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Candidates Make Final Push Before Election

by Katie Pyzyk October 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm 3,594 29 Comments

(Updated at 6:50 p.m.) The local candidates for Congress and Arlington County Board are making their final pushes to woo voters in the six days left until Election Day (Nov. 6). The common theme: hitting the streets this weekend.

“A lot of people wait until the last week to tune in to make their decision. People in Arlington have busy lives and we want to give them an opportunity to check in if they haven’t checked in yet,” said Matt Wavro, Republican candidate for Arlington County Board. “We’re making a last minute push to get the message out as far as we can. We will be at Metro stations handing out literature and continue talking with voters in every form we can get to to make sure the message gets out. It’s a sprint to the finish line.”

One of Wavro’s opponents, Green Party candidate Audrey Clement, agreed that last minute campaigning could sway voters.

“I think there are a lot of disinterested voters out there who ordinarily wouldn’t vote but will this year, because the race between Obama and Romney is so close,” she said. “I’m counting on these voters to split their ticket and will be canvassing the county through the weekend.”

Libby Garvey, the Democratic candidate for County Board, continues to encourage voters to take advantage of early voting.

“We’re especially emphasizing in-person absentee voting this year — you never know if there will be a work crisis or family emergency on election day!” said Garvey.

Jason Howell, Independent candidate for Congress, said he and some volunteers will get out into the community throughout the weekend to meet voters.

“We are excited about our campaign heading into election day,” said Howell. “We have worked hard all year, campaigned the right way and we’re not done yet.”

Janet Murphy, Green Party candidate for Congress, expressed disappointment over the cancellation of her final planned campaign event yesterday (Tuesday) due to Superstorm Sandy.

Rep. Jim Moran (D) is confident in his ability to win re-election and is spending his final days assisting other Democrats.

“Our campaign is running strong down the final stretch. We feel very comfortable with our race, but it’s going down to the wire for the President and Governor Kaine. Our focus is on helping to again, turn Virginia blue,” said a spokesperson for the Moran campaign.

Rep. Moran has made efforts in recent days to move beyond a controversy involving his son. A video surfaced last week showing what appears to be Patrick Moran discussing how to cast fraudulent ballots; the video prompted Patrick Moran’s resignation and an investigation by the Arlington County Police Department. The Virginia State Board of Elections has since voted to involve Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Patrick Murray, Republican candidate for Congress, believes Moran’s handling of the controversy is pertinent to the election.

“He [Moran] has missed votes at double the rate of all other members of Congress despite having the District nearest to Washington, D.C.,” said Murray. “He has been AWOL on sequestration solutions, and he has not even held a town hall meeting in almost 600 days. Now in the wake of this massive voter fraud scandal where there are two separate criminal investigations into his campaign, Moran has vanished.”

(A Moran spokesperson responds: “Rep. Moran has over a 97% voting record in the current Congress and held 8 open community forums this year.”)

Howell prefers to keep the focus off of the video controversy and instead on who is a more desirable candidate.

“The Patrick Moran I’ve met on the campaign trail is a good guy and as his father said, will learn from his mistakes. We all do,” said Howell. “What I expect your readers to do is evaluate me against a future with Jim Moran and decide whether in 2013, we can do better.”

Murphy agreed that the video is merely a distraction.

“It brought attention to the campaign, and to some extent that’s good. But I don’t feel the timing of the release of the video was fair. They had the video earlier and waited,” Murphy said. “I think we should stick to the main important matters for the voters.”

In a county typically viewed as dominated by Democrats, candidates from the other parties remain confident in their abilities to win.

“I’m running for County Board, because I believe it has lost touch with the voters and has embarked on a reckless and irresponsible capital spending program that the taxpayers cannot afford,” said Clement. “Because of my emphasis on conservation in general and fiscal responsibility in particular, I’m in an excellent position to challenge Libby Garvey as the candidate most likely to curb the County Board’s profligate spending and attendant tax rate increases.”

Wavro asserted that representation from only one party in local government indicates a significant problem.

“People understand that the one party echo chamber brings with it deficiencies in the public policy process,” he said. “We’re very confident we’ve made a strong case and will see it reflected in the election results.”

Garvey, however, emphasized her confidence in retaining her seat on the County Board.

“We’re of course optimistic about our chances, but we never take any election for granted, especially after March’s special election that saw record-low turnout,” Garvey said. “I will say that this election, and the spirited campaigns of Clement and Wavro, have done all Arlingtonians a favor by forcing a discussion of important issues like streetcar alternatives. It’s the Arlington Way, and it’s good for the citizens of the County!”

“I am running to put people over partisanship, and that is very powerful with Independent-minded voters,” said Patrick Murray, Republican candidate for Congress. “Voters here, regardless of Party, know it is time for a change, and we are riding that wave of momentum.”

