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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com December 21, 2012 at 8:00 am 3,462 12 Comments

"Wonderland" by Damiec

Ft. Myer Daycare Investigation Widens — What started as allegations of assault against two workers at a daycare center on Ft. Myer has widened into a worldwide probe of military child care hiring practices. At least 31 daycare staffers at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall have been suspended after investigators found “disqualifying factors in their records, including history of drug use and past allegations of assault.” One official called it “a severe lapse in the background checks system.” [Washington Post]

DoD Relaxes Security Standards for Some Buildings — A loosening of the Department of Defense’s security standards for commercial office buildings may make it easier for the DoD to lease office space in Arlington (and elsewhere). Earlier this month, the Pentagon reversed a policy put in place in response to 9/11 that required that leased office space meet stringent anti-terrorism security standards, even for administrative offices within the DoD. [Washington Business Journal]

Marymount Seeking to Redevelop Ballston Property — Marymount University is pushing ahead with a plan to redevelop its 50-year-old “Blue Goose” building at the corner of N. Glebe Road and Fairfax Drive in Ballston. The university has proposed replacing the aging building with an office building and an apartment building. [Sun Gazette]

Science Focus Teacher Wins Recognition — “Arlington Science Focus School Principal Mary Begley was named Administrator of the Year by the Greater Washington Reading Council at its annual conference in Fairfax” on Wednesday, says a school press release. [Arlington Public Schools]

Flickr pool photo by Damiec

  • ASF Parent

    Congrats to Mary Begley at Arlington Science Focus School – everything a Principal should be and more. Thanks for all you do for our children.

    • And Another

      Absolutely. She is everything that a parent and educator could hope for in a senior administrator, and can serve as a prime example for others to follow. She obviously is very passionate about her job and the role that she and others play in the education of our children, and it shines through in everything she does.

      Thank you Ms. Begley.

  • Arnold Blauenegger

    Kill the Blue Goose! Do it, do it now!

    • CrystalMikey

      Good riddance!

    • Daniel

      Replace with bluish mirrored glass buildings…oh wait, that’s the block to the South.

    • bemused bystander

      NO! Designate it historic and put a DOD contractor there. Its appearance will make it untouchable therefore secure.

    • Mike

      Yes, good riddance to the Blue Goose. But I do think it would be cool if they preserved a little sample of the blue glass and used in the marquee or somewhere else on the building, in the spirit of the Bob Peck Chevrolet dealership logo that is preserved on the building that replaced it. It would sort of be a little inside joke to those who have lived with the Goose all these years.

    • ARL-VA

      You’re going to make certain people here cry. A few of the regulars (not me) believe that no building should ever be demolished, no matter how ugly or decrepit it is.

  • JMB

    Yeah, props to Mrs. Begley – our kids attended ASFS K-5 and I was always impressed that within a week of school starting she seemed to know every kid’s name.

  • fedworker

    Somehow Zimmerman is making bank on the DoD office space deal.

    • Al Gore


  • JohnB2

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