Red Parrot Asian Bistro Opens Soon

by Katie Pyzyk February 5, 2013 at 1:45 pm 2,657 21 Comments

Ballston is about to get an influx of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian and Vietnamese foods. All of those varieties will be served up at Red Parrot Asian Bistro (1110 N. Glebe Road) when it opens next week.

Workers are setting up furniture and making finishing touches on the restaurant, so owner Wendy Cheng expects to have a soft opening by next Thursday (February 14), with a grand opening in March. She already has two successful Red Parrot restaurants in Maryland, and had been looking to open an Arlington location for a while.

“Arlington’s a great place,” Cheng said. “We want people to enjoy, to explore more good food. I think we’re right for here, a great restaurant for all these people.”

Cheng is originally from Hong Kong and used to be an engineer. She has a number of family members in the food industry and eventually decided to open her own restaurant due to a passion for cooking and an enjoyment of customers.

“We love cooking and I decided engineering is really not for me. I’m a people person,” Cheng said. “I’m a foodie and I’m a good chef myself.”

Instead of only offering one variety of Asian food, Red Parrot takes popular dishes from many cultures — such as Chinese dim sum, Japanese sushi and udon noodles, Vietnamese pho, Thai curry and pad Thai, Korean bibimbap and freshly made Malaysian roti flatbread. Less traditional items include cheesesteak egg rolls, spicy chicken wings and grilled ribeye steak.

“When you look at Chinese restaurants, they have all kinds of good food, and then a lot of things you’ll never order,” said Cheng. “I just want the best. I just picked the good items.”

Cheng said Red Parrot uses high quality ingredients and has high food turnover to make sure it stays fresh and flavorful. She noted that, for example, many Asian restaurants use lower quality or frozen seafood that doesn’t taste as good or has an unpleasant texture. She boasted that even the lobsters used in some of the Red Parrot entrees and the sushi are fresh.

“We focus on quality. I focus on everything from scratch, very high quality,” she said. “I love food. So I enjoy seeing people enjoying the food.”

Head Chef Sotheerny Massey is from Thailand and also prides herself on the fresh foods made from scratch. She pointed out that even the noodles are made fresh in-house.

“We plan all the food together, it’s great, we come up with ideas,” said Massey. “Sometimes the customers want to talk. We are happy when our customers like our food.”

The Red Parrot’s food will be available for carry out and for delivery within about a five mile radius. There will be happy hour specials at the restaurant from 2:00-6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. In addition to drink specials, happy hour will include discounts on selected foods like sushi and appetizers.

The restaurant is hiring immediately for a number of positions including bartenders, servers and hostesses. Applicants should call Wendy at 443-506-3042 or email [email protected]

  • JohnB2

    HH that ends at 6? No.

    I do like the idea of mixed east & southeast Asian dishes though.

  • Douglas Parker

    You know what they say… A jack of all trades is a master of….

    That’s a lot to excel at, but I’ll give ’em a shot!

  • nunya

    cafe asia in rosslyn does a good job with their pan asian fare.

    good luck to the red parrot!

  • Drunk_IrishChick

    Sounds like a name of a “Spa”

  • speonjosh

    Is this replacing Booeymongers? I seem to recall that place usually being pretty busy at lunch. Why will this place succeed if Booeymongers couldn’t?

    • JamesE

      it is across from there

    • Ballston

      It’s next to Booeymongers. If you look at the main picture, Booyeymongers is behind the photographer.

    • Buckingham Beauty

      No, it’s across Wakefield from Booeymonger, and right next to Melting Pot. If you do a street view on google maps for 1110 N. Glebe, it’s the space that’s got all the white coverings inside the windows. cf. http://goo.gl/maps/TU8mT.

      • Buckingham Beauty

        Oops, forgot to mention that if you pan to the left in street view, you’ll see Booeymonger, and to the right is Melting Pot.

  • Clarendon

    Hope they do well. I haven’t had much luck with these pan-asian places that try and do everything, but this place looks worth a try. If they do sushi well and have decent other stuff they can catch the crowd that include sushi people and non-sushi people.

    The problem I’ve had in the past at these places is with the boldness and hottness of dishes that are supposed to be bold and hot (or at least that is how I like them). Typically the Thai and Korean stuff is either bland or too sweet and not enough heat. But, I will try it – and it’s a more likely successful place than the Melting Pot (although that seemed to last a while).

    • M

      The Melting Pot “seemed to last a while” – isn’t it still there? It looks like it is to the right of this new restaurant in the picture – I see the top of the Melting Pot logo peeking up over the right-hand corner of this building.
      But yes, the Melting Pot has been there a good long time, at least 10 years or more, and it has seemed to be doing good business whenever I’ve gone there.

      • Clarendon

        Correct, I was confused. Glad to hear Melting Pot is doing well.

  • dani

    the two “successful” restaurants in Maryland have completely abysmal reviews on yelp…

  • Hooray for Arlington

    Can I take the trolley there?

  • chris

    Adavance Towing will make a killing towing cars parked on the street.

  • John

    The lettering could be larger on the sign. There is way too much empty space… can’t wait to check it out!

    • Buckley

      Agreed. Their font guy is the worst.

  • laura

    An entire apartment complex of 22-35 year olds live directly behind the place. I say we sign a petition for happy that goes AT LEAST until 7 pm. They will get a lot more business that way

  • Laura

    happy hour***


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