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Concern Over Narrowed Street, New Sidewalk in Penrose

by ARLnow.com October 22, 2012 at 3:45 pm 9,066 111 Comments

A street in the Penrose neighborhood is getting a new sidewalk, but residents have been questioning some aspects of the project.

The sidewalk is being built along the north side of a five block stretch of 8th Street S., between S. Cleveland Street and S. Courthouse Road. Before the project, only two of the blocks had sidewalks, and those sidewalks were narrower than Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Now, the street is getting a five foot wide, ADA-compliant sidewalk, plus water main upgrades, curb and gutter improvements, new landscaping and a repaved roadway. But while the sidewalk was requested by the Penrose Civic Association, not everybody who lives in the area has been happy with the project.

Residents have been emailing ARLnow.com about a number of perceived problems. One of the most visible is a utility pole located in the middle of the new sidewalk at the corner of 8th Street and S. Cleveland Street (pictured, above). While it might look like a construction mistake, county officials say it’s all part of the plan, and that Dominion will be working to remove and replace the pole “as soon as possible.”

“When the County undertakes a road narrowing project such as the 8th Street South project, the curbs and utility strips are built in what is currently existing roadway,” explained Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel. “In this case relocating the pole that is currently in the middle of the sidewalk to its new location before the curb and gutter work would have placed the pole in the existing street where it could potentially be struck by vehicles. Dominion and the County agreed that this posed more of a safety concern than temporarily obstructing the sidewalk and forcing pedestrians to use the driveway apron approximately 15′ east of the pole that has ADA compliant slopes to access the street.”

“This a temporary measure on a block that previously had no sidewalk at all forcing pedestrian, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. to use the street exclusively to traverse this entire block,” Whalen McDaniel continued. “Once the sidewalk work is complete, Dominion will erect a new poles. After all utilities are transferred to the new pole, Dominion will remove the old pole and Arlington County will repair the sidewalk. The cost of relocating the pole is borne by Dominion.”

Another local worry is about the level of the new sidewalk at the corner of 8th Street and S. Wayne Street.  The sidewalk is below the current roadway, leading some residents to believe an error was made by the construction crew. That’s not the case, we’re told.

“The existing grade of the road at that location needed to be lowered in order to provide adequate drainage and that work will happen over the next couple of weeks,” said Whalen McDaniel. “When complete, the roadway will be level with the gutter pan. This is very typical of sidewalk and roadway design and construction.”

Another resident told ARLnow.com that the sidewalk was wider and the redesigned street is narrower than many residents wanted.

“People are pretty much frustrated with the county” over the public process that led to the street design, the resident said.

While it’s true that the street is being narrowed to 27 feet wide — which should allow parking on one side and just enough room for two vehicles to squeeze by — the county says the 27-foot width was chosen by residents, via a circulated petition, over a 30-foot width option.

The county says the new sidewalk and the narrowed street will “provide a safer pedestrian environment and connectivity to the Columbia Pike Branch Library, Patrick Henry Elementary School and the Arlington Career Center.”

  • 1RLI

    “But while the sidewalk was requested by the Penrose Civic Association, not everybody who lives in the area has been happy with the project.”

    What?!? A public works project in Arlington that doesn’t make everyone happy? I’m shocked!

  • balletgirl1980

    The issue that a lot of residents have had with the county is their lack of communication with residents who are directly affected by the construction. The company that was contracted to perform the work has done a poor job of keeping the site clean and have created additional hazards in the neighboorhood by their failure to maintain appropriate site controls. The county has not communicated street closures or detours to residents. On my way to work this morning, I found a contractor’s vehicle blocking my driveway as well as a road closed sign in front of my house. I support the addition of sidewalks in our neighborhood but the county’s lack of project managment and their choice of contractor has left me much doubt on their ability to handle larger and more complex projects.

    • S. Arlington

      so? i’m sure a polite request to request relocating the truck is reasonable. get over it. many of you will never be happy no matter what’s done. why not focus on real events? like the trolly haters.

      • Josh S


    • Sam

      Unfortunately a lack of communication from the County is a standing issue with most projects in which they are involved. It’s incredibly frustrating to residents and another point of evidence as to the degradation of the Arlington Way (and yes, I’m as sick of that term as everyone else but I do remember when it actually meant something).

      • drax

        I’m betting you never went to your civic association’s meetings, huh Sam?

  • YTK

    Those sidewlkas ARE too wide, as are the grass strips.

