Falls Church Seeks Info on Larceny Suspect

by ARLnow.com January 15, 2013 at 1:00 pm 1,427 27 Comments

Falls Church larceny suspect (courtesy City of Falls Church PD)The City of Falls Church Police Department is seeking information about the suspect in a larceny that took place near the border with Arlington.

Falls Church police say the man in the surveillance images (left) stole more than $2,000 from a “money transfer store” on the 6000 block of Wilson Boulevard.

“At approximately 3:28 p.m. on Friday, January 4, an unknown male entered a store unnoticed and removed $2,324 cash from a locked drawer behind a counter,” police said. “He appeared to leave in a black Ford Fusion.”

Anyone with information about is asked to contact Detective J.M. Elliott at 703-248-5068 or [email protected]

Photo courtesy City of Falls Church Police Department

  • PikeHoo

    Wow. That’s a really clear picture of the suspect. Definitely just a matter of time.

    • Not Me

      It certainly helps that he looks directly into the camera in the third frame.

      • ArLater

        It makes you wonder why they cut it off however. Looking at the other frames it appears the camera is able to view further to the left so I do not think he was simply out of frame. The dead on picture has just been cutoff for some reason?

  • YTK

    From a locked drawer too…

  • jackson

    Guess the employee on duty was having a smoke in the back or something.

    • CoPi

      Or something is right. This happened in FC. Its their problem.

  • Son


  • drax

    Time for a black Ford Fusion roundup!

    • Wow&Flutter

      Whoa there, let’s not get racial!

      • drax

        Okay. Round up the white ones too, and the Asians (Mazda 6s).

    • thatcan’tbe

      metro brings crime, he must have escaped via the EFC metro station. has anyone checked the park and ride lot for the Ford Fusion?

  • Deadite

    Charlie Murphy?

    • Rick James


    • Not Me


  • AECOM “”Corruption” Zimmerman

    Local moms make money with this weird, old trick.

  • Internet Investigator

    According to commentors on here back when we had our murder spree, including the one at Eden Center, it’s 50 feet over the border into Falls Church so we shouldn’t care about this and it shouldn’t be on this site because this isn’t in Arlington. This story should be removed.

  • Columbo

    How do you remove cash from a “locked draw” ??

    • Motumbo

      by opening it.

      • Columbo

        Well there is just one more thing about that “locked” drawer……

      • drax

        New question: how do you open a locked drawer?

  • Eric

    What is a “money transfer store”?

    • johnny b

      Kinda like Western Union.
      With the increase in ‘diversity’ in our nation came an increase of Money Transfer Stores, some specializing in certain countries. For a ‘fee’ they will transfer your cash to your relatives back home, and then they can afford to hire a coyote to get here as well…..repeat until all family members are here.

      • Louise

        Johnny’s half right but half wrong. The money is being wired, but most of it is going into the local economy. You can read articles about how the infrastructure in El Salvador has been greatly improved because of it. As far as using it to hire coyotes, yes, that’s done too-and I’d do it too if I were in their position. Be grateful you were born here and not in a developing country . . .

  • Mo Money

    Geez where can I go and buy one of those 10th Division shirts. This guy didn’t even bother trying to wear a yellow construction vest like the other thugs we read about.


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