as long as they take the rude servers, roaches and rats with them.

    Bladensburg Road? The old road house nightclub district in DC … a real hell hole back in the day.

    Now … When will the oil change on my Cutlass be finished?

    (cf. Olmstead Oldsmobile, ca 1967)

    • SteamboatWillie

      If by keeper, you mean a place that serves below average food, features lame cover bands, and becomes a soulless sweat pit every weekend, but remains in business due to its ideal location in the heart of a thriving nightlife district, then yes, Whitlow’s is quite the keeper.

      • drax

        Please stay away then.

      • godfila

        Sounds like someone has bad memories from there…
        Still waiting by the phone?

    • GoodRiddance

      Good riddance.

      The old Bardo was a magnet for fights, drug busts, public urination, DUI’s, etc… But in its new neighborhood, no one will notice.

      The comments at Prince of Petworth are about how there won’t be any good food there. Bardo’s was never about the food, of course. That’s another reason DC is a better match than Virginia. There are no official “bars” in the Old Dominion, only restaurants that can serve alcohol.

      • drax

        The old Bardo was hardly a den of crime.

        • malaka

          Unless you count their Chocolate Donut beer

          • TheBeermonger


        • Becoming indifferent

          No, but it was the original Arlington a–hole hipster doofus hangout. I didn’t shed any tears when it closed.

          • drax

            There were no hipsters in Arlington then.

            Bardo was awesome. But I’m sure you had fun at Bennigan’s.

      • Mick

        Oh, that place seemed OK, though I preferred the old Strangeways to the cavernous Bardo’s. I believe Cafe Iota expanded into the space Strangeways leased for a few years.

        I mostly remember how cold it was those winters. Friends and I would fill up on cheap Ital. fare at the old Pines of Florence, then go across the street for draft beerss at Strangeways. The wind whipping across Wilson was COLD.

        Everythings a tad too grande now, with the Souless on the Smart Phones. Clarendon Village, being ground zero for the un-dead



        Bardo a magnet for crime? I remember free movie night and nachos.

        You must be talking about Clarendon 2012.

  • WeiWeiQiang

    Totally stoked to stop by on my way back from the Arboretum.

  • Glebe Roader

    Wouldn’t go to Bardo on Bladensburg Road even if the beer and microwaved nachos were free. Didn’t like it here, won’t like it there.

  • Vinh An Nguyen

    The only thing it had going for it was I could easily walk there. Doubt that I’ll check out the new location.

  • Cyrus

    At least we’ll know where to find William Kennedy Smith now…

  • Mike

    From reading this piece, I see that there are apparently neighborhood blogs in DC called “The Prince of Petworth” and “The Titan of Trinidad.”
    ArlNow is being a bit too modest with its name.
    How about The Earl of Arlington?

    • Earl of Earl’s Sandwiches

      That’ name is already taken!

    • Michael H.

      I think the Prince of Petworth has expanded their coverage to include many neighborhoods in D.C., not just Petworth It’s a fairly popular blog, as far as local blogs go.

      I hadn’t heard of The Titan of Trinidad though.

      • Allie

        Titan of Trinidad started out as a spoof on Prince of Petworth but has begun publishing more legitimate posts as it’s gained readership.

        Prince of Petworth is probably the most widely-read neighborhood blog in DC, even though a number of popular DC bloggers/those active in the DC neighborhood news community really can’t stand its author.

  • James Moron

    Yup, everything is the same. Except, of course, moving from safe yuppieland to shoot-me-in-the-assland.

    • i’d like to see a citiation of how many people have been shot in the ass in Trinidad lately. please.

      • Cathy Lanier
        • I’m well aware of how to use the city’s crime mapping function.

          My point was that Trinidad is no safer or less-safe than any other neighborhood near downtown. Sure, there is a difference between DC and Arlington, and if you’re uncomfortable coming across the river, that’s your choice.

          • Benj

            Actually there’s a whole spread in the Sunday Post about where homicides have occured over the last decade. Your statement about Trinidad not being any safer/less safer than any other neighborhood downtown doesn’t hold up – believe it or not, crime is more concentrated in some areas than others. Just like any other city in the world.

          • Benj: That’s just homicides – a pretty narrow definition of crime. If we’re going to only focus on homicide, my point stands. Columbia Heights has just as many of them as Trinidad over the past decade. If we’re also going to focus on homicide, look at the trends. Many more happened 10 years ago than do now.

            Finally, it’s worth noting that, for the most part, homicides involve people who know each other (i.e., they’re usually not random). Of course, the WaPo story focuses on the random killings, which is fair, because a story about someone killing someone else in a drug deal gone bad won’t make for interesting copy.

      • James Moron

        Enjoy your time there. I’ll stay in my brown flip-flops and hang at Whitlow’s – has explosions and all.

  • Mc

    Maybe Bardo fans will move to DC now.

  • Shame

    Number of times I’m willing to drive (because it’s nowhere near a Metro) deep into NE after dark to get a beer? Exactly zero.

    If they’d abandoned VA for DC, why didn’t they at least look for something within walking distance to U St.? They might’ve done well there.

    This will end badly.

  • meh..

    wow….are businesses really THAT scared of Columbia Pike?????

    • Sheriff Gonna Getcha


    • beer snob

      at $35/sq ft Columbia pike is very scary. Charging clarendon rates and there is no metro? Good luck with that.

    • allan

      it’s the other way around. arlington won’t allow restaurant bars that aren’t white tablecloth.

  • Pay to Playa

    A new playground for Mayor Gray and Kwame

  • Charles

    I still miss the old Bardo. But I won’t be going to Trinidad for a beer, except maybe once to try it. In the meantime, keep trying! K thx bye

  • GameCock

    He already had a Dive Bar fail in my old stomping grounds of Columbia , SC

  • TJLinBallston

    Bladensburg Road = Siberia

    • I could say the same about Ballston, since I don’t live there.

      Always remember that your geographic perspective is yours alone. Anecdotal at best.

      • Deadite

        Buddy, you’re on an Arlington blog. To us, Bladensburg Road = Newark, NJ. You already said yourself that you live in Trinidad, so why don’t you go troll that blog instead?

        • CW

          Based on my personal experience, that comparison is an insult to the cleanliness of Newark.

        • Deadite: Sure, but it’s an Arlington blog that decided to write about something outside of it’s geographic area. You’re welcome to live in a bubble, but I thought I’d share some local opinion. You’re also welcome to ignore me if you don’t want to listen.

  • karzai

    Hopefully this will help brighten up that DC neighborhood. Doubt I’ll try it. Clarendon is already too saturated with bars, so there was not need to restore Bardo to this area.


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