Video: Arlington Hosts Life-Size Energy Board Game

by ARLnow.com February 8, 2013 at 4:10 pm 15 Comments

Last weekend, Arlington County hosted a “life-size board game” that challenged residents to think harder about their energy choices.

The Energy Journey Game was held at Washington-Lee High School on the afternoon of Saturday, Feb. 2. Participants learned strategies for cutting down on energy use during all four seasons.

In an interview with the county’s Arlington TV channel, above, County Board member Jay Fisette hailed the event as a “creative” way to further Arlington “commitment to sustainability.”

“We need to do outreach continually, to bring to people the ideas — the awareness — of how they can save [money] and protect the environment in their everyday behavior,” Fisette said.

  • novasteve

    So wouldn’t it be even more sustainable if all the yuppies gave up their mcmansions for 1 bedroom apartments? Think of the trees!

  • paul

    So how much energy was wasted and how much was the air polluted by all of these people driving to Washington-Lee School to see this video? Fisette needs to get a life – preferably in LaLaLand.

    • JimPB

      “LaLaLand” is a land far far away in which energy is not an issue. Energy is an issue on this planet.

      • paul

        LaLaLand has the highest gasoline prices in the country, the highest taxes, a bankrupt state treaury and pension system, and numerous bankrupt counties and cities despite having the largest energy reserves in the nation. How did it get to this? By listening to people like Jay “I don’t neeed a real job I’m on the Arlington County Board” Fisette.

        • drax

          paul, your post makes no sense.

          • Paul

            Get on I-66 west, drive about 2700 miles, and you are there – LaLaland.

          • drax

            I still don’t get your point. Jay Fisette’s agenda would make LA a much better place.

        • Mary-Austin

          Probably more of a real job than whatever you do.

          • Libby

            Wow…you SLAMMED him!

    • drax

      Very little energy was wasted doing this event. Much more energy will likely be saved due to it. But you knew that.

  • Snugglez

    I’m going to leave all my lights on tonight and then leave my car running for shits and giggles.

    • drax

      If you get off on throwing money down the toilet, feel free.

  • energizer

    Helping people save energy so they can save money, prevent pollution, preserve the environment and even keep us from having to send Americans to die in wars in the Middle East. Nice idea. Yet complainers can only think to bash it.

  • This event is exactly what is needed so individuals can take some time to think about energy. Aside from the cynical comments by some about the event, the US used more energy per unit of production than either Europe or Japan – so how can we be competitive being wasteful? Energy efficiency can reduce our energy loads by a third which saves money and pollution and increases quality of life – such as less power outages, less pollution, less water use, and supplanting the need to spend billions of dollars to increase electric power plant construction. As an adjunct professor teaching two interdisciplinary courses on energy at GWU, people need to see the connections about their energy use, economic well being, health, and national security. This game is one such step to do just that.

  • noce

    suspicious before attending, i thought it was well done. equal parts fun and education, it offered a lot. we played along with some foreign friends visiting from out of country, who were pretty impressed that such a serious investment is being made in civic and enviro education. personally, i felt proud that enough care to take the long-term sustainability of our choices seriously.


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