    • civil servant


      • YTK


    • justin

      Hilarious how anti-sidewalk most people in Arlington are, when we keep winning all those bogus “Most Walkable Cities” awards.

      • Josh S

        Careful when you say “most.”

        This article quotes perhaps three unnamed sources. It is highly unlikely that their views represent a majority of the residents of Penrose.

  • MB

    County doesn’t go door to door, explain everything to every citizen face-to-face, and get a sign off from them. News at 11.

    • SomeGuy

      Snarky internet commenter uses strawman to trivialize a community concern. News at 11:01.

      • DCBuff

        Seriously. So several commenters who apparently live in the impacted neighborhood express concern over how ArlCo handled this infrastructure improvment, and several commenters who apparently don’t live in the neighborhood but like to believe they know everything make snarky comments. Internet humor at its best.

        • Brah!

          But when does the news start???

        • Josh S

          How do you know where people live?

      • Don’t Care

        This whole site is made up of commentators using straw men to to trivialize community concern. You must be new here.

      • MB

        Trivial concerns are trivial.

        Is the pole in sidewalk dumb? Yes, at first glance. After the explanation? Not optimal, but it’s understandable.

        Road not at grade? Right, because it’s not done. How to know this? Ask the County. Hell, ask the guys out there.

        As to the “we weren’t told!”, my experience is that the people who make those claims are generally the same people who never show up to CA meetings, don’t bother reading the County website, and more or less don’t do anything to try and find out an answer to their own questions.

        • Venn Diagram

          Partially wrong. The CA doesn’t speak for me, since I shouldn’t be required to pay $ to some group that doesn’t necessarily have my interests at heart (I don’t live in this particular neighborhood) – if the County wants to do something kindly inform all the affected residents directly. Leaving it up to the CAs to inform the residents is like expecting the politicians to not stretch the truth. Like politicians, there are honest and trustworthy CAs and there are renegade ones as well. Unfortunately, you usually don’t know which one you’re stuck with until you’ve lived there for a few years.

        • Josh S

          To the contrary, I’ve found that the ones who complain the most are the ones who show up at the CA. Which then skews the perception of what the neighborhood thinks about a given issue.

    • Josh S


      Citizens with no engineering background and no full understanding of the project point out “mistakes” that are due to be fixed as a matter of course in the project.

      See, for example “Slip Lane Removal, Arlington Ridge Rd, 2011” for further illustrations.

  • Cap’t Omar

    Who would support sidewalks on 8th Street when a trolley is obviously the best solution?

    • Right of Center

      Or bike lanes so that luxury sedans won’t flip over.

  • S. Arlington

    cry babies . . I want the new side walk there for my kids. There are always some overly dramatic ‘concerned’ citizens who cry when they don’t get their way. This is a huge improvement.

    • b0rk

      I want I want I want.

      • Don’t Care

        But think of the children!

      • Josh S

        Given the context, what is the point of this comment?

    • narrow or narrower

      Everyone wanted a sidewalk… calling people cry babies is petty and quite juvenile.

      Residents did NOT want 6 feet sidewalks. We did not want our trees killed and nubs that impede access to and from side streets. ADA is a guideline not a law. People are mad because the the County did not work with us, they forced this project on us. The original survey done by the Civic Assn. president showed that almost no one wanted S. 8th St. narrowed.

      • WyoCowboy

        5′ ft sidewalk, and the snow shoveling requirement is going to be a lot of work for those that never had sidewalks on that side of their lot, and now with a wider grass strip, more room to pile up the 3′ foot snow storms.. or 5′ ones in the street…lol but more shoveling is not fun…

      • civil servant

        ADA IS A LAW! The County is required to be ADA compliant.

      • Josh S

        What original survey?
        Conducted when?
        Who was surveyed?

        Regardless, did anyone bother to stop and consider the long-range impacts of the benefits of adding the sidewalk versus the long-range impacts of the perceived negative side effects? I remember when a stop sign was added to an intersection in my old Arlington neighborhood. I was so upset. I even got a ticket within the first week cause I didn’t stop and they had stationed a cop there to catch people like me. However, many years later, I have no problem with the stop sign, no longer am offended by it and would probably even argue against removing it would that ever be proposed. My point is that it seems to me highly unlikely that those offended by the narrowed street and size of the nubs will still care so much five years from now. But people seeking to walk along 8th st will still five, ten, twenty years from now still have a safer way to do so, etc. Trees and other landscaping will regrow.

        There are better things to get worked up about.

    • WyoCowboy

      yes it is!!!!

