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Man Found Dead in Hospital’s ‘Healing Garden’

by ARLnow.com October 26, 2012 at 12:35 pm 7,269 27 Comments

Arlington County Police are investigating the death of a man found on a park bench across from Virginia Hospital Center.

The man was found unresponsive on a bench in the hospital’s “Healing Garden,” at 1625 N. George Mason Drive in the Waycroft-Woodlawn neighborhood, according to scanner traffic. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Investigators are on the scene, but so far there’s no indication that foul play is suspected.

Photo via Google Maps

  • JD

    Ugh, I walked by him this morning. I thought he looked like he was sleeping.

    • rv

      JD, can you describe him? I’m curious?

  • Already indifferent

    “Healing Garden” Well, that was badly named!

    • JRyan

      I know, right?

      • Classy

        Let’s make light of the death of another human being. Nice.

        RIP to this person and his family.

        If I were about to die, I’d rather spend my last minutes in that park than in a hospital room.

        • Lotus

          My thoughts as well. There are far less beautiful places to start the journey.

        • Skeptical


  • JimPB

    Kept outside when he should have been in a home.

    Kept out in a “healing garden” when he should likely have been in a medical care facility and getting ongoing treatment/care (a ER might have done the diagnosis, but would have not the ongoing treatment).

    Kept out of human relationships and support by the “invisibility” of the homeless (and many who do low pay, low status) to the fortunate, although we could be among the “invisibles,” but by the grace of God, and that seeing and doing for those in need is doing for Him.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Poetic to be sure, but what are you talking about? He’s described as “a man” but based on that you know that he’s a homeless societal outcast deprived of medical care? Maybe the poor guy had a happy, healthy home and he just died. Sad, but it happens.

      • SHLady

        exactly. For all we know he could be a hospital employee.

    • 7-11-bum

      It’s quite possible he was a patient. At least he died trying. I would rather die in a beautiful garden than a depressing hospital if I knew it was the end.

  • J

    @JimPB: believe me, that hospital doesn’t keep homeless people away.They treat everyone, insured or not. With jobs & homes or without.

    • drax

      Not necessarily for long-term care. The trauma center will keep you from dying that day, but you’re not getting chemo or dialysis or whatever from an ER.

  • Ashton Heights

    It’s like rain on your wedding day…

    • drax


  • rv

    Drove by as the police were covering him. I have some photos, a video too.

    • Quoth the Raven

      That’s a little creepy.

      • rv

        How is it creepy? I didn’t capture the man, but the police.

  • CW

    How in the world are comments open on this story?

    • YTK

      Yeah really, may he rest in peace and his family be comforted.

    • Matt Mullenweg

      There’s a WordPress setting that lets the author toggle comments on and off. By default they’re on for each article, so we can assume it wasn’t changed.

    • Louise

      Comments CW . . .

      • CW

        I was speaking more to the fact that comments are seemingly arbitrarily turned on or off for topics of the same sort. For example when they found a man dead on a hotel toilet comments were off from minute one
        So it was more of a discussion of journalistic standards. Dont you have some cyclists to be running off the road?

  • 7-11-bum

    I wonder if he went to one of Braco’s Healing Gaze sessions the other week. If so, the double positive healing effect may have done him in.

  • rv

    A man passing in a public park in the middle of arlington? Who wouldn’t be intrigued?

  • JD

    The man looked to be in his late 40s or 50s. He could have been homeless but I couldn’t tell. He was dressed casually and was lying on a park bench with his head propped on a backpack. He looked like ge was sleeping. It appeared he died in his sleep.

    • rv

      Thanks for the response JD! It’s nice to know he passed in a more peaceful way! It’s strange, passing this place. It’s as if nothing happened at all.


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