Ray’s Hell Burger Closes Due to Landlord-Tenant Dispute

by ARLnow.com January 16, 2013 at 10:30 am 14,126 158 Comments

Ray's Hell Burger has closed Ray's Hell Burger has closed

(Updated at 1:05 p.m.) Ray’s Hell Burger and Ray’s Hell Burger Too (1713 & 1725 Wilson Blvd) has closed in Rosslyn.

The closure is the result of a landlord-tenant dispute between restaurateur Michael Landrum and his landlord, the historic Colonial Village Shopping Center. Court records show that Landrum filed a lawsuit against the shopping center on Nov. 16. Yesterday afternoon, the shopping center locked Landrum and his staff out of both storefronts.

“Landlord has changed the locks,” said signs on the door. “Do not unlock this door under penalty of damages.”

Handwritten signs in the window, posted by Landrum, direct customers across the street to Ray’s to the Third (1650 Wilson Blvd).

“Please visit us at Ray’s to the Third while we take a quick break,” said one of the signs. “Please do not leave your car in this lot if you come across the street… towing is very likely.”

Reached via phone, Landrum declined to elaborate on his complaint against the landlord, citing ongoing litigation. He did, however, vow to continue to serve his famous burgers, which in 2010 drew President Obama and Russian president Dmitry Medvedev to Rosslyn eatery.

“We continue to serve the Original Hell-Burger and all of our famous signature items, at Ray’s To Third, which has been temporarily reformatted to allow for counter service and to go for convenience and extra value, as well as full-service, sit-down table service,” he told ARLnow.com. “And yes, credit cards are accepted.”

“We’re fighting to the last man and cooking to the last burger… nothing’s going to stop us from doing that,” a defiant Landrum added. “This is a very minor blip.”

In an emailed statement, Landrum spoke generally about the relationship between landlords and tenants.

I am not saying this is the case here, but landlords abuse their power and violate the rights of tenants with near-total impunity all the time, because tenants rarely have the means or the ability to defend their rights This is something all of us, or very nearly all of us, have experienced. What often times gets me labeled as a “firebrand” (or worse) is simply my refusal to allow my rights to be violated, my insistence on fair treatment, and my willingness to suffer and challenge the consequences when those things are violated.

Landrum said he’s currently planning an inauguration-related event special at Ray’s to the Third. He’s not currently looking for a new space for Ray’s Hell Burger.

  • drax

    Landrum is a hothead.

    • Becoming Indifferent

      And why do you say that? Because he may be right?

      • drax

        No, just noting his past behavior. He could be right about this.

        • Becoming Indifferent

          To what behavior are you referring to?

          • Hamburgler

            None. he and steve just spill whatever stupid stuff they can think of quickly to be cool on this blog since they’re not that cool at work.

          • drax

            Can’t find it on the web any more.


    Why is this knucklehead always in the news. His hamburgers are not that good? FREDTERP

    • b-money

      Yes, his burgers are THAT good.

      • Garden City


        • Rack Rack City


          • yatesc


      • +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    • Hee-Haw

      yes, they are.

    • meh..

      You’re right…they’re BETTER than THAT…

  • that guy


    That sucks, anyone have any good advice for getting a burger from The Third quickly?

    • b-money

      The article says that it’s been refurbed for counter-service, but I haven’t checked it out personally yet.

    • Aaron

      They’ve always done phone-ahead carryout but I still see plenty of people walk in, place an order, and leave within ~10 minutes or so … which isn’t all that much worse than RHB was at its normal pace.

  • Hank

    Wow, this kinda sucks. RHB is a point of pride for Arlington.

    • BBMS

      Their BBQ sucks.

      You were talking about Red Hot & Blue, right?

      • d

        No, not Red Hot and Blue… RAYS HELL BURGER – Best burgers around

  • Arlingtoner

    Love the burgers and great customer service there, hope they clear it all up.

    ARLnow – random suggestion to help clean up boards….have you guys considered linking to people’s facebook accounts? There is now way comments would get as ridiculous and out of hand if people had to show who they are.

    • Arlingtoner

      *no way

    • drax

      So why don’t you start by posting under YOUR real name, Arlingtoner?

