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New Fitness Equipment Along Repaved Four Mile Run Trail

by ARLnow.com October 11, 2012 at 3:40 pm 8,383 23 Comments

Update at 9:20 a.m. — The surfacing below the fitness stations has been installed and the equipment is ready to use.

Arlington County has installed brand new fitness equipment along a stretch of the Four Mile Run Trail near Shirlington.

That stretch of the Four Mile Run Trail, which runs parallel to Arlington Mill Drive, was repaved last month.

The new Energi-branded outdoor fitness equipment utilizes bars and platforms to allow dozens of simple exercises that work out nearly all of the body’s 600 muscles. The equipment replaced older, deteriorating equipment that was once there, in Shirlington Park.

The equipment is still off-limits to the public while a contractor prepared to install surfacing under each station. No word yet on when that work might take place.

  • CAT

    Do people actually use those things though?

    • Biker

      Actually, they do! I run by there almost every evening, and someone is usually working out in “those things”.

    • Jim

      i live near them… and i have NEVER seen a single person on them.

    • internet tourettes

      Yes and its better than a Gym.

      I’m glad they have finally fixed the stations….

    • SHLady

      Not when they’re old and broken.

  • NIMBY the Chicken

    Prison gyms! Someone alert Kev

    • Wow&Flutter

      …and Trev!

  • novasteve

    I know this is awful, but the related stories are about rapes on this trail, but I hope rapists don’t get any ideas about incorporating these things into their criminality.

    • Resident


    • drax


    • Resident

      You really, really, REALLY need to get out more. There is more to life than the constant campaigning on ARLnow comments.

  • John Fontain

    “work out nearly all of the body’s 600 muscles”

    Which “muscles” does this equipment not work out? And why doesn’t the County offer equipment to work out those “muscles”?

    • YTK

      Possibly the ear muscles. Whoever develoops an ear muscle workout-machine could make millions, I’m sure.

      • drax


    • internet tourettes

      The muscle between the ears perhaps?

    • SHLady

      The tongue?

    • nom de guerre

      The bulbospongiosus muscle?

  • Over the years, I’ve seen plenty of people using them. They won’t be in use every time you pass, but the equipment is utilized.

    • Resident


  • SomeGuy

    That’s a shapely young lady in the green dress in pic #2. But the shirtless guy in pic #1 should probably file suit for unlawful filming.

  • Clarenhood

    You can get a great workout on your way over to the Weenie Beenie!

  • Michael H.

    Bodyweight exercises can be excellent at developing functional strength. I think some of the people who spend too much time making negative comments on every ARLnow article should take advantage of the trails and exercise equipment, get outside more and get into shape.

  • MariaC



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