  • Old Man Winter

    Just wait to see how happy you are when you get fined for not having shoveled it in a timely fashion !!

  • beman

    You think that is bad, the new 8th st sidewalk in Alcova Heights is worse….every utility pole is in the sidewalk and will remain that way and the sidewalk is narrow…

  • anon

    I’m sorry, but how is this not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen?


    I mean really – a three year old could have made a better decision there.

    • Buckwheat

      Nice pic!

      At least the ADA rumble strip is installed to prevent a collision with the utility pole!

      Our streets are looking 3rd World chic.

    • Sim City

      Go back and read paragraphs 3&4 of the story. Here’s 4:
      “This a temporary measure on a block that previously had no sidewalk at all forcing pedestrian, wheelchairs, strollers, etc. to use the street exclusively to traverse this entire block,” Whalen McDaniel continued. “Once the sidewalk work is complete, Dominion will erect a new poles. After all utilities are transferred to the new pole, Dominion will remove the old pole and Arlington County will repair the sidewalk. The cost of relocating the pole is borne by Dominion.”

      • anon

        I know – I read it. But still, it just looks ridiculous. They could have done it a different way.

        • DCBuff

          Just as long as they don’t put it in the bocce court. There will be a bocce court, won’t there?

          • BluemontRes

            Of course, every neighborhood should have/NEEDS a bocce court. It is the Arlington Way.

          • WeiQiang

            So, I can count on you to vote for the upcoming bond referendum to develop combination bocce/sprayground facilities in each neighborhood park?

        • drax

          Yes – put “temporarily” in the sign.

      • WyoCowboy

        The cost is not borne by Dominion, but passed along in operating expense of Dominion, and their customers cover that cost. It would of been great to have the poles moved first, sidewalk built next and no waste of money. But the pole would of been in the existing edge of the street ( that dirt section right of the pole in the pic) and could be a hazard to traffic. Originally the pole was not behind any curb. Now if you go to the far east of the project – Courthouse and 8th, the fire hydrant was moved out into the existing roadway, had some orange barrels put up to prevent a car from hitting the hydrant.. So would not orange barrels do the same here? But perhaps it is because we don’t know when Dominion will move the poles ( or when they were notified of the need).

        The driveway ramp 15′ from the blocked ramp still has some rough areas that a wheelchair might not get over the edge of the pavement not at grade to the driveway.

    • Hellen

      Clearly there is nothing ahead to warrant closing the sidewalk, unless that little pole they used to support the sign is blocking it from view.

      • Thes

        This is a situation where “communication with the public” could have included a sign on the pole itself. Imagine if instead of (or in addition to) borrowing a not-quite-right existing sign that says “sidewalk closed” they put up an additional notice on the pole saying “This pole is going to be removed soon.” It would probably have helped people figure it out and saved the County some unnecessary phone calls.

        • Hellen

          Why communicate? It’s fun to rant here. Keep arlnow alive.

  • pdarlington

    What the pictures don’t make clear is that if the road is graded to match the sidewalks, the drains will be on the higher side of the street. Makes no sense at all.

  • Catalyst


    • ACDC Hack


  • BluemontRes

    They should use the solution that the Bluemont Civic Association is recommending for the Bluemont neighborhood and take a foot out of everyone’s yard to increase the sidewalks.

    • Quoth the Raven

      I’m sure all would have agreed to that!

    • Suburban Not Urban

      They did a project like this on Notingham in Leeway Overlee
      and the street is almost impassible – it’s like driving a slalom course. (The google street view is pre-sidewalks) I’d give up a foot for somethng like a passable street.

      • Quoth the Raven

        That was a weird project – at one point they seem to have raised the level of the whole street, creating a hill you can’t see over. I hate driving down there now.

    • WyoCowboy

      and real fences would need to be rebuilt with my tax dollars. and many “fences” of the owners would need to be mended. But the county as the right to do this if needed.

  • Penrose

    It is communication from all levels and over at least a decade that is the issue. Not a parked car. Arlington County has told the Penrose Civic Association one thing and then gone and done another. Couple that with NO response to repeated phone calls and requests to AC and you start to see where the problems arise. Residents have given up some land some trees and lived through the construction process. AC and McDaniel may say that it was a planned problem and will be corrected but it is just not true. They screwed up and don’t want to admit it. The whole process has been really screwed up.

    • WyoCowboy

      fully agree – I never had a knock on the door saying – hey if you want your car to be able to get out of the driveway on 8th, better move it now. I knew when they started to tear up the curb/gutters it would be a problem to get out, and moved it on the day they started. Some of the residents in similar situation were not so lucky. Trapped car for week or two.