    • John Fontain

      Dumbest idea of the day award goes to this one. Who has a Facebook account anymore anyways?

      • James89

        Not really a bad idea…but yea, i see numerous websites that link comments section where it gives you option to log in with facebook, linkedin, etc. That’d might be better, either way, yea, i agree comments would be a lot more civil.

      • Daniel

        About 167 million people in the US.

      • Arlingtoner

        Only about 500million+ people, right? I’d just prefer more civil conversations.

        • The Real Arlingtoner

          and only 20 ARLnow viewers

        • John Fontain

          You’re right. Sorry about my rude response.

      • drax

        1.01 billion people.

    • B22201

      Great Customer Service? Are you from Communist Russia? Because customer service seems to be lacking at all of the Rays restaurants I’ve been to.

      • Lyon Park

        Anyone who has bad service at any Ray’s establishment is probably an insufferable jerk. I’ve had nothing but excellent service and I eat at Ray’s frequently. And the fact that many of his employees have been with him from the beginning is a testament as to what a great employer Michael Landrum is.

        • darsasx

          Not true. My wife and I went to Ray’s the Steaks about 6 months after it opened. Whoever greeted us and sat us at the table was the most gruff and un-friendly first impression at any restaurant I’ve had in this area (several in NYC were worse) before we were even both inside the door. We both thought that odd – that the “greeter/seater” could not have been less friendly and hoped that it might just be him having a bad day, but he wasn’t alone in his attitude. None of the wait staff smiled or acted friendly at any point, even though we tried. The food was average – I left as much of my rib-eye on the plate as I ate, with large knuckles of inedible fat and gristle. I can cook better than that at home myself for half the price. . . My wife’s meal was fine, but she’d never go there just because of the sullen staff.
          So we never went back there, nor will we try RHB or the 3rd. There are too many other restaurants we want to try (or go back to). You can never re-make a first impression.

          • Aaron

            There are three types of lies in the world: lies, damn lies, and anonymous anecdotes on ArlNow.

          • other side of the river

            Good to see an experience from 10+ years ago has stuck with you.

          • JohnB

            Ray’s the Steaks has steak equivalent to or better than Morton’s, The Palm, Smith & Wolinski’s, or Ruth’s Chris for substantially less.

        • KLI

          Grow up. No one called Landrum a bad owner or employer. I’ve had a few horrible experiences at Rays the Third, to the point I don’t want to go back. I’m not saying it’s always bad, and maybe one day I’ll feel like giving them another shot. But I’m also not calling you (or anyone else) a name for disagreeing with me, either. I assume other people have different experiences from me, and I’m okay with that. I don’t wish bad things on Landrum or his employees. I simply wish my experiences had been better there.

          • DLish

            I don’t disagree – no one is overly friendly.. I have been going since they opened Rays the Steaks.. but man they have the best meat and steaks…AND FOR A GREAT PRICE… I feel like its the Soup Nazi on seinfeld. So i deal with it and leave happy and full with a little dent in my wallet .. not a huge one..

    • SomeGuy

      Let me answer that on ArlNOW’s behalf: Stupid idea. Very dumb. Mr. Brodbeck concurs with me here:

      “In the D.C. area, where most people are government employees or contractors, no one is going to post their full name,” says Brodbeck. “I can’t think of a better way to destroy the audience than to require names.”


      • John Fontain

        Yep. I’ve seen other sites switch to a requirement to use Facebook to comment and there is one guaranteed result: the number of comments plummets to next to nothing.

        I don’t think this is a real issue, but if there was going to be any fix to improve comments, it would be to require people to be “signed in” to this site with a real email address before commenting. That would cut the junk by 50% at least.

        • drax


          It also could discourage people from standing up to violent racist bullies and other such people, especially when we’re all in the same community.

    • R. Griffon

      As someone who refuses to join Facebook, please don’t.

      • bemused bystander


      • BlueLoom

        Yup. I’m another Facebook refusnik. Can’t see why anyone would join any of these Facebook/Twitter/Instagram things. There must be better things to do with one’s life than spend time there. (That said, I’m sure there are times when there are better things for me to do with MY life than read snarky comments on ARLNow, but then I’d miss out on the latest menu offerings from Sam’s Corner.)

        • drax

          Like spend time here?