Howell stuck to the message he’s asserted throughout the campaign — that voters have options outside of the two major parties when choosing a candidate.

“We can win this election because we are giving Democrats and Republicans what they want — someone to vote for rather than just against,” Howell said.

  • sam the cat

    Gooooooo Steeeeet Carrrrrrr!!!! Arlington REALLY needs to elect the people who will push for the trolly…..and the future taxes that will be required to fund it.

    • drax

      The future tax revenue generated by all the economic development around the Pike, you mean.

  • George

    Arlington also needs to locate the epicenter of the Arlington Gravity Anomaly

    • BoredHouseWife

      gonna be that guy huh

      • Josh S

        Hey these are *our* memes, we gotta run with ’em!! (And don’t let ’em get out, either. Identity is important, you know.)

        • WeiQiang

          none of the candidates addressed the importance of funding coyote control in North Arlington.

          • don’t worry, i’m on it. lil’ weak coyotes don’t stand a chance.

          • Sam the Cat

            There are several beavers waddeling about that could be persuaded to chase them down

          • drax

            What about all the cougars?

  • David M

    Goooo streeeet carrrrr! … and take the aquatic center with you.

  • coppa

    How about y’all just push off?

  • GC_Now

    Republicans are furiously shaking their Etch-A-Sketches. Romney is pro-choice when it comes to rape. Allen loves schools, as long as he doesn’t have to fund them. At least Murray is pretty upfront about his stance on the government belonging in your bedroom, not the corporate boardroom.

    • drax

      And suddenly Romney decides he doesn’t want to abolish FEMA.

  • Deadite

    Can anyone provide me with the names of the ArlCo Board members who voted in favor of the new homeless shelter in Courthouse? I’d like to vote against them next week. Thanks.

    • Loocy

      Nobody who is on the ballot next week, sorry.

    • drax

      You’ve clearly followed the issue closely, Deadite.

    • nun

      however we can send you the names of some homeless people so you can invite them into your home instead

      • drax

        Good thing nobody on this board will ever be homeless. Can’t possibly happen.

      • Deadite

        Why don’t you invite them into your home, if you’re so friendly with them?

  • Ted

    Heard any of the County Board candidates say we have had enough urbanization? Heard any of the County Board candidates asking for a 10% reduction in the real estate tax rate? Heard any of the County Board candidates ask for an immediate and total moratorium on any additional capital spending (like the $4.5 million budgeted for the Pike trolley design and engineering) until the County’s deteriorated streets are repaved? You won’t. Because they’re all Republicrats, no matter what they call themselves

    • Josh S

      Enough urbanization? This ain’t 1985, you know. Heck, it’s not even 1995. Arlington is at the center of a multi-million resident metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing in the country, with clearly one of the strongest local economies. Arlington will continue to urbanize. You can’t turn the calendar back. And we’re all much better off if it comes here versus going to Prince William or Loudon counties.

      A 10% reduction in the tax rate would require a reduction in county services at a time when demand for those services only continues to grow. And would likely further reduce the odds that you will ever be happy with the state of Arlington’s streets.

      • drax

        Yep. You can’t stop growth, you can only manage it wisely. Hence “smart growth.”

        • George

          Detroit implimented some ‘smart growth’ too.

          • Josh S

            They have a great opportunity to do so, no doubt.

  • JnA

    You must mean the ‘dumb growth’ urbanization that is ‘planned’ by non-residents (when they aren’t posting comments to ArlNow) who live in classic 50’s and 60’s suburbs that haven’t changed much in 40 years, who drive to and from Arlington one-per-vehicle and who ‘plan’ massive urban in-fill with 700-vehicle parking garages so their friends and neighbors can also drive to work in Arlington one-per-vehicle. Bonus points for ‘planning’ to put Arlington residents on a ‘car free diet’.

  • Kristine

    Like everyone else the candidates have been brainwashed by the 2100 Regime and the Regime’s propaganda machine, including blogs like ArlNow. Else the candidates would be calling for massive top-to-bottom reform of the County’s corrupt and inefficient government.

  • Ted

    Prime example how all three have been brainwashed – they buy into the CivFed’s bi-partisan R & E Committee’s Kubicki Theater budget charade every year.

    • drax

      No, you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that.

      So easy!

  • JnA

    Charade? Bi-partisan CivFed R & E committee determines how much of the wasteful, extravagant, and unnecessary spending by the bloated bureaucracy and out of control county board can be retained to benefit CivFed members’ pet interests without raising the residential real estate tax rate. Then the bloated bureaucracy, county board, CivFed, political parties, blogs, etc. spend the next several months facilitating the gimmes and brainwashing the sheeple.


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