Water Pressure Restored After Repairs to Huge Main

by ARLnow.com January 16, 2013 at 12:15 pm 1,594 16 Comments

Water main break on Columbia Pike (file photo)This morning residents in various parts of Arlington reported low or no water pressure at their homes. Now we know why: a huge water main sprung a leak and needed to be repaired.

“A leak was discovered at midnight on a 30-inch main at a location just north of the intersection of Arlington Blvd and Irving,” Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokeswoman Shannon Whalen McDaniel told ARLnow.com. “County crews worked during the night to repair the leak. During the isolation process of the repair, an area of the main was impacted resulting in low water pressure.”

“Pressure should be restored to normal levels now,” McDaniel said. “There will be additional repair work on the main this week (along Irving), however it should not impact pressure for customers.”

Water pressure problems were reported in neighborhoods like Buckingham, Arlington Forest, Nauck and Fairlington.

File photo

  • YTK

    Oh that explains why the tap output was so puny this morning. A big thank you to the folks who worked so hard to repair the break.

  • LyonParker

    Glad it wasn’t just us! Thanks to the county for the quick response.

  • meh..

    Add Arlington Heights to that affected area since that’s where the intersection is actually located…….. pressure dropped around 9pm last night.

    • occasionally a fact

      Actually, the leak was on the north side of Arlington Blvd., where Irving St. is the boundary of Ashton Heights and Lyon Park — which were affected too.

  • bren

    would have been nice if they sent something out when they realized this…. kinda screwed my eve.

  • ex fairlingtonian

    Glad I moved out of Fairlington

  • Bubba

    Nice picture of men watching hole.

    • Scott Winn

      It’s a file photo, which I guess means “it’s not really happening, but something like this did happen.” I’d rather have no photo.

      Ah…just noticed, way too many leaves.

    • 7-11-bum

      That’s how it always is. One digs while at least 5 “supervise”.

      • other side of the river

        Or, you know, maybe they’re waiting for 4 feet of water to get pumped out of the hole before they can get in there and work on it.

      • Bruce

        Typical comment from someone who’s never worked with his hands.

  • IanD

    Does this mean less money for the streetcar?

  • Winky

    Looks like alot of payroll standing for nothing too me. All I see is $$$$$$$

  • I thought it was just my building. I went on a passive-aggressive first world problems-esque rant about it on FB. I feel like such a heel.


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