Police Release Video of Glebe Road Bank Robbery

by ARLnow.com December 13, 2012 at 11:05 am 5,046 21 Comments

Arlington County Police and the FBI have released surveillance video of Tuesday’s robbery of the Bank of America branch at 3600 S. Glebe Road.

The video shows a man wearing a black jacket, cap, sunglasses and gloves entering the bank and passing a note to the teller. The teller then hands the man a stack of cash, which the man inspects before quickly fleeing on foot.

ACPD and the FBI are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the man.

“He is described as black male, between 5’10 and 5’11” and weighing approximately 165 pounds,” police said in a press release. “He was wearing a black jacket, a knit hat and scarf. He also wore mirrored sunglasses, black gloves, dark pants and tennis shoes.”

“Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of this individual is asked to contact the FBI’s Washington Field Office at 202-278-2000 or Detective Gary Skeens with the Arlington County Police Department at 703.228.4166 or [email protected],” police said. “To report information anonymously, contact the Arlington County Crime Solvers at 866.411.TIPS (8477).”

  • bum

    The Penguin strikes again!

  • novasteve

    Seems like the video quality of security cameras has gone up. I recall how grainy the ones from earlier this year were.

  • nom de guerre

    My money says ACPD can find him at the House of Steep Foot Sanctuary.

  • Jason

    I love the touchscreen friendly gloves….

    • Gemmy

      Funny, I laughed at that too.

      I also thought that he was walking funny in the first part of the video.

  • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

    i like his outfit tho

  • T Funk

    Dude was stridin down that hall.

  • MissKittenCat

    He was pretty hipsterish with those sunglasses and Beanie

  • Dumper

    It looks like he may be a little backed up in the dumper while walking in. That or he’s doing the strut like a certain segment of the population likes to do.
    Why haven’t banks adopted the trap door in front of each teller? Just a tap of a button by the teller and the robber is whisked away down a chute.

    • Capital One Visigoth

      I think you’re on to something here!

  • Buckingham Bandit

    I’m surprised how easy it is to rob a bank. All you need is concealment and not even a weapon.

    • dr seuss

      Ya, what ever happened to a zoot suit and a tommy gun?!

    • Locala

      I second that comment, Buckingham Bandit. All you need is a slip of paper and the implication that you have a weapon and you get a stack of cash.

  • Buckley

    Looks like Tyrone Biggums.

    • Douglas Parker

      Did someone say my name?

  • hum

    He got the touch screen gloves at target! I have the same pair 🙂

    • fedworker

      hum, I suggest that you turn yourself in!

  • WizKhalifa

    Good thing I’ve got an airtight alibi

  • Mary-Austin


  • drax
  • b-crip

    that was a lot of dough foe free


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