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View of Rosslyn across the Potomac (Flickr pool photo by Wolfkann)

Wakefield Captures District Championship — On Friday, the Wakefield High School boy’s basketball team defeated Mount Vernon 69-60 to become the National District champions. Wakefield is now competing in the Northern Region regional tournament. Yorktown, which fell 42-82 to Wakefield in the National District tournament, is also competing as a lower seed in the Northern Region tournament. [Northern Virginia Sports]

Neighbors Want Security Guard at New Homeless Shelter — Residents of the Woodbury Heights Condominium in Courthouse are pressing Arlington officials to place a 24-hour security guard at the county’s planned year-round homeless shelter at 2020 14th Street N. Residents say they’re worried about an increase in crime as a result of the shelter moving next to their building. A resident’s Freedom of Information Act request revealed that there have been just under 6 police responses to the existing shelter per year, on average, between 1994 and 2011, mostly for alcohol-related incidents. [Arlington Mercury]

Arlington Tourism Tax Bill Passes General Assembly — A bill that would restore Arlington’s 0.25 percent hotel tax surcharge is destined for the desk of Gov. Bob McDonnell. The state legislature approved the bill, which will restore the tax authority — which is used to fund tourism promotion — for three years. [Sun Gazette]

Conservative Tech Biz Booming in Arlington — Business is booming for a small Arlington-based conservative digital advocacy company. The co-founder of Red Edge, which is based above an antique shop in Lyon Park, says he expects the business to double or triple this year as Republicans look to make up ground lost to Democrats in the online sphere. [New York Times]

Registration Open for Ballston LaunchPad Challenge — Registration is now open for the Ballston LaunchPad Challenge. The contest challenges entrepreneurs to come up with the “next great idea,” for a chance to pitch their innovation to billionaire Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis. [Ballston BID]

Flickr pool photo by WolfkannDisclosure: Ballston BID is an ARLnow.com advertiser. 

  • Your editor

    Yorktown fell to Yorktown?

  • And?

    How many police responses have their been to Woodbury Heights Condominium per year? I need a baseline to compare that story to. Anyone, anyone, anyone…

    • Ballston

      I’m sure the bro filled condos of Ballston average more than 6 incidents a year. However, they probably have more people in them, so without more info, that statistic is meaningless.

      • drax

        6 calls, mostly alcohol? Sounds like a Mr. Day’s.

        Maybe the shelter needs a bouncer instead of an armed guard.

      • JamesE

        Bromicide !

        • WeiQiang


  • Big Fan

    From the 22204 listserv: The Wakefield Boys basketball team took down T.C. Williams Monday night 67-53. This was their 14th straight victory! They move on in the Northern Region tournament to play Langley tomorrow night at Wakefield. It will be the very last game in the old Wakefield gym. It’s sure to be exciting. Come out and cheer on the Warriors!

    • 120

      +1 I was at the game against TC Williams last night at well. The team is looking real good and I would love to see them keep that winning streak going. They play very hard and there is a lot of talent out there. WARRIOR NATION!!!!

    • we’ll be there!

      Although we are a W&L family, my son and husband were at the Wakefield game last night, and the whole family is planning to attend tonight’s game. They are a fun team to watch. Go Warriors!

  • Get a handle

    Get a grip on things residents of the new homeless shelter… Geez, you are right across the street from the Police Station. Literally a stones throw away. You will probably be safer with the homeless shelter there than without. The shelter will provide increased supervision of occupants, increased vigilance around the premises and increased police patrols to shut whiners like you up! So, I say sure provide a security guard if the residents who are requesting it are paying for it.

    • novasteve

      Presume the legend around Kitty Genovese is actually true, did all those people around help save her life?

  • JimPB

    A shelter for the homeless to sleep at was opened in a former neighborhood in Maryland. Cries of anticipation about the horrible things the sleepers would commit. Actual incidents linked to the homeless sleepers: close to hunting for a needle in a haystack.

    • novasteve

      Jim, do you ever read the crime reports on here of violent crimes and sexual assaults and notice the percentage that list of the accused “no fixed address”? Do you think a year round shelter full of mentally ill people will increase or decrease those amounts of crimes? I’ve had homeless people tell me they’d kill me, I’ve had homeless people shout “i’ll stab you with a knife”, I just had some homeless guy walking down the street strike a boxing pose making fists at me as I walked by. While none of those are acts of violence, how would you feel if your wife or daughter had that happen to her?

      • drax

        Steve, you should know that we cannot prejudge people based on a group they are a member of.

        And why you feel safer with them out on the street rather than in a shelter is beyond me.

        • novasteve

          Drax, given this will attract homeless from OTHER AREAS who wouldn’t otherwise be in Arlington, you aren’t safer with them being in the shelter during some of the hours. They will still go out to pandhandle and smoke for most of the day. And teh days are shorter in winter, so that means NIGHT TIME.

          • jackson

            I never thought I’d see you bad mouth a fellow smoker.

      • Ballston

        I think you answered your own question Steve. Yes we see crimes linked to “no fixed address” but how often are crimes committed by people living at the shelter? It’s almost like the shelter was accomplishing its mission of giving people a place to stay and preventing crimes?

        • novasteve

          Something tells me that if people who live in shelters get busted, they will still put no fixed address down, because I’d hope you can’t get residence based upon a homeless shelter. But then again, I have my suspicions of why the Arlington Board wants this so badly, and you need residency to vote.

          Are you going to deny that a year round shelter will attract more homeless people, most if not all of them who are mentally ill? Do you think that makes an area more safe or less safe? Why don’t you send your daughters to hang around that area at night if you are so confident that its perfectly safe?

          • drax

            You missed the point, steve.

            The point was that having them in a shelter, rather than all over the streets, will probably make them less likely to commit crimes. Got it now?

            The idea that the board wants to build a shelter to win 142 votes (the number of homeless in Arlington in the last count) is just beyond silly. You think they won’t lose more than 142 votes over this? And no, you don’t even need a permanent address to register anyway.

          • xarl

            WTF!! i wouldnt send my daughters anywhere to hang out at night!

          • Dezlboy

            1. It’s safer to have residents in a shelter as they also get counsiling. On the street they have no access to food/clothing/shelter/medical or mental assistance.

            2. I really doubt the County Board wants the sheltered people to be residents (if that is the case?) for the purpose of obtaining more votes.

            3. You lost me as to why you cited (rather yet, posed yet anotehr question) the Genovise case. Maybe the road rage incident would be more appropriate?

          • novasteve

            Yes, because once in a shelter, they aren’t allowed to leave. It becomes a prison for them and society can pretend there are no homeless anymore.. Nope, we’ll never see a homeless person again because they have hobo porn inside for them so they never leave! it’s like a roach motel!

          • drax

            I think having a homeless shelter makes our town more secure, not less, steve. Figure it out.

            But you still haven’t addressed the fact that you’re using bigot logic, and you should know better.

  • Pink Panther

    Just hire a cop from next-door to work a little overtime at the shelter. Cops do these kind of gigs all the time. It’s free money, and worth their while.

  • awesomepossum

    Like criminals will submit to security guards.

  • Guest



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