        • nom de guerre

          Speaking of Sam’s and steak, Sam’s Food Truck is offering thinly sliced prime, hand fed organic Waygu beef rib eye, grilled to perfection along with locally sourced, sustainable sweet red onions, topped with smoked Gouda cheese, served on a toasted ciabatta with a shallot caper aioli.

          • Tabs

            Mmm, sweet potato fries come with?

    • Notachance

      HATE needing to comment with FB. I don’t have a FB and will never. And a person should not have to put everything out there just to make a comment. Why don’t you stop reading the comments if you are so offended?

  • Sam

    As a small business owner in Arlington who can’t ever get the landlord to do anything to stop leaks from a poorly sealed roof, control the rodent population in common areas, and on and on, I say “Great job!” Commercial landlords benefit from us paying all the taxes for their property, and all the maintenance, repairs, utilities, etc. in addition to high rent that escalates every year regardless of the business environment, yet, they are required to do absolutely nothing.

    If rent is one day late though – they are sure on top of that!

    • John Fontain

      I know one way to fix all of these problems. Buy your own property.

      • Josh S

        I know another way to fix all those problems – sue intransient slumlords.

        See how simple life is?

      • AllanG

        I think the point is, if you are paying every month for these items, then they should be taken care of by the landlord otherwise, the landlord would be in breach of the lease. However, it does seem fairly common that in Virginia, the landlords are not required to do much including in residential properties. Many of the commercial landlords have resources far surpassing a small business owner’s ability to litigate.

        Instead of bashing a small business owner with a snarky comment like “Buy your own property” – why don’t you use your brain for a split second and recognize that without the small businesses leasing from property owners, we wouldn’t have any businesses around? How many affordable free-standing buildings are left in high density areas in Arlington?

        Just how many of the commercial properties around the Metro line do you own my friend? Unless your name is Shooshan, Albritton, or one of the JBG’s, my guess is not one.

        • AgentShark

          Ever heard of a triple net lease?

      • No

        WOW! What a GENIUS idea! How did the rest of us never consider that solution before? We must all just be f–king idiots!

    • other side of the river

      Sam of Sam’s Corner, is that you?

  • Angel

    Arlingtoner – FB accounts don’t do much to make comments any less ridiculous. People still post as if anonymous.

    Also, this is the saddest news. I’m not as in love with Ray’s to the Third.

    • Virginiana

      And believe it or not, some people have CHOSEN not to join Facebook. Like myself.

      • Josh S

        Cue the trumpets!!
        YAY!! Virginiana is #1!!!

    • drax

      Also, there are insane, violent persons who post here, and nobody wants them to know your name.

      • Phineaus Gage

        “Also, there are insane, violent persons who post here”

        So what are you saying, that you will harm yourself ??

        • Ballston Resident

          He’s afraid his sockpuppets will stalk him.

        • drax

          Clever! Did you think about that one for a few hours?

  • Parkington

    Guys a jerk, the soup nazi of burger shops, why do people want to support that?

    • malaka

      As someone who has been a customer at Rays and at the Soup Kitchen Inernational in NYC (that the Ssinfeld episode was based on)I have to agree. Both places produce a terrific (delicious) product and refuse to compromise. The world is a better place because of people like this.

  • fedworker

    The burgers at RHB are pretty good. I do think the joint is a bit overrated only just because O stopped by. I don’t think that stripmall has a froyo. Just sayin.

    • Anne

      It actually does have a froyo place–forget what it’s called, though.

      • froyo

        iceberry — pretty good — i think it is still there

    • mjw703

      That strip mall does have a froyo joint, but I’m sure they could fit in a cupcake place.

      • R. Griffon

        Pizza joint? Sports bar?

  • Bob

    I noticed this weekend that hb2 was gone

    The wait at hb3 is much longer.

    The landlord is getting very greedy

  • novasteve

    Isn’t Ray’s some kind of historic landmark because Obama and Medvedev ate there?

  • Rack Rack City

    I will side with RHB 100 out of 100 times no matter where therestaurant is. That place is incredible.

  • Amanda

    Ray is so overrated. Try out Wiinky’s in Ballston. The place does not have much curb appeal but the food is what matters and their burgers are way better.

    • Adam

      Hahahaha, no.

