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Arlington Public Access Channel Back on the Air

by ARLnow.com November 8, 2012 at 4:20 pm 3,458 9 Comments

Arlington Independent Media, the non-profit public access cable channel, is back on after being knocked off the air by Superstorm Sandy.

AIM went off the air last week due to damage to a “server that programs the channel.” The computer problems were caused not by flooding or wind damage, but by power outages during the storm.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause our producers and viewers,” AIM said at the time.

This afternoon, the organization announced that repairs were complete and the channel is once again broadcasting on air — on Verizon channel 38 and Comcast channel 69 — and online.

  • 4G

    Is this the channel that airs the seniors doing sitting down calisthenics (I always try to find the guy with the BGSU shirt that is a little too short) And/or is this the group behind the documentary about nipple piercing (uncensored) that aired in the late 90s?

    • ef yourself


  • GMo

    This is Public Access Media. The majority of programming on this channel is produced by Arlington residents not the organization itself. AIM provides the means: tools, training and equipment for locals to express their voices on the channel.

  • Superstar


    • drax

      Rainbow colors using 1970s video technology rock.

      Also those two crystal-enlightenment-new age-yoga dweebs.

    • Mick Way

      I think his Atari video fx generator broke.

  • DCU

    DC UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sam the cat

    hopefully they will do an documentary on the beavers of arlington.

  • Wayne

    Party time! Excellent!


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