Vehicle Flips Over on Washington Blvd Near I-395

by ARLnow.com October 31, 2012 at 2:30 pm 8,318 53 Comments

(Update at 2:40 p.m.) A vehicle flipped on its side on westbound Washington Boulevard this afternoon.

The accident occurred just past noon between I-395 and Columbia Pike, near the scene of a wreck that happened last week. A red vehicle — a Ford minivan or SUV with D.C. tags — somehow flipped on its side on a downhill stretch of Washington Boulevard near the VDOT maintenance yard. Temporary jersey barriers were in place near where the accident took place, apparently for the Washington Blvd/Columbia Pike bridge project.

One occupant suffered a shoulder injury as a result of the single-vehicle accident, according to scanner traffic. A tractor trailer was stopped near the wreck, but had no apparent damage.

The stretch of Washington Boulevard was closed for about an hour but reopened around 1:15 p.m.


  • Captain_Obvious

    Ha, “somehow flipped”.

  • JMB

    Another victim of the Arlington Gravity Anomaly.

    • dang!

      wonder if AGA is related to the NonLinear Temporal schedule that Metro runs on ?

      • P.D.

        Wonder if the AGA has been figured into the streetcar plans?…

    • Josh S

      Not to be confused with Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot. Although the two are on very similar latitudes….hmmmm…..

    • P

      That’s what I love about Arlington–the sense of humor is clearly a notch above the rest!

      • dang!

        – ARCOVA –
        We have the Hat Trick -Rich Single and Smart
        Come for the party, stay for the polymaths

    • SHLady


  • Not Me

    And that’s why you don’t text while driving.

  • Not Me

    Jersey barriers are a real mofo.

  • It’s Not You, It’s Me

    let me guess, the minivan had MD tags and flipped over because some bicyclist on their way to Crystal City didn’t want to ride on the designated bike path.

    • It’s Not You, It’s Me

      Excuse me….DC tags.

    • Josh S

      Or, despite clear signage, they failed to realize they were in an exit only lane and tried to merge at the last moment……

    • Kitty

      It would not have happened if they had a manual transmission.

  • 7-11-bum

    Should we start a betting pool as to when and where the next one will happen? The stakes are high at this point.

    • drax

      Or which comes first – a car flip or bank robbery.

      • WeiQiang

        planetary alignment and solar flares continue to strongly favor car flips. if the anomlalous tides observed at Donaldson Run Yacht Club continue, I’m banking on another flip in the next two hours.

        • WeiQiang


        • DCBuff

          Uh, you mean it is Halloween and more flipping is bound to occur given the propensity for flipping in a community overrun by brown flip-flops and texting MD/DC drivers of SUVs/minivans? In an anomalous way.

          • YTK

            ALWAYS carry a Solar Flare or two in your car’s emergency kit!!!

    • B22201

      Honda CRV, within 1 mile of Key Bridge is my next guess.

      • Vicky Vallencourt

        Guess? That ain’t no guess! That’s what it’s gonna be!

  • i was walking the other day downhill and accidentally rolled over, it can happen easily

    • ColPi

      This made me laugh.

      • Zelora

        Me too

  • Dave

    Stupid driving not withstanding, I think one of the main problems with this stretch is that it has been designed as a non-highway road (45MPH limit, short merge lanes, 10 foot wide travel lanes, etc.), but the general appearance is that of a highway (cleared median, few visible buildings, no stop-lights or crossings, etc.). I think a lot of people get lulled into thinking they’re driving on a highway, especially if they just came off 395.

    • drax

      I lulled.

      • WeiQiang

        i snore when i lul. sorry.

  • local

    Wait, can you flip a car in Arlington doing over 25 mph?

  • tumblebum

    Don’t you be flip with me young man.

  • Sam

    Seriously….what is the deal with all these cars flipping over?!?!!?

    • ACDC Hack

      Because the whole county leans to the left……

      • Right of Center


  • CW

    Greater Greater Washington comment: a vehicle can’t flip over; it’s an inanimate object. The driver has to make it flip over.

  • Wilt Chamberlain

    Either that trooper is huge, or that Arlington cop is short. Or both.

    • drax

      Or perspective + hat = illusion.

      • Wilt Chamberlain

        If I measure from the bottom of the ACPD officer’s foot to the top of his head, then put that measurement from the bottom of the trooper’s foot, the top of the officer’s head comes up to the neck of the trooper. The trooper is farther away than the cop, so the perspective would actually make him appear in the photo as slightly smaller relative to what he actually would be if he were standing at the same distance as the cop. I’d say the trooper is a good 10″ or one foot taller than the officer.

        • Mick


          If the trooper removed his hat and jackboots, you’ll find he’s no taller than Gary Coleman during his prime.

          Meanwhile “Baldy” is actually taller and has a better 3-pointer. Biometrics of his pate strongly suggest he is Weatherman Jim Cantore or one of thirty-eight HVAC guys in from Leesburg for post-Sandy work.

    • Hanky Panky

      don’t know where to go with this comment

      • malaka

        waiting for Clarendon Skank to proffer an opinion

        • loves density

          ‘proffer’ you said ‘proffer’

          that makes me wet.

        • SomeGuy

          I suspect she’ll want to know if one of the cops is Serbian. Or better yet, both.

  • novasteve

    Clearly God has confused SUVs for dogs and is commanding them to roll over.

  • Mick

    Not since Mystery Hill, North Carolina has there been such a bending of space.

    Has the County set up an Ames Room in order to flip cars and thus empty citizens’ pockets of their last few coins?

    • DCBuff

      No, but the ArlCo Board will be seeking community benefits for the development rights. Including a spray fountain park thingy. With worldclass bocce court.

      • WeiQiang

        “spray fountain park thingy” = sprayground = WaterWorld

  • cynthiabigc

    clearly a historic sign needs to be placed here by the artist who is exhibiting at the Arlington Arts Center right now.

  • YTK

    I hope no one was injured.

    Why did no one mention FroYo???

  • sam the cat

    the Arlington Gravity Anomaly or AGA should harnessed and taxed to support the trolly

    • Mick

      Idea for a neologism

      New word and definition:

      Trolly – n. , the overly long kelp-like threads on Internet blogs that feed and shelter trolls.

  • BoredHouseWife

    this thread …@[email protected]


    Cell phone

  • ConstantCritic

    has 395 seen more flips than Myth Rmoney?


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