  • Arlington Ridge

    It’s just like the slip lane on Arlington Ridge. People only engage at the end. How long has this been in the planning stages? And when did you first engage? Last week doesn’t count.

    • Penrose

      It has been in the planning stage at least 10 years. I started on it 7 years ago. So, maybe be a little less judgemental. You can applogize to me publicly on the site if you would like.

      • Arlington Ridge

        Obviously you didn’t get what you wanted. Maybe it was a good thing the county ignored you.

        • Penrose

          You have no idea what you are talking about and your comments add nothing.

        • narrow or narrower

          arlington ridge…wow how rude.

      • WyoCowboy

        County said it has been on their own list for 50 years.. that was amazing, and that it took 7-10 years to finally get it done is bad.

        • Josh S

          Partly because the CA wouldn’t give their endorsement. The county has at different times made a good faith effort to address the concerns of the residents. However, it was never going to be perfect. To wait until it’s perfect means waiting forever.

    • WeiQiang

      “Slip lanes!!” … an ArlNow classic.

  • Your doomed

    Better get used to it… You’re stuck with it at least for the next fifty years. It took the utility company 14 months to move the poles up on Ridge Road after the end of construction there.

    • No, you’re doomed

      The County was pre-occupied installing the paver sidewalks and replacing … and replacing again … the streetlamps on Ridge Rd to the latest and most beautful style. I think Penrose is more likely to just be forgotten. Still, your estimate sounds about right.

  • Chris L

    I lived for years on S Barton St in Penrose…these people argued for a year over what color the playground equipment should be. (red was deemed violent). Never ever happy. These are obviously mistakes and correctable. Its not the end of the world.

    • Josh S


  • AL

    Maybe instead of demanding wider roads, people should drive slower and more carefully!

    • P.D.

      Or offer to give up a bit of their front yards.

  • Arl2

    People who live along 8th Street on either side did not want to lose their street parking. The volume of traffic was studied by the County and there wasn’t enough traffic to mandate narrowing the street for traffic calming. ADA 60″ sidewalks are a guideline not mandatory. The planting strips are under utility lines, so the any trees put in will not be canopy size trees. Basically, the County just wanted to narrow the street. Penrose was given 27′ or 28′ not 30′ as they told ArlNow. Communication to the homeowners was non-existent.

    • Observer

      ADA clear width requirement is 36″

      • WyoCowboy

        yep the old sidewalks were within minimum recommendations (code), new wider ones are great, the grass ( future weed strips) did not have to be any wider then before, or even at all. Hate mowing them, watering ( never), weeding would leave bare spots…

        But the look overall is very good, visibly it is an improvement. Functional for strollers, walkers, kids on bikes to all co-exist. Move the poles – NOW, before the paving starts and then you won’t have patches in the new pavement due to poles digging. Oh that blocked ramp’s grade is wrong, water puddles in the ramp and does not fall out to the curb to drain.

    • WyoCowboy

      How many actually “live” on 8th street – most homes face the Barton/Adams/Wayne/Veitch. Not sure but one of the homes was torn down that faced 8th and now faces Wayne. I stopped parking on 8th, too many cars getting hit, windows busted out. So moved in front and got stolen..

      • Arl2

        Agreed that only four houses currently have 8th Street addresses, but all the driveways face 8th for the corner houses with Barton, Adams, Wayne and Veitch Street addresses.

    • Chris Slatt

      The County wanted 30′ with parking on both sides but many were fretting about having a yield street so an additional compromise option was tossed out – 27′ with parking on one side. Surveys were distributed and the overwhelming choices was 27′ with parking on one side. That’s what we got. As Penrose Secretary at the time I counted the surveys myself. The vote was 32 to 5 in favor of the 27′ width.

      And yes, communication with homeowners during this project has been terrible. I basically got 20 minutes notification at 7am to move my car out of my driveway. Anybody seriously think they didn’t have an inkling the previous afternoon that they were going to proceed onto my area of 8th the next day? And I’m one of the lucky ones, many people got no notification (or perhaps they weren’t lucky enough to be home 20 minutes before the crew decided to rip up their driveway apron)

  • Debs

    Yes, we have one of those “problems” at the corner of Quantico North and Washington BLVD…Light pole in the middle of the sidewalk…it has been that way for YEARS. Do not hold your breath expecting Dominion to remove the pole….