      • Flex

        Wiinky’s burgers aren’t in the same league as RHB. As long as Ray’s to the Third is still open and I can get my steak and cheeses!

    • Yuk

      I just threw up at the mention of Wiinky’s. Only if i’m so drunk I can’t taste anything, and then I regret it in the morning. That place is aweful. But, i’m happy they’ve survived so long even though they serve sub-par food and have a terrible menu.

      • Tabs

        What? No, it’s good. Try the sloppy chicken sandwich.

      • V Dizzle

        I too prefer Wiinky’s, even though I like Ray’s (minus the carry out trays in the men’s room at Ray’s..eww). Try the black and blue burger.

  • Mick Way

    So if the landlord is so evil then why aren’t Guajillo, Village Bistro and Pho 75 joining the protest? Or commenting? Or anything? They’ve all been there for many many years.

    • Is Guajillo still open? Last few times I walked by there, lights were off and furniture was inside. And their website’s down.

      • jlb

        Yep, Guajillo is still open. Went there just last week.

      • d

        Guajillo is still open and they just updated their menu. Try the fish burrito – a solid 10. The Chicharrones and guacamole… awesome.

    • CarlJr

      I’ve been privy to our last couple of lease renegotiations with our leasing agent (landlord has essentially become a pejorative term in the profession; if you’re dropping “landlord” into the discussion you’re already going adversarial.)

      Long story short, these negotiations have no reason to become anything less and amicable unless there is a breach. Leasing companies want tenants, businesses want space, it gets worked out seamlessly unless one party royally screws up.

    • Aaron

      Why aren’t Guajillo, VB, and Pho 75 protesting? Who knows what the substance of the dispute is? Maybe the landlord is trying to milk his perceived cash cow to death before the historic shopping center gets paved over? I wouldn’t take their silence to be proof that Landrum’s grievances are imagined.

      • Jessica

        Michael Landrum has had an issue with every landlord and at every location. He is definitely the common denominator on this one.

    • Lyon Park

      Landrum has other places to fall back on, whereas other restaurants in that strip don’t. So while RHB is closed, he’s not completely out of business. Pho 75 has several locations, and going by their decor and rather limited (but excellent) menu, I’m guessing their overhead is quite low.

    • that guy

      maybe they like that their patrons can actually get a parking space in front of their restaurant now, and they don’t have to put signs up that say “No Burgers”… just a thought.

      • Vinh An Nguyen

        The best place to open a restaurant is next to another successful restaurant. Having all those customers drawn by RHB was the best thing to happen to that strip.

    • Tim

      How do you know they don’t have their own disputes with the landlord?

    • anon

      Actually, Pho 75 moved out several years ago, and then back in. What I remember hearing about that is the shopping center management was trying to raise rents.

      • Old Timer

        They wanted some chains in there. Chicken-Out was specifically mentioned.

      • George

        My recollection on Pho 75 is that they moved from a smaller space in that strip mall into the larger one they are in now.

  • jan

    Hey, Arlington Newbies.
    RHB is not the first successful eatery there to be chased out of that shopping center.

    • Adam

      Wouldn’t be an ARLNOW thread without some donkey attempting to claim Arlington longevity recognition.

      • InArlingtonSince1898


  • jjj

    This is a real shame! Ray’s is not overrated at all and I breathed a definite sigh of relief to see that the Third is still open. These neighborhood gems (santa fe, bayou to name a few) really add character to the Rosslyn and Courthouse area and it’s a shame that they keep closing down due to rising rent and landlord issues.

    • DarkHeart

      Even the Yenching Palace stands no more.

    • Eric

      Santa Fe is closed. The CV strip mall was home for many years to the “Thai House” until they lost their space to the Virginia ABC outlet.

    • Arlington Northie

      I miss Tom Sarris’ Orleans House…an Arlington/Rosslyn landmark for 50 years. As a kid growing up in th 70s/80s, I used to love going to that place. Prime rib and salad bar…what more do you need in life. I also miss all the old school cafeteria buffet style restaurants we used to have around Arlington as well. Decent food for rock bottom prices. Long gone those places are.

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Try the OSullivans Burger when the new Bar opens up!! Delicious

    • Clarendon Skank

      I prefer their sausages.

