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Morning Notes

by ARLnow.com March 6, 2013 at 9:05 am 13 Comments

Snow falling on Pentagon Row

Trash Collection Canceled — Trash collection in Arlington has been canceled today due to the snow storm. Trash collection is currently expected to resume tomorrow, with collection delayed one day for the rest of the week (Wednesday customers’ trash being collected on Thursday, etc.). “Please do not put your trash or recycling on the curb this Wednesday,” said the Arlington County Department of Environmental Services. “Wednesday collection routes are in the hilliest parts of the County and expose the collection crews and the public to the greatest safety risks in a snow event.”

School Boundary Meeting Canceled — A school boundary meeting scheduled for today has been canceled. Instead, Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Patrick Murphy will be holding a boundary town hall meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, March 11, at Williamsburg Middle School. APS, meanwhile, has made some minor tweaks to its boundary change plan, after hearing critical feedback from parents. [Arlington Public Schools, Patch]

Moran, Connolly Support Metrorail Extensions — Virginia Congressmen Gerry Connolly and Jim Moran have introduced a bill calling for a study of an extension of Metro’s Blue, Yellow and Orange lines to Potomac Mills, Fort Belvoir and Centreville respectively. “We need to look at solutions that take cars off the roads and provide viable transportation alternatives for our citizens,” Connolly said in a statement. [Rep. Gerry Connolly, DCist]

Green Party Seeks Housing Authority Referendum — The Arlington Green Party is trying to drum up support from the local faith community for its push for a new housing authority. The Greens are trying to collect 3,000 signatures to get a measure on the ballot that would establish a housing authority in Arlington County, with the goal of creating more affordable housing units. [Arlington Mercury]

  • Not so fast my friend…

    Sounds like we need better commuter rail, and need to stop trying to turn metro into it.

    • WM

      I must agree…

    • DCBuff

      Hopefully, hopefully, such a study will point that out and not be a justification to plow further cash into Metro to send it well beyond its common-sense range.

  • Chris M.

    Potomac Mills and Centreville are 25 miles outside of the system’s core. This
    is what commuter rail is for. http://www.vre.org/service/schedule.htm. This is wasteful
    buffoonery and they know it. But now, at least, they get to say that they did something.

    • Ballstonian

      Agreed. I’m all for expanding public transit, but Metrorail is not the solution to every problem. Should we extend Metro to Baltimore, and