  • CW

    I’ll make you a deal. The County can stop using your tax dollars to pay for subsidized housing when the County stops using mine to pay for millionaires to have free street parking so they can build their McMansions without garages. Fair?

    • Venn Diagram

      I don’t need no stinking garage. I can park one vehicle in my driveway. If I need to park my second one, I find somewhere nearby and walk back however far I need to – an inconvenience, but one nobody else should have to pay for. If it really gets annoying to me, I can always pay to make my driveway bigger, *OR* get rid of a vehicle (that second part would be a lot easier to swallow if I didn’t split time between McLean, Reston and Chantilly, as today would have been a great day to bike to work).

    • AL

      Never seen a McMansion without a garage.

      • drax

        Some ARE garages, with little houses attached.

      • narrow or narrower

        look harder. they are there.

    • Joe

      You’re joking right?

    • ArlS

      McMansions have accessory dwellings for the nannies, not just garages anymore. They add $$ to the tax base.

  • Outraged by the Sign on the Pole

    Who wrote that sign on the pole “Sidewalk closed ahead”? Well, I hate to break the bad news, but that sidewalk is closed right at the pole, not ahead. Should we blame the schools for failing to educate?

    Ahead and right here are not the same thing.

    I am not sure how I will be able to rest the remainder of the evening thinking of all the tuba-carrying children who will walk into that pole believing that the sidewalk is closed further down the road. Oh, the humanity.

    • WyoCowboy

      27′ foot wide with 7′ for parked cars and two 10′ lanes. Fairly good, and it it ever goes to both sides having parking cars – you have 13′ lane shared by two cars – not good at all

      Better question is which side to have parking allowed? Sidewalk side, or non-sidewalk side? Anyone know which is “the” side the county is going to allow?

      My opinion is to have no parking on the sidewalk side. Why you ask? With no cars along the sidewalk the drivers can easily see kids/dogs/cats walking on the sidewalk and be aware of that and see it sooner if some kid bouncing his basketball loses it and runs out in the street to grab it. With cars parked on that side – you have blind spots where a kid or animal can dart out in the car path between/behind cars and possibly get hit by a car. Just like to have more warning time and seeing what is happening on the sidewalk. Agree? then let the country DES know your thoughts.

    • WyoCowboy

      sign is a standard sign – pre-made from the traffic supply sign stores..But the message is correct, sidewalk is closed at this point. Really it is a waste of a sign, and we pay for all signs put up on a site, even those dumb ones that say “End of Construction Site”..

      • WeiQiang

        I think the complaint is that “AHEAD” isn’t commonly thought to be “beginning immediately beyond the plane defined by this sign”. Technically, it is; but, the semantics don’t matter.

  • addctd2badideas

    I live around the corner and use that road every day. I love the new sidewalk, but it’s exceptionally wide and there’s no good reason to have a grass patch that wide. Furthermore, those crews have been leaving their equipment and mounds of building materials.

    I frankly don’t care about the road width. People drive too fast already on those roads (especially the people from the military office building on S. Courthouse) so this is a good chance to slow folks down.

    • YTK

      Either they will slow down or they won’t yield the Right Of Way to oncoming cars and thence we will have expensive SUV’s spinning on their roofs on the newly paved and narrowed streets to amuse the Tuba Carrying Children who are standing on the wiiide (yes too wide) grass strips. And SHUCKS, there you go — spinning cars on their roofs in narrow street impeding the progress of the TROLLEY!!! No one’s gonna get home that night for sure.

  • bobbytiger

    This is all a part of the County’s plan to shrink residential streets in an effort to “calm” the traffic flow. Of course it’s a bad plan, but that’s the way it is.

    • AL

      It’s hilarious how Arlingtonians pride themselves on wanting walkable streets, yet they scoff at these plans that are put in place PRECISELY to make the area more walkable. Look at Columbia Pike! The roads are nice and wide with sidewalks right next to them. The only problem is, cars, buses and trucks are whizzing by at 40 miles an hour. Does this make for a walkable community? Hell no!

      • YTK

        Add pollution to that and you have traffic whizzing by wheezing citizens on Columbia Pike sidewalks.It’s always “Drivers 1, Pedestrians 0” on Columbia Pike streets.
        One day I saw an IDIOT stop his car at a red light on South Barton street, look both ways and then, still on the red light, drive across the 4 lanes of Columbia Pike to the Penrose Giant’s, right in front of the bus, whose driver had to stand on the brakes.

    • Leeway-Overlee

      Yep. That’s what they told us on Nottingham after the abomination they created. The one-lane yield street (and blind hill) will “compel drivers to reduce their speed.” Uh huh. In what universe?