  • South Awwlington

    Well…that sucks.

  • Clarendon

    Damn, I liked Rays to Third the best because it always seemed like it was less crowded and now everyone will know it’s there.

  • Sebastian Melmoth

    I don’t care if i have to go to NRA headquarters to get it. i just want my hell burger.

    • Tabs

      Heh. Reminds me of when I came back to DC and needed a job. First ads I saw were for jobs at Heritage Foundation and the NRA.

    • Bubba

      The NRA has a very good cafeteria in the basement at headquarters. The food is good with many healthy choices, the salads are huge and inexpensive, and the food is very inexpensive in general. Employees get a major discount, and I seem to recall members get a discount as well.

      Go visit the National Firearms Museum early on a weekday, then enjoy lunch in the cafeteria. The Museum is fascinating. They have large numbers of unique, rare and historically important firearms. It is very cool.

      • Bubba

        Whoops, the cafeteria is actually in the rear on the first floor.

  • flyover_country

    Last couple times I’ve been in both places, they weren’t as crowded and the burgers weren’t quite as good. Of course that means they are only half again better than all their competitors. Parking was actually my only complaint, so maybe if Ray is forced to relocate it will be further out, maybe VA Sq or Ballston (closer to a metro stop). I like that Ray doesn’t suffer fools – cuts down on the posers, whiners, and crazy picky eaters (no we don’t have a vegan burger or chix McNuggets). Thank God.

    • SteveP

      They actually have a fine vegetarian sandwich (it may be vegan, I don’t recall). Good veggies, and unlike many places with a grilled veggie sandwich, it’s got great flavorful char.

      • Aaron

        It’s usually served smothered in smoked mozzarella unless you substitute another cheese. I think it’s only been available at HB2 and Ray’s to the Third though.

  • CSEM

    A few years back this guy closed the Old Rays because people in Arlington didn’t appreciate how he cooked steak. He protest didn’t last long and he was back in a few months. So strange. Note to Arlingtoner: Besides the news, the best part of Arlnow IS the comment section. I tihnk we have some of the funniest people in the room here.

  • flyover_country

    Yeah, last time i was in there I got the brussel sprouts and bacon rather than the fries. Point I was trying to make is that if its not on the menu, don’t ask for it. Most of the vegans I know would turn their nose up on a veggie burger cooked on the same grill as meat. Also still has the signs up “Don’t sit/save a table until you order and get your food” which is another reason I like Rays.
    Compare that with a Starbucks this week where I’m at the front of a long line and its busy. Cushy chair opens up just as I get my coffee and am looking for a place to sit. A woman with 2 kids at the end of the line sends them both running to the chair in front of me. I politely ask them to move, they do, deathstare from Mommy dearest. Where’s the soup nazi when you need them….

    • Josh S

      Awesome. High five to you.

    • Quoth the Raven

      Why should you get the chair? Sounds like they were there first.

  • DutchMcAllister

    RHB II was one of the few places around here where you could BYOB with no fee. This closing blows!

    • Michael Landrum

      No corkage fee at Ray’s To The Third either (unless that courtesy becomes subject to abuse and/or a vehicle for over-serving and under-age drinking).

      Thanks to all for the interest. Negative feedback heard, understood, and appreciated too.

  • YTK

    oh hell

  • CrystalMikey

    Boo this landlord!

  • Not Larry Sabato

    I stand with Hellburger!

    • Larry Sabato

      Me too!

  • Larry

    This is just another attempt by the government to take away our guns…and by guns I am referring to the explosive projectile filled bowel movements I get after eating a Rays Hellburger

  • CW

    When did nice n greasy become HB2 again?

  • JamesE

    Terrible news, I wish there was some other place in Arlington to get a burger

  • Clueless Entrepreneur

    Now maybe we can get a decent cupcake place in Rosslyn.

  • Retailowner

    I have a feeling I know why there’s a dispute. Rays takes cash only. Most (all i think) landlords take a percentage of revenue after a breaking point, according to the lease. Lets say Rays is 1.5 million in sales. After that the landlord is entitled to a certain percentage of Rays revenue. This is a very common practice. The fact that Rays takes cash only, the landlord and uncle sam have no way of knowing the exact amount of revenue rays takes in. Therefore the landlord doesn’t get his piece that he’s owed. Landlords don’t go changing locks just for the heck of it. They are owed money and probably a lot. I personally think Rays is okay, but the fact that they take cash only seems shady to me and now the landlord thinks so as well.

