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Morning Notes

by Katie Pyzyk December 18, 2012 at 8:55 am 3,748 65 Comments

Santa in front of No Place Like Home & Covet (5140 Wilson Blvd)

Silver Line Could Shift Economic Development — As Metro’s Silver Line nears completion, there’s speculation it could prompt an economic development competition between Arlington and Fairfax County. Fairfax officials are already crediting the new line with bringing in at least one new business — Intelsat, an international satellite system provider. Gerald Gordon, the head of the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, said the transformation of Tysons Corner will put it on a level playing field with the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor as far as attracting businesses. [Sun Gazette]

Polar Bear Sports Registration — United Social Sports is expanding its typical offerings of “bar sports” — such as cornhole, shuffleboard and skeeball — to include Polar Bear soccer leagues this winter. The leagues are for die hard players who wish to continue playing outdoors throughout the winter on a soccer field at Long Bridge Park. Registration is available online for the league, which offers weekly games on Sundays or Tuesdays. Games start the week of January 13. [United Social Sports]

McDonnell Offers Budget Amendments — Governor Bob McDonnell appeared before Virginia’s General Assembly on Monday to pitch a series of both cuts and spending increases for the state’s two-year, $85 billion budget. The increases would ease the burden on cities and counties that have been dealing with substantial funding cuts in recent years, by about $45 million. McDonnell is still cautious due to Virginia’s potential to take a hit if Congress can’t come to an agreement to avoid the year-end fiscal cliff. [Associated Press]

  • G Clifford Prout

    What’s cornhole?

    • you asked for it

      Horseshoes for the unskilled.
      A drinking game for people with a lawn darts problem.
      Bocce without balls.

      • G Clifford Prout

        OK It was just something different when I was growning up.

    • Arlwhat

      It’s like a hole. For corn.

    • Sodomite


    • The Bible

      It is sinful to stick corn in some holes.

  • Roy Keane

    You bunch of softies. Soccer is supposed to be a Winter sport. When there’s snow we use orange balls.

    • CW

      Lol, soccer player calling people softies, priceless.

      • Roy Keane

        CW. Ask Alf-Inge Haaland if it’s a game for softies. Stick it up yer bollicks.

        • Captain_Obvious

          its a game for softies.

        • US “Football” softie

          Captain you better take a seat in this padded chair and have some oxygen whie they play a beer commercial. Don’t forget your padding and helmet – I’d hate you to get a nasty boo boo and have to see the nurse

          • Captain_Obvious

            S o__w h y__i s__s o c c e r__n o t__s o f t__?

          • footie

            Because you would not last a minute against someone like Roy Keane. They don’t wear padding or helmets and they don’t take a break every 2 minutes. The rest of the world understands this. Even France.

          • Captain_Obvious

            Did I say I would ? And are you saying American football players are soft cause they wear pads and helmets ? I’d love to see you line up against Ray Lewis in his prime.

            And much of the time in soccer, the players are jogging around with bursts of speed intermixed. There is no jogging in the NFL, it is constant sprinting at all times. And NFL players rarely act like they’ve been in an explosion when there is minimal contact. AND NFL players rarely fake injuries to slow the game.

        • CW

          The fact that you are referencing one major, well known injury in the whole sport kinda proves our point here. Referencing a list of similar incidents in the NFL and NCAA football would take pages. Most NFL players don’t make it through their careers without something like that happening.

          • footie

            CW the fact that you think this was an isolated event just shows how ingorant you are of this sport.

          • Captain_Obvious

            and you’re just as ignorant about the NFL, so what’s your point ?

    • Swag

      I was going to reply to this post, but someone just tapped me on the shoulder so I’m on the ground, writhing in pain right now.

      • Captain_Obvious

        once you get carried to the sideline and they spray your leg, you can get back on the field for the epic 0-0 match going on.

      • nom de guerre

        Now this is an epic match!


    • drax

      Soccer is a great winter sport! You find it on TV, curl up under a warm blanket, and the intense boredom lulls you to sleep.

  • drax

    Wait – transit projects encourage economic development? Imagine that.

    • geezer

      Unfortunately they also encourage cornhole leagues

      • Hank

        Agreed. Cornhole leagues will lead to a veritable development of Soddom and Gommorah along the transit line. Rival gangs of cornhole enthusiasts sporting UMD and VT t-shirts will shake this town to its very knees.

  • CD

    Silver Line is a redevelopment gimmick. Just like the Pike streetcar. New office buildings in the corridor will have 400-800 parking spaces underneath the building. Who will want to travel on a 2-track system where it will take 2 hours to travel from Capitol Hill to Tysons.

    • Josh S

      “Gimmick” usually is used in cases where there is no actual substance. It seems quite obvious that there is plenty of substance to the whole Metrorail / economic development connection.

      • Rodney

        Keep deluding yourself. If Fairfax did all the rezoning and replanning and development incentives they are doing but had no transportation proposals they would still be competitive for businesses.

        • ArlRes

          Nice fantasy land you live in where locating in a traffic nightmare without Metro can be equally competitive. I for one do not want to work anywhere I can’t take the Metro to. I feel sorry for the poor people chugging along at 3 MPH on 66 as I zip off to Metro and get to work (door-to-door) in less than 20 min.

          • Rodney

            Prove what I said is wrong.

            I’ll wait.

          • Josh S

            Rod (can I call you Rod?) –

            Your argument starts with “if.” You can’t prove a speculation wrong. You are speculating. The burden is sort of on you to prove it right, i.e., provide good reasons for us to believe your prediction / speculation.

        • drax

          You’re saying transportation means nothing to business, Rodney?

        • Fairfaxian

          even if thats true its not relevant – it would not have been possible politically do do the rezoning, etc without transit.

    • drax

      Because driving on clogged highways is so much easier and faster!

    • Deadite

      That trip won’t take anywhere near 2 hours. And if you think public transit does nothing for development, you clearly don’t know what the R-B corridor was like before the Orange line went in.

    • KalashniKEV

      I think the metro will be quite a bit faster, especially during rush. No HOV nonsense too.

      Silver line is a great project, unlike Trolley Folley.

  • John

    Intelsat chose Tysons over Ballston, the two locations it considered. So the competition is heating up.

    • JamesE

      I work in Tysons, it is terrible and not even comparable to Ballston-Rosslyn. Even with the metro line you will still have to drive almost everywhere as walking is just not an option with the way it was built. You literally have to cross 8 million lanes of traffic if you want to go anywhere. It may be good for certain businesses but for living? not a chance.

      • Wordsmith

        Figuratively, not literally.

        • JamesE

          literally, 8 million, I just counted looking out my window

          • Walt

            Time for a monorail!

        • drax

          Literally 8 million, just not all on the same day. It adds up.

      • WeiQiang


      • CW

        I am really scared for the number of people that are going to get run over once the tysons metro stations open. People around there have become conditioned after years of running red lights at 50 MPH without ever once having seen a pedestrian; it’s going to be really bad.

        • ARL-VA

          Wait a minute. I thought only cyclists broke traffic laws. So you’re telling me that there are really car drivers who don’t obey the laws? No, it can’t be true!

      • R. Griffon

        Absolutely true for the time being, but I’m pretty sure they’re on a long term re-development plan that will make the area much more pedestrian friendly. Such a plan would have to include generous walking bridges some similar as crossing 7 and 123 aren’t really an option if you want to live to see another day.

  • drax

    No gas tax increase.

    • R. Griffon

      Yes gas tax increase. It’s a great way to raise revenue to repair crumbling infrastructure on the basis of usage while simultaneously encouraging less consumption. They should double it at least.

  • Road DIet

    Seriously? Who would want to live in Fairfax?!

    • Captain_Obvious

      apparently 1.1 million people.

      • drax

        They don’t actually want to live in Fairfax, it’s just the best they can get.

        • Captain_Obvious

          true, having some of the best schools in the country is the best they can get.

          • drax

            You know they’d all live here if they could. We are far superior. We’re just too small for them all to fit.

          • Captain_Obvious

            I assume you are joking. However, I doubt you have anything to back your opinion.

          • Captain_Obvious

            I__a s s u m e__y o u__a r e__j o k i n g.__H o w e v e r,__ I __d o u b t__y o u__ h a v e__a n y t h i n g__t o__b a c k__y o u r__o p i n i o n.

          • CW

            Unnamed poster’s argument generally goes – Tells you you are wrong, makes a grandiose statement to the contrary with 100% certainty, then adds something like “I think”. Optional – close with a rhetorical question where he uses your name, but if you use his, you get you-know-what-e-r-a-t-e-d.

          • marsasx

            Well, even if he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express at some point in his life, there is still nothing wrong with calling him mr instead of dr. So you should be able to refer to him as mrax without being mraxoned.

        • R. Griffon

          Darn right. And while we’re at it, where’s that velvet rope the County Board was supposed to install around our boundaries?

    • Carmen Turner

      At least it’s not Merlin.

  • Thes

    I’m confused about the notion that “competition” with Tysons after the Silver Line opens is somehow threatening to Arlington. Tysons and Arlington already “compete” with downtown DC for development. But it’s not a zero-sum game. When the Silver Line opens, Tysons will have a boom, for sure, but so will Arlington, because it will then be better connected *to Tysons* and Dulles.

    • occasionally a fact

      It’s not a zero-sum game if there’s an unlimited supply of companies eagerly awaiting a chance to move into NoVa and willing to pay premium rents in Tyson’s or the R-B Corridor. However, for any one of those prospects weighing Arlington against Fairfax, Tyson’s with the Silver Line is bound to be more attractive than Tyson’s without. That’s called competition.

      • Ashton Heights

        I think NoVa as a whole will gain extra competitive advantage versus MoCo, PG and DC. Arlington is extremely well positioned, and can boast an incredibly educated workforce, and that is not likely to change.

      • JohnB

        It’s also not a zero sum game if the increased market size allows for specialization and more wealth through increased productivity. I’d much rather have 50 small firms in Arlington add 2 jobs than land one new firm with 100 jobs.

    • ARL-VA

      Good points. There will be more competition between Tysons and Arlington, but the D.C. region also competes with other metropolitan areas for company HQs and division HQs. Some companies move in. Others move out.

      Of course, the Silver Line has been an important topic among commercial real estate people. Some of them say that the Silver Line will help Tysons, but the lack of residential development and local bike/pedestrian facilities help to deter some suitors and move them to Arlington.

      Tysons has a long-term plan, something like a 40-yr-plan (like the Crystal City Sector Plan), to improve the office/residential mix and to accommodate local pedestrian and cycling traffic. But it’s going to take quite some time to transform that area into mixed use areas that resemble the neighborhoods around Arlington’s Metro stations.

  • Peter

    Tysons to Capitol Hill in 2 hours? Do the math. Every train stops at every station (unless it’s full or out of service). At least 2 minutes per station just to load and unload passengers during rush hours. Then there’s the Orange Line-Blue Line Potomac tunnel. It’s an obsolete two-track system….that’s what the chambers of commerce and developers wanted.

    • JES

      It won’t be anywhere near two hours; I commute from Cap South to Ballston every day and I’m never on the train longer than 30 minutes. I can’t imagine it’ll take another 90 minutes to get to Tysons from the outer edge of Arlington…


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