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Neighborhood Town Halls Kick Off Jan. 30

by ARLnow.com January 28, 2013 at 1:50 pm 20 Comments

County Board member Walter TejadaThe first of the new-for-2013 neighborhood town hall meetings, an initiative of this year’s Arlington County Board chairman, Walter Tejada, will kick of on Wednesday, Jan. 30.

The first neighborhood town hall will be held at the Drew Community Center cafeteria, at 3500 23rd Street S. in Nauck. Residents will have an opportunity to voice their opinions or ask questions about any topic, while County Board members listen.

“As part of my ‘Moving Forward Together’ agenda, I am looking forward to hearing from the community in this informal setting, where people can speak their minds directly to County Board members, and get answers,” Tejada said in a statement. “Arlington is always at its best when we are listening to each other and sharing ideas.”

The town hall meetings will be held once a month, except August and December, in various locations around Arlington. The meetings will start at 6:46 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m. The unique start time was chosen so “people would remember it better,” according to a county spokeswoman.

The February town hall will be held at the Lee Community Center (5722 Lee Highway) on Wednesday, Feb. 27. The March meeting will be held at Kenmore Middle School (200 S. Carlin Springs Road) on Wednesday, March 27, and will be focused on one topic: the proposed Columbia Pike and Crystal City streetcar systems.

“It is expected that all five Board members will participate,” the county said in a press release. “They will provide a detailed update on the planned streetcar system, respond to questions from the community and discuss next steps.”

“The Board decided several years ago, after a lengthy public process, to build a streetcar system that will help us handle expected growth, encourage high-quality development, and better connect us to the regional transit network,” Tejada said in a statement. “With streetcar planning now underway in earnest, this is a good time to update residents, business owners and anyone else who is interested, answer questions, and talk about next steps. This is a conversation meant to help us ‘Move Forward Together.'”

The schedule of town hall meetings for the rest of 2013 is available on the Arlington County web site.

  • drax

    This looks like a great event for most of the complainers here to not show up to but continue complaining on this site.

    • ACDC Hack

      I’ll be there….will you wear a name tag so that I can say hi ??

      • Hee-Haw

        just listen for the guy who waits for other people to comment than agrees/disagrees.

        • drax

          I disagree with that.

      • drax

        Sure, but with my real name, so just say hi to everyone and I’m covered.

        • ACDC Hack

          Okay then….see you on Wednesday, Feb. 27

      • South Awwlington

        lol we should all be there and wearing name tags. It might improve the tone and tenor of the comments on this board.

  • ACDC Hack

    If the trolley is indeed such a good idea why won’t the board put it in a direct manner in front of the voters ??

    Just do it…..cut all of the rhetoric and obfuscating b.s. ………..

    • I know right

      Because they had years and years of meetings about the streetcar.

      Of course, all those meetings were all about building streetcars, from day one. Complete Kabuki Theater. They never entertained any other options until the federal studies required them to.

      To act as if years and years of one-sided meetings about how to build a streetcar somehow represents an honest dialog makes them look silly, and possibly dishonest.

      • JohnB

        Actually, the initial Columbia Pike Revitalization plan called for some basic enhancements to the transportation and we got better bus service. They continued looking at options and looked at BRT and completely replacing bus service with streetcars and ultimately decided that due to cost a “modified streetcar alternative” i.e. replace some buses with streetcars, would be more cost effective and allow for expansion to a full streetcar system later if warranted. The most recent AA/EA performed was because the expected funding fell through when the funding mechanism was determined to be unconstitutional by the VA Supreme Court:
        And they had to go for a Federal grant which has a different process.

        Also, do you support putting major road improvements to a direct vote? Do you think VDOT should have had a referendum to replace the bridge on Glebe over Rt 50? Or the bridge on Washington Blvd over the Pike? Or the mixing bowl, or the Woodrow Wilson Bridge? Or do you only think transit projects should be subject to direct democracy?

    • drax

      Should they put everything that’s a good idea in front of voters?

      • ACDC Hack

        “Should they put everything that’s a good idea in front of voters?”

        I hope that question was rhetorical …..

        • drax

          Nope. Answer it.

          • ACDC Hack

            I am so looking forward to meeting you !!

      • Lokic

        It’s a bad idea, and most people in Arlington are against it.

        • JohnB

          I’d love to see your polling data.

        • Edjey

          THE most VOCAL people in Arlington are against it.

          There, I fixed that for you,

          • DCBuff

            Uh, you must be new around here. While there are plenty of vocal and not-so-vocal people against the trolley, if one reads ArlNow for any length of time one can see there are plenty of vocal people (see 4 ArlCo board members) for it.

          • Edjey

            Yes I’m new. I just finished reading the accumulation of daily emails from the same handful of people ranting about it on the 22204 email list, and only now realized there are other parts of the internet.

      • DCBuff

        What if it is a bad idea? The ArlCo board seems to have a few of those, too.


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