County Board Approves Park Improvements

by ARLnow.com January 28, 2013 at 12:15 pm 13 Comments

Plans for Tuckahoe ParkImprovements are coming to Tuckahoe Park and eight other county parks.

On Saturday, Jan. 26, the Arlington County Board approved a $733,315 contract (including contingency) for reconstruction of the Tuckahoe Park playground. Contractor Jeffrey Stack, Inc. will make improvements to the park, including an accessible entrance, new play equipment, accessible paths, site furnishings, synthetic turf safety surfacing, site drainage, bio-retention gardens and plantings.

The Board also approved eight Park Enhancement (PEG) Grants, for a total of $83,377. The grants include:

  • Removal of invasive plants at Hillside Park in Radnor-Ft. Myer Heights ($11,354)
  • New garden and tools for the Lubber Run Teen Program at Lubber Run Park ($5,500)
  • Small deck, tree protection and other improvements at the Fort Barnard Community Canine Area in Nauck ($15,000)
  • New benches and wood chip path at Thomas Jefferson Middle School ($13,718)
  • Five new benches, a picnic table and a grill at Fraser Park on Army Navy Drive ($10,400)
  • Improvements to the volleyball court at Alcova Heights Park ($5,523)
  • Four new benches and invasive plant control in a large traffic island on John Marshall Drive ($9,290)
  • New concrete path at Woodlawn Park, near Ballston ($12,592)

  • Westover

    I hope they are not getting rid of the towers at Tuckahoe Park! Those are classics of our youth! Save Tuckahoe Park!!!!!! It is the one place that my kids get the same experiance I did as a kid.

    • Ed

      And is that maybe-not-quite-OSHA-ready black and white slide still there? My kids enjoyed that, a few years ago when they were smaller.

      • Westover

        As far as I know, OSHA applies to the workplace, not the playground, and the place can be grandfathered in otherwise. SAVE THE SLIDE!!! SAVE THE TOWER!!!!

      • Arlington Cat

        I think you mean ADA-Americans with Disabilities Act.

        • Arlington Cat

          replying to inference about OSHA pertaining to playgrounds, not OSHA in the workplace

    • David

      Yes, it is my understanding that the existing structures will be removed due to their age, upkeep and risk. I did attend the first couple design meeting so my info couple be outdated; but again, this is my understanding. If someone has info that is contradictory to mine, please update it. Thx, D

      • Westover

        Those structures are more solid than half the new county construction. I don’t remember any deaths or dismemberments from them, so let’s KEEP THEM!

  • HJ

    Does anyone know who did the work at Westover? I hope its not these folks. The work there was awful. The basketball courts are sloped and the baseball field collects water.

  • AL

    Remember the days when all you had to do to have a decent park was clear the area, plant some grass and put a jungle gym in!? Pretty soon they will have to install iPads and TVs for the children!

    Why doesn’t anyone play with tinker toys anymore?!

    • drax

      “an accessible entrance, new play equipment, accessible paths, site furnishings, synthetic turf safety surfacing, site drainage, bio-retention gardens and plantings.”

      So, plants, benches and a jungle gym, like you said.

    • speonjosh

      No. When were those days?

  • Geographically Challenged?

    Alcova Heights Park is on S George Mason Dr, between 50 and Columbia Pike. It’s a stretch to say it’s near Pentagon City, although the trolley will take you there. It’s better to say it’s near the future red light camera on eastbound Columbia Pike at S George Mason.


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