      • Boon

        Leeway- Your President at the time seemed pretty pleased with the sidewalk. Although Karla Brown isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.. She probably thought it was a good idea. She was Terrible!!!

    • Josh S

      Why is it of course a bad plan?

  • JNO

    I live on the NE corner of Wayne at 8th. I have spent Years arguing with the Ciunty, at all Levels about this sidewalk, Even trying to submit My own Plan for the project. It is a “green” plan that includes recycling materials Trenching the utilities in an aggrigate that is vacuumable, which can be saved for re-use, “Jersey Barriers” ( lowered into the trench) to create curbing, covered by precast sidewalks. Dismissed by the County, without hesitation.
    I had an occasion to ask Zimmerman (storolling down 8th st) “Do you like walking in the street?” when I suggested building the sidewalk Myself, and charging the County, His reply, was ” You’ll probably get it done quicker.”
    This project has been suggested many times over the past 50 years. Now we have a less than acceptable solution..
    There is no reason to have a 5 ft “Utility strip” when only water lines run under it. Not only have they covered the lines with concrete, they’ve actually defaced the new concrete wit paint, marking where the lines run, Clearly not within the boundries of the grassy area….storm drainage will also be an issue, on the S side of 8th.It has No place to go, except the intersection. I forsee it flooding and becoming an “Ice rink” in the winter.
    The crew is not managed well at all. they set their “outhouse” on peoples lawns and leave trash all over. I think they have approached this project, with the attitude of “do somthing, even if it’s wrong.”

    • ArlS

      Everything about this project is wrong. Why not underground when the street is regraded down to the dirt/root level? The contractors are ruining the remaining roots of mature shade trees on private property. We had to drive over the tree roots last night from Veitch to Wayne. Nice work (not) DES.

  • nom de guerre

    The grass strips were incorportated in this project to accomodate the election campaign signs that are currently littering the entire county.

    • WeiQiang

      Is there a Foreign Affairs Breakfast Special? I haven’t had my oatmeal this morning?

      • nom de guerre

        Today’s Foreign Affairs Debate Breakfast Special features a thick slice of grilled pancetta, an organic, free-range poached egg topped with a young fontina cheese nestled in a buttery croissant. Home fries are also available for free if you bring a picture of a horse and a bayonet.

        • WeiQiang

          … and I was hoping for pulled, braised Persian peacock with a Yunnan hoisin remoulade and a kugel side.

          • YTK

            Maybe Bob and Edith’s can accomodate you????

  • kj

    Geez people. 70 comments about a sidewalk.

    • Clarendon

      I know… What’s the matter with you people ? Back in the day, we’d have 300 in a few hours.

    • WeiQiang

      Sidewalks are a multi-million $$ issue and the process[es] for getting them or fighting them are inconsistent, at best. They have been forced on those who don’t want [or arguably need] them, using methods that are sometimes not transparent or suggestive of thoughtful community development.

    • WeiQiang

      … and whole planning commission meetings about sidewalks:


      Note the minimum 4ft width, but a default to 5 feet. It’s also interesting to note how it’s really unclear what an ADA STANDARD is vice an ADA MINIMUM threshold. He constantly invoked a 4 foot ADA “standard” and only once mentions that 3 feet is permitted by ADA [actually I read that it was a minimum of 32″, but couldn’t second source it].

      • kj

        yes, truly interesting

    • Dog Walker

      That’s nothing. You should have seen how many comments there were about the evil slip-lane project on Arlington Ridge. There were at least 3 ArlNow stories each with several hundred comments. Some people just like to bitch & moan.

  • Leeway-Overlee

    The County did the same project on Nottingham Road in Leeway-Overlee. Except they allow parking on both sides of the narrowed road. The County has, on purpose converted a two lane road to a single lane “yield street.” In the process they have created a one lane blind hill.

    The County’s solution? Put up signs that say “Hill Blocks Road.” That will be a real comfort when I get hit head on by someone flying over the hill.

  • YTK

    I walked down that street yesterday not realizing tthat the dirt and dust and gravel oh my was flying in the air with each car that passed — and glad I noticed the deep gaps between the road and the curb. I would not suggest walking thru there at night when the minimal street-lighting will not show up some of those craters.
    io wonder what’s going to happen when the cars that go thru there at speed try to navigate the narrower street — let’s hope that someone gives the right of way — OR maybe this street will become a One Way Street? I highly doubt that.


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