Low-Income Students to Receive Donated Bikes

by ARLnow.com December 21, 2012 at 8:00 pm 4,546 24 Comments

Brian Burgess, a W-L 11th grader, working on one of the bikes to be given away (courtesy photo)More than two dozen children from low-income Arlington households will get something special for the holidays on Saturday afternoon.

The children, elementary students at Patrick Henry, Barcroft and Randolph schools, were chosen to receive a refurbished bike from the Arlington-based nonprofit Phoenix Bikes shop. The presentation will be made at Arlington Presbyterian Church (3507 Columbia Pike).

From Phoenix Bikes:

Working with the three South Arlington elementary schools — Patrick Henry, Barcroft and Randolph — approximately 25 children from low-income families have been selected to choose a refurbished bike to keep. Each has been repaired and inspected by the staff at Phoenix Bikes. The children will also be given new helmets.

This inaugural event is an effort to spread the wealth of bikes donated to Phoenix Bikes to the communities that need them most. “We get many children’s bikes donated that often need just a little work,” said Henry Dunbar, Phoenix Bikes Executive Director. “This holiday season we felt we would see how many we could repair quickly and put back into the community with children who might not have one otherwise.”

The cost of the new helmets has been generously sponsored by Nick Kuhn and McEnearney Associates, Inc.; and the Arlington Presbyterian Church.

(Courtesy photo)

  • cw (not CW)

    Where can a low income middle aged guy go to pick up a free bike. I have the tight spandex outfit and duct taped a dental instrument onto my helmet. I”m good to go. Oh, I guess I also need one of those obnoxious blinking lights.

    • Ralph

      Hey mister Grinch, go spoil someone else’s Christmas, will you? A lot of people put a lot of effort in getting these bikes to kids, hopefully making their lives a little better.

    • drax

      Save the stupid comments for later.

  • Chris

    Nice initiative Phoenix Bikes.

  • Wilbur

    Phoenix Bikes is an Arlington Jem!!

  • Louise

    Phoenix Bikes rocks!!

    • FrenchyB

      Agreed, it’s a great organization.

  • novasteve


  • Guy

    someone get that guy a blue bike not a pink one

    • ARL’er

      He’s fixing the bike so it can be donated. But I think you knew that already.

    • I Like Pink

      Why? Boys can’ t like pink? Welcome to the 21st century….pink can be liked by anyone.

      • Deadite

        Guys love pink, if you know what I mean 😉

        • exarl

          not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

      • Kleio

        Note on the history of fashion: until well into the 20th century, pink was viewed as a light form of red and perfectly suitable for boys. Wikipedia reports, for example: “A 1927 survey of ten [American] department stores reported that pink was preferred for boys in six of them and for girls in four. The foremost student of the role of color in children’s fashion, Jo Paoletti, found that ‘By the 1950s, pink was strongly associated with femininity’ but to an extent that was ‘neither rigid nor universal’ as it later became.”

    • cyclist

      There’s a rather well-known male bike commuter in this area who wears pink when riding his pink bike. Not gay either, just likes pink and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of it.

  • hm

    i thought the 11th grader was the low income student whoops

  • Kleio

    Class act! Including the helmets was a very nice touch.

  • cmkeough

    Well done!!

  • WeiQiang

    Love these guys at Phoenix. Donated my HooKoo last Spring. For those not in the know, they also teach kids how to repair bikes. Good on ’em.

  • Grinch

    This give-away is nothing more than discrimination against kids whose parents earn enough to be middle and high income. It teaches kids that they can get something for nothing if they don’t work.

    Bikes are luxuries, not necessities. Kids can live without them if their parents are not able to buy or find a beat-up used one that they can repair.

    • PearDPea

      I’m going to take this as a funny comment. If not, then you are the saddest person that ever lived

    • Scrooge

      Yeah, why are these kids be in school anyway if their parents are too poor to buy them bikes? They should be out earning money instead!

  • YTK

    The fact that someone, a stranger has refurbished and thoughtfully painted and fixed up a bike and given it free to a kid who would otherwise not have one, not only leaves a lasting impression on the kid, but that kid in many cases goes on to give back to the community.

  • YTK

    ps – Kudos to Arlington Presbyterian– they give back so much to the community themselves.


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