    • BBMS

      That does not exactly fit with the timeline presented in the article. Landrum filed a lawsuit back in November. The landlord did not change the locks until yesterday.

      Are details of lawsuits available to the public? I expect the claim would shed some light on the dispute.

    • kdub

      Interesting point; Pho 75 also takes cash only.
      Sad to see Rays Hell with its doors shut. I hope the landlord is getting some negative feedback.

  • Retailowner

    It actually does fit the timeline. They probably were asking Landrum for back payments so he filed suit. When you have a tenant renting your home property and they don’t make rent payments for a few months, by law you can’t kick them out right away. There’s a due process. Same goes for this situation. Landlords want the shops to be open, closing them down is last ditch effort.

    • retailowner

      but what do i know.. it could be landrum refuses to pay rent to the landlord. Shopping center definitely needs some work

  • James

    Looks like the people who own the shopping center are seeing each other over ownership of the actual center.


    The only people making money over this is Advanced Towing who are swiping cars of people who park in the lot only to realize it is closed and walk over to Rays to the third without moving their cars. At least they have put signs on the door of RHB telling people not to do this because Advanced is towing people.

    • Bi-Curious George

      How do the Advanced Towing drivers know in which establishment the owner of a particular car is dining?

      • Jackson

        Advanced has “spotters” with cell phones who call them when they see someone leave the lot (Walgreens on Wilson is a big one for that).

        • dirty biker

          +1 look for them parked on Wilson or handing out by the trash cans. I. Hate. Advanced. Towing. (never been towed but they drag the cars, alarms blaring through the neighborhood)

          • Advanced Towing SUCKS

            To continue on this Advanced Towing tangent, those SOBs are THE WORST. If anyone should be evicted by their landlord, it should be them. What a scam. I’ve been towed by them for parking in my own parking lot. TWICE!

          • anon

            I was towed today after going to Pho, realizing they’re cash only, walking to the 7-11’s ATM, came outside, and my car was gone. I was so perturbed, that I reported the spotter as a suspicious vehicle. The spotter also was breaking their own lot regulation which states that they cannot be in the lot for more than an hour without buying something in the location.

            The owners of the restaurants, coffee shops, hell, even Ray’s, should raise hell about Advanced Towing. They stage their tow trucks in the school parking lot (PERMIT ONLY!!!) behind the 7-11 and idle there until the spotter calls them. I’m going out there tomorrow with a video camera, recording for a couple hours, then sending it all to 7 On Your Side.

            This is bloody ridiculous. How can you tow someone for getting cash to purchase food at an establishment that is cash only, and has no ATM on site?

          • WL95

            @anon, if you go try to record them you better have your own spotter along to watch your back. I wouldn’t put anything past those dbags.

  • retailowner

    The more I read into this, the more I realize how wrong I was to put blame on landrum.


    go to that url (or google virginia court case information) go to arlington civil court search and type in Colonial Village shopping center. This lady Roumel has take every single one of her tenants to court! She just filed a suit against landrum Jan 11 2013. Court date is on febuary 8th, so I assume rays will be closed till then. The complaint is of unlawful detainer which i assume isn’t paying rent or something along those lines. Sorry for doubting you rays!

  • Question

    What’s a FREDTERP?

  • wewantez

    Spoken like the true G that Landrum is. Raise up Rays Hell Burger and Believe That.

  • Michael Landrum

    Thank you for your interest, Retail Owner, and what could perhaps be a plausible explanation under different circumstances. The fact is, I have never signed, nor will I ever sign, a “percentage” lease like you described.

    I actually have a tremendous amount of affection for Wilma Roumel, despite her sometimes fractious ature and I am very sad not to have her around–with all her flaws, which were no fewer or no greater than mine, or anyone’s for that matter.

    –Michael Landrum

    • Somewhat dissatisfied

      Michael Landrum, I am interested to see you are reading this comment thread. I am one of what is clearly a large number of people who like your restaurants. I like the food and the easy atmosphere, but I must say I agree with others on this board who don’t like your service or your attitude. In particular, I find the “rules” document you have in your restaurant to be inhospitable and pompous. Also, that story about why you named RHB – so you could tell people where to go – to be off-putting. None of this keeps me totally away from your businesses, though I do expect I would patronize your establishments more if I felt they were welcoming.

      But mostly, given the respect I have for your business, I would like to be rooting for you, and, frankly, I am not. If you modified your interactions with patrons, I bet you would find that in most cases, people respond to respectful treatment in kind, and that there is no reason to be so dictatorial.

      • Hattie McDaniel

        He’s been nothing but nice to me every since he first set up shop in 1725.

      • flyover_country

        Landrum probably won’t rise to the bait, but I will. It is unfortunate that in our society and in this area in particular, what ought to be obvious has to be posted. Just like the self important DBs that drive past the 30 cars at a stop in queue to exit off the beltway and wedges his/her way into the front the line, or the clown in line at the airport loudly talking on the phone about either last night’s sexual conquest, or their client’s confidential information, it has become a city of “inhospitable, pompous and arrogant” posers, whiners, and crazy picky eaters.

        You want to set the rules, open your own restaurant. It’s so easy as evidenced by the fact that it seems like a couple close, and another couple open every other week. I’m sure your concept of what works will knock them dead, so go for it I say. But until then, get out of my seat unless you have your food in hand. Not really that hard to understand, just have some manners and be polite.

        • Name goes here

          Woosh, somebody having a bad day? I thought Dissatisfied comment was respectful and attempted to be helpful. I respect that they have an opinion and can intelligently convey it.

          Your comment, on the other hand is indicative of a bigger problem. You immediately equate someone’s opinion that you disagree with to the person who cut your off in traffic or a person talking on a cellphone that annoys you. Their experience can not be real or useful, it must be a troll or attack. Everybody that bothers you goes into one box of hate. They must all be exactly the same and of course anything they say or do is stupid according to you. Good luck with that.

          • flyover_country

            8 minutes? Humm…. If you check, I post here once every couple weeks depending on what interests me. There are a whole host of lonely souls that spend all day posting online (here and elsewhere), often creating multiple user names so as to argue with themselves and create the appearance of other folks agreeing with them. “Dissatisfied” posted last night, I posted this morning – Hardly a troll. Trolls generally hang around the same place, frequently changing user names to hide how pathetic they really are and post variations of the same dribble all the time. You on the other hand waited all of 8 minutes to reply to my post, so on guard I say, you are the troll me thinks. But whatever, I don’t care as long as you get out of my seat DB and pass the mustard.

    • Courthouse Yinzer

      Side note…is the bar seating still open at R3rd or is that now the takeout counter?

  • John Fontain

    Ok, I’ll throw in a guess. Ethnic Cleansing – Part II?


  • RosslynBob

    Sedona-Slate at 1510 Clarendon Boulevard is advertising for retail tenants under their contact section on their website. Just a thought….

  • Jay Boucher

    Landrum did what lots of unhappy patrons couldn’t – closed a couple terrible restraints. Next up Bronx Pizza….

    • malaka

      I think you NEED a restraint

  • Jay Boucher

    Merp-meant landlord….

  • BBMS

    Read yesterday that the landlord’s claim is for about $70K in unpaid rent.

    So that is one side of the story.

  • Ken

    Sorry there is clearly an issue with him and his inability to either raise cash or finish projects. This is not the first time this is happening and not everyone is out to get him. Putting the tasty burgers aside and think maybe he has an issue.


    • Ed

      Thanks for the link. Sounds like he doesn’t like to pay his bills.

  • Brenden

    Mr Landrum,

    I realize I’m a little late to the party here, but I just called Ray’s ^3 to verify the bottle of wine with no corking fee comment you posted above and was told there is a $10 corking fee. If there really isn’t a corking fee, you might want to relay this information to your host/answering staff.

    Thank you,

  • To all the haters who dislike the name, rules, & other things Landrum is infamously linked to with his chain, well you know where you can go! I enjoyed the original Ray’s the Steaks and it’s many reincarnations. I really look forward to a fun & casual Ray’s returning to Rosslyn very soon!


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