Adam’s Corner Closes in Courthouse

by ARLnow.com March 5, 2013 at 3:20 pm 1,709 20 Comments

Adam's Corner in Courthouse has closed Adam's Corner in Courthouse has closed

Adam’s Corner, a hookah lounge and bar at 2319 Wilson Blvd in Courthouse, closed its doors over this past weekend.

It’s unclear why the local watering hole, which also served as a Red Sox and Patriots bar, closed. One business owner on the block said Adam’s Corner was evicted, though that could not be independently confirmed. The interior of the restaurant appeared to be largely empty this afternoon.

The building in which Adam’s Corner was located is set to be torn down to be replaced with a new 8-story office building, displacing the three remaining restaurants on the block: Listrani’s, Thai at Corner and Taste of Tunisia. The business owner said he does not anticipate moving out to make way for construction until next year. A construction timetable could also not be independently confirmed.

One tipster suggested that Adam’s Corner, which opened in 2010, lacked a core brand identity.

“I guess the Red Sox theme coupled with jazz and hookah didn’t pack them in,” the tipster said.

Earlier last month, before the closure, one customer lauded Adam’s Corner on its Facebook page, calling it “probably the only bar in Arlington that even knows how to chill the hell out and relax.”

  • Arlington Chris

    Don’t know if it “lacked a core identity”, but that place was always empty, even on Saturday night.

  • Ahhlington

    No lie, I didn’t even know it was there.

  • Zed

    Totally lackluster, lousy service, bait and switch pricing == good riddance!

  • Ballstonian

    Red Sox & Patriots-themed hookah bar?

    “She’s nawt a hookah, officah, she’s my girlfriend!”

  • 22201 for 12

    I wanted that place to work. The guy who ran it- don’t remember his name, but was from Rhode Island- was v. nice. To be honest, I never went in when hookah use was high. Could not stand the smell. Also- no tap beers. Then it had the doucheateria across the street to contend with . Oh well- doomed, I guess.

  • Alex A..

    Hopefully Listrani’s is next. I’d rather see another Subway in that place rather than them.

  • novasteve

    Never saw anyone in it when I walked by.

  • Not surprised

    Hookah: For people too weak to handle good old American hydro.

  • carmen

    so mad. this place was cool.

  • TheMissile

    good riddance

  • Jake_O

    Please put a Waffle House here….

  • John Taffer

    If they could have only made it to the next season of Bar Rescue!

  • Anti-Adam

    I’ve been secretly hoping for this for a year

  • elizabeth

    GOOD RIDDANCE! worst management/service ever!

  • Ghost of Sam

    It maybe is having “corner” in the name that is the curse……..

  • David

    Prob because the Red Sawx sux.

  • Just the Facts

    Didn’t Screech from Saved by the Bell do a standup comedy set there once?

  • rawny rocketz

    always thought it was a gay bar! huh.

  • SirFlexopolous

    Damn, that was my morning after doodoo stop before I went to Whitlows.

    Real shame.

  • SirFlexopolous



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