Four Orange Line Stations Closed This Weekend

by Katie Pyzyk February 21, 2013 at 11:50 am 1,419 28 Comments

Metro logoBallston will be the end of the line for Metrorail riders headed toward Vienna this weekend. WMATA will close four stations from February 22-24 for upgrades to the system.

Starting at 10:00 p.m. on Friday the East Falls Church, West Falls Church, Dunn Loring and Vienna stations will be closed. Crews will be working on signal system integration with the new Silver Line extension. Trains will still operate on a normal weekend schedule between Ballston and New Carrollton.

Free shuttle buses will replace trains between Ballston and Vienna. Express buses will run only between the Vienna and Ballston stops; local buses will serve all stops in between Ballston and Vienna. Customers taking the express buses should expect to add an additional 25 minutes of travel time and those using the local buses should add up to 50 minutes of travel time.

The service alterations continue until closing on Sunday. More information about weekend track work throughout the system is available on WMATA’s website.

  • WeiQiang

    Metro’s “February Feces Festival”

    • drax

      Spring Sh*t Saturnalia

  • YTK

    Thanks for closing those stations Metro- it’s not like we needed to use them anyway. Buses will do JUUUST fine won’t they, folks….?

    • great idea

      Rigt on, YTK! Who cares about that work that will maintain the tracks, improve safety, and allow the Silver line expansion. Honestly, that’s a bunch of junk. They should schedule this stuff at a time when it doesn’t affect you, like the weekday. Who cares if it affects substantially more people over all, at least you can still take the Orange Line over to your favorite hipster locales.

      • Libby

        Touché! Well played, sir!

        • speonjosh

          Arlingtonians seem hell-bent on coming up with a new meaning for touche. I guess it now means something like bravo?

          • drax

            Libby used it right.

          • speonjosh

            Only if she also logs in under the YTK name…..

      • Major Pup McPuppo Jr.

        i am slightly inconvenienced this wknd and i am mad. metro should never close on the wknd to do routine maintenance or fix problems. i will rant about it on a message board anonymously.

      • YTK

        i am so touched by your diatribe.

        • great idea

          Oh really? Hopefully we don’t see that touching in the crime report next week.

          • KathyInArlington

            HA, HA! Good one!

    • Douglas Parker

      I believe you have been assaulted by internet mob.

      I happen to agree with you though. If metro is your sole mode of transportation weekday/end makes no difference.

      I’ve seen crews work on stuff at night so to minimize inconvenience to the public. Hmmm, where have we seen examples of this?

      • drax

        Crews working at night cost more.

      • ARL

        They can’t do the work at night because it takes more than 12 hours to do. It takes a whole weekend, all at once, to do this work.

      • happy cyclist

        Are there really folks who don’t own a car AND don’t bike? Other than physically challenged folksand/or poor seniors?

        • drax

          And, hey, Metro is providing bus service. You can still get there on Metro, it will just take longer.

      • BBMS

        It can’t only be for people who need to ride it. There’s impact on discretionary trips too. This is part of the reason ridership has been declining on the system.

        Less riders, less revenue, but I guess they save some costs on their labor. Bad prioritization in my opinion.

        • m

          They aren’t doing it to save labor costs, but because it is not possible to do certain tasks during the brief overnight periods when the system is closed. Metro does do substantial work late at night when the system is closed, but that is only from midnight to 5am on weeknights. By the time you bring in the equipment and get everythinig set up, they only have a few hours to work on a project. They also do some work on weekdays during the middle of the day, when they can single-track around the work zone. Again, only a few hours are available. For bigger projects, you really need to shut the line down for a long time and allow uninterrupted work. The work crews will be getting paid plenty, as these weekend projects generally include the weekend nights as well as days – they will have crews working nonstop for 48 hours or more.
          It could be worse – London, for example, has shut down entire Tube lines for weeks to do big upgrade projects.

          • Douglas Parker

            Thanks m. I appreciate the great explanation!

  • All Aboard

    Won’t matter when we have streetcars breezily coasting through our county.

    • YTK

      with Free Froyo!!!????

      • Ray

        And gourmet burgers.

        • Cyrus

          HA! These jokes never get old! Oh wait, yes. Yes, they do.

          • All Aboard

            If you think streetcars in Arlington are a joke, then the joke is on you.

  • novasteve

    Will we ever get a Fuchsia line?

    • WeiQiang

      yes. it’s called 23rd Street South.

      • Not Me

        Haha! 🙂


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