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Driver Arrested After Car Crashes Next to Cemetery Metro Entrance

by ARLnow.com January 17, 2013 at 7:00 am 36 Comments

(Updated at 11:10 a.m.) A man was arrested early this morning after allegedly fleeing from police and crashing his car next to the Arlington National Cemetery Metro entrance.

Around 12:20 a.m., a car took off when an Arlington County police officer attempted a traffic stop on Route 110, near the Pentagon. Following protocol, the officer did not attempt to chase the car. A short time later, however, another officer reported via radio that a car had run off Memorial Drive and crashed through some bushes next to the Arlington National Cemetery Metro station. The car, a Saturn sedan, was later confirmed to be the same one that did not stop for the first officer.

The alleged driver of the car was found about an hour later during a search of the surrounding area, parts of which are heavily wooded. The search involved police dogs, and the U.S. Park Police Eagle helicopter. In addition to Arlington County and U.S. Park police, Metro Transit police assisted at the scene.

A row of bushes between the escalators and elevator to the Metro station suffered noticeable damage as a result of the wreck. The car came to rest about 10 yards away from fencing around the station. We’re told it would have been visible from the station platforms.

It’s unclear whether there were any passengers in the car, but as of 2:30 a.m. no other arrests had been made.

The driver is being held on a $6,000 bond, and was charged with misdemeanor hit and run, felony eluding and driving while revoked, according to police.

  • ArLater

    Woo, good job ArlNow! I was up around 1am and kept hearing the helicopter circling from my bedroom. Could look outside and see the spot light from it and was very curious what was going on. Was going to submit a tip this morning to figure it out but you beat me to it!

  • G Clifford Prout

    I hope no one was injured in the bushes. As a longtime ArlNow reader I now know that this is a notorious “cruising” location.

    • Quoth the Raven

      I doubt it, because there is no possible way a Saturn could be going very fast.

      • Hank

        I don’t know, it looks like she must have been going pretty fast to get all that front end damage.

      • YTK

        haha — my auntie drove her Saturn well over 80 mph on 95– I was with her once. She did it regurlarly, but I never accompanied her again.

    • drax

      Sure, Cliff, you know it because you read it on ArlNow. That’s why you know all about this cruising area. Right. 😉

  • Sam Kirzner

    Convenient location. In the event of a fatality – would be a short commute.

    • Scott

      Interestingly, the “no-chase” policy is intended to protect the public and cut down on crashes like this. Unfortunately, it also incentivizes criminals to run.

      • Hank

        I think the no chase policy worked pretty well here. Yeah, the car crashed, but no one was hurt and they caught the woman.

        • Scott

          My point is that they still ran, despite not being chased. And they clearly lost control, indicating that they were speeding. In other words, the exact thing that the “no chase” policy is intended to prevent, occurred.

          • Hank

            Obviously, I’m speculating, but I’d imagine the results of a police chase would likely be more dangerous because there would be multiple speeding cars, not just the chick in the Saturn.

        • nom de guerre

          First sentence of this article reads “A MAN was arrested early this morning after allegedly fleeing from police and crashing his car next to the Arlington National Cemetery Metro entrance.” Where does this “woman” and “chick” come into play?

          • Hank

            Oh, I saw the perp was driving a Saturn, so I just assumed it was a her.

  • Clark Griswold

    Look, Honey! Arlington Cemetery. Wake up kids, we’re here.

  • Novastephanie

    Damn Maryland drivers.

  • Alex

    Anyone know what was going on at Crystal City metro this morning, around 8 am? Lots of fire truck & police car activity.

  • Where is Arl now?????????????????

    for a local site Arlnow.com sure misses a lot……

    1. working house fire in north arlington last —fire showing….could have been a good story…better than Peters take on the Gov or Animal of the day

    2. car over turned two nights ago along columbia pike and s frederick st…..keep along the lines of roll overs in the county….

    3. list goes on…

    • We drove by the Ivy Street fire last night but it wasn’t a big deal and not worth an article.

      • Where is Arl now?????????????????

        of course its not a big deal when the fire is out….fire showing side Alpha when tower 104 arrived OS….heaving smoke pushing out the gable vents on side charlie (back of the house)….

        • wondering

          Mr. Fireman: Does the fire department release a weekly/monthly fire report similar to the police department releasing a weekly crime report?

          • Where is Arl now?????????????????

            Each jurisdiction is diff. the counties around have various policies…they do at the end of the year release a report…..fairfax county has a very indepth/detailed report….goes into detail from fire loss, response times, number of calls, number of cardiac arrests …list goes on……

    • dezlboy

      @Where is Arl now: I suggest a police scanner if you want to keep up on the “fire,crash,etc” bulletins. Seriously, I’m not trying to be snarky.

      FWIW: I think Arlnow does a great job, although the Pet of the Week is questionable, at least until my pet makes it!

      • xarl

        if that’s your pet in the picture, he looks very intelligent. he also looks to be giving you “the ears” as we used to say when one of our terriers was displeased about something. hope he makes it to “pet of the week” !

    • JMB

      Dammit, man, FREDTERP could’ve used some of those question marks!

    • CourthouseChris

      Lol, I like how you add “3. list goes on…” as if it’s a third element because you’ve got nothing else.

      It’s called editorial discretion, a good news source currates what they present and does not strive for simple volume.

  • happycyclist

    why dont motorists self police better? If they WANT laws that protect their safety, if they want money spent on roads, they should FIRST make sure all drivers are law abiding.

    • Really?

      How do you propose to do that? Citizens arrest? I don’t think other drivers will take too kindly to being pulled over by a minivan and given a “ticket” on any available napkin.

      • happycyclist

        thats a good question. I often hear people saying that cyclists should police themselves more. I guess whatever technique is envisioned for that, could work for motorists.

    • Internetz Oracle

      I’m surprised you didn’t know that all drivers are law-abiding — aacept this 1. Car drivers never break laws. They never cause acidents. They never kill anyone.

      Truly true fact: More people have been killed by cyclists just this year, in 2013, than in all of the wars in the entire history of humankind, going back to the ancient times. ‘Tis true. I read it on the Internet.

      • Oracle II

        Wait a week. Someone will use this quote in an Internet comment to claim that cyclists are the most dangerous thing since atomic weapons were created.

    • joey

      Im pretty sure that would be considered road rage or aggressive driving

  • Got one running

    Yeahhhh he I’m sure the officer wasn’t chasing, just following. Hopefully the driver had to pay the “runner’s tax” when they were apprehended.

  • JMB

    The driver must have read about ‘the approaching “winter storm Iago”, and thought he’d get his wreck done early.

  • YTK

    Damn– I bet that crash made enough noise to wake up the dead!!!

  • DCBuff

    “…a car took off when an Arlington County police officer attempted a traffic stop…” Sticker violation. No wonder the guy ran.

  • CW

    Forgot that you can do a hit and run on a bush; he should have saved himself that extra charge and just carefully parked the car.


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