Registration Open for 5K to Benefit Local Preschool

by Katie Pyzyk October 31, 2012 at 12:00 pm 117,686 11 Comments

A 5K race to benefit a local preschool will wind its way along Arlington’s trails in a few weeks.

The Kinhaven School 5K and Fun Run will take place at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 18. The event benefits Kinhaven School (4201-A N. Fairfax Drive), which is a parent run cooperative preschool founded in 1971.

The out-and-back course begins at Bluemont Park and takes runners west along the W&OD trail.

Ultramarathon champion Michael Wardian confirmed that he and his family will take part in the festivities, which include food, drinks and prizes. Participants receive a tech t-shirt and finisher ribbons made by the preschool students.

Registration is open online to the first 300 entrants, and the fee is $25 through today, increasing to $30 from tomorrow through race day. The fee will be $35 for on site registration the day of the race.

  • James Moron

    Well, for what it’s worth, this preschool was about as unimpressive at it gets. I bought into the freneticism of pre-school admission a few years ago. Went to see this place and put my name in the lottery. Got in and went to visit the school. The teachers looked disinterested, miserable and – more than anything – seemed like they were there because they couldn’t get another job. They also seemed blown away that I wanted to speak with my wife for an hour (who was with me) before making a decision and writing a check (they wanted a deposit on the spot).

    Anyway, I’m sure the schools is wonderful, and parents love it and blah blah blah but it felt like buying a mediocre car.

    • NoHighlander

      I also found the preschool building unimpressive on the parent tour. Unlike the previous commenter, I did enroll my child when he was offered a place off the wait list. It has been a great experience so far. Fabulous director and teachers, and cohesive community of families. I think the facilities issue has to do with the fact that Kinhaven is an independent school and rents space from a church at arms length terms (i.e., no subsidization).

      And I love that Kinhaven has a 5K for a fundraiser! We attended last year and it was such a fun morning, with surprisingly perfect weather for November.

      • James Moron

        To be clear, the building was not the unimpressive part. It was the staff. To this day, I walk in front of the church in Ballston and see them texting while the kids play on the playground.

        I’m glad everyone has had positive experiences there. I was merely sharing that I was unimpressed compared to the warmth of other preschools at which I looked (including Faith Lutheran, Early Steps, Etz Hayim and Montessori House). It was the difference between people who seemed to love children and those checking their watch to see if they could catch an earlier bus home.

  • Love it!

    Wow! Not my experience at all. As the parent of a Kinhaven child I can say it has been a wonderful school for us so far! Never felt any pressure for an on the spot deposit, teachers are wonderful, seem to love their job. They are always interested and really pay attention to my kid. He loves them. I’m glad I got your spot. I hope you are happy where you are James Moron.

  • Joetta

    This is a really fun event at a beautiful park! Our children have attended Kinhaven for three years now and it’s a terrific school with a solid learn-by-play curriculum and excellent certified teachers. This year we had no teacher turnover–which is remarkable for a preschool. The director is very experienced and hands-on. Unfortunately, there is a long waitlist, which only speaks to the success of the school.

    • malaka

      teacher turnover is an issue only if they drive SUVs

      • ACDC Hack


  • ArlingtonParent

    This article seems more like free advertising for a fundraiser for a particular school. Will all nonprofit fundraisers get this kind of free promotion?

    Sorry, just feeling cynical today…

    • Really?

      and it’s working. just shelled out $40 to be put on their waitlist.

    • ARLrunner

      Agreed. Plus, there are just so many Turkey Trots around the same time in the area as this event. How does one choose which one to run? Life is hard.

  • luche

    We´ll be attending both events. We went to Kinhaven 5K last year and we had so much familly fun. I never run since I become a mother and I did it with my children…it was great, and the games around for the kids too.

    I´m going to try the Turkey Trots too this year with a group of mothers, not as a familly entertainment, it will be very crawded for small kids.


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