No Delays Expected for Arlington’s 2013 Bikeshare Expansion

by ARLnow.com December 4, 2012 at 3:35 pm 7,300 46 Comments

Arlington County says its plan to add about 30 new Capital Bikeshare stations next year is on track, despite talk of Bikeshare expansion delays in D.C.

The Washington Post reported yesterday (Monday) that D.C.’s planned 54-station expansion this fall is being pushed back due to delays in getting equipment for the new stations.

“The delay raises new questions about whether Alta Bicycle Share,” the company that designs, deploys and manages the Capital Bikeshare system, “can keep pace with the growing demand from U.S. cities trying to invest in bike-share programs,” the Post reported.

Paul DeMaio, a Capital Bikeshare program manager, says Arlington’s expansion plans shouldn’t be impacted.

“Arlington’s expansion plan is for spring 2013, so the equipment delay will not be affecting us,” he told ARLnow.com.

DeMaio said the new stations will be focused in south Arlington, along the Route 50 and Columbia Pike corridors, and in the Shirlington and Fairlington areas. The station locations were chosen following a public process, he said.

“We’ve been busy this summer and fall in meeting with 13 civic associations to discuss proposed Capital Bikeshare stations within their respective neighborhoods,” said DeMaio. “During the winter we’ll be creating station plans for each location and working with the property owners, where necessary, for their approval of the sites.”

A list of the 30 or so planned 2013 Capital Bikeshare expansion locations is available via Google Maps.

  • nom de guerre

    My sources indicate that the Arlington CaBi bikes will have the saddles removed from the seatposts so riders can experience what it is truly like to be an Arlington taxpayer.

    • drax

      Your taxes are among the lowest in the region.

      • MC 703

        Does this apply to property tax? Mine seems higher than friends with comparable vehicles in Fairfax and PW counties.

      • nom de guerre

        Correction-my tax “rate” is among the lowest in the region-my overall taxes are not.

        • Mom nom

          Rate is lower, but tax bill higher? Must be that silly large numerator. Take a pay cut and your taxes will be lower.

  • BluemontFred

    Let’s hope that they install these damn things on sidewalks and not on the street. Its hard enough to find parking in certain areas already. I am referring to the one that sits on Qunicy at Wilson. It takes up three spots and there is more than enought sidewalk space.

    • DCBuff

      I think that is the point–ArlCo wants you to stop driving that darn polluting car and take a subsidized two-wheeler. Seatpost optional.

    • Chris

      As a pedestrian, the sidewalks are jammed as well. Go to a garage, or maybe get a membership!

      • DCBuff

        How about buy your own damn bike!

        • zippy

          the same for Zipcar drivers? Buy your own damn car?

          • Bikey

            Zipcars are another way to keep cars off ArlCo streets.

          • zippy

            they aren’t cars?

      • BluemontFred

        I am all for being green, but this is a little rediculous. Parking is nuts around here as it is and I surely am not going to pull in to a garage when I want something from Brueggers or Buzz. Half of those bikes are never used anyway.

        • Josh S

          I think you might need to re-think the first part of that first sentence, then. How about “I am all for being green, except when it inconveniences me.”

    • BluemontDave

      Let’s hope that they install these damn things on street and not on the sidewalk. Its hard enough to find walking space in certain areas already. I am referring to the cars that take up thousands of spots all over the county. There is more than enough streets space.

    • drax

      See that guy on a bike? He’s one of the people who isn’t driving a car and using a parking space.

      • Captain_Obvious

        he’s also one of the people who never stops at stop signs or red lights, but demands to be treated like any other vehicle

        • Josh S


        • drax

          Some cyclists ignore traffic laws. Some follow them.
          Some car drivers ignore traffic laws. Some follow them.

          • ID

            What is the Law? Not to go on all fours that is the Law.

  • MrMeow

    I look forward to the day where DC becomes so revenue hungry they start having bike cams looking for bicyclists who run red lights, who don’t stop at stop signs, etc..

    • kitty

      Cars or bikes — all vehicles. (That includes those who don’t stop when making a right on red, too.)

  • Westover

    I am torn on the whole bike share system. I am all for the exercise and even the “greenness” of them. However, with some of the idiots riding them, I am surprised there have not been more serious accidents.

    • cyclist

      Now you know how cyclists and horsemen felt about cars 140 years ago.

      • running footman

        It was OK until they put me out of work

  • Westover

    I am torn on the whole bike share system. I am all for the exercise and even the “greenness” of them. However, with the way some of the tourists and others riding them, I am surprised there have not been more serious accidents.

  • Becoming Indifferent

    Gee, I sure hope they actually ask the residents affected this time, unlike my neighborhood, where they put them in without local input. Ah, the Arlington Way!

    • Corey

      How was your neighborhood “affected” by the addition of a bike rack?

    • NoVapologist

      The Cherrydale Citizens Group is taking the initiative to give site suggestions to Bikeshare rather than expecting that Bikeshare is going to do some sort of resident polling.

    • drax

      Should they consult you about every little thing they do?

  • Westover

    What is the taxpayers bill for this stuff?

    • bobbytiger

      Come on now. You couldn’t possibly believe that the County Board would expect the taxpayers to foot the bill, would you?

  • Ted

    Arlington Board 2-Step: Approve massive infill with massive new on-site parking. Then tell everyone to ride bicycles.

    • Josh S

      Well, I think you can quibble a little bit about exactly how you have phrased this, but – in general – you are absolutely right. It’s not as if you have uncovered a secret or something. Arlington county is quite vocal that the general pattern you have described is exactly what they are promoting. And?

  • Westover Leftover

    Subsisted bikes – not a function of government.

    • sovereign citizen logic

      but subsidized roads are?

      • Westover

        The bike paths are, the roads are, but the cars are not.

    • drax

      They are no more subsidized than cars.

    • Josh S

      Says who?
      Why not?

  • JnA

    The supermarket chains in my parents’ community are competing, but not to give the most discount points for gasoline. They are competing to offer the least expensive and most efficient home-delivery service for on-line ordering of groceries. Of course, their local government is not a regime controlled by greedy developers and special interests.

    • price of fish

      and this is relevant to bikeshare? how?

      • Ted

        Other local governments are not controlled by bought-off politricksters who build thousands of parking spaces so non-residents can commute to and from Arlington one per vehicle, while telling Arlington residents to bicycle everywhere in the winter.

  • G Clifford Prout


  • Steve

    You are all miserable trolls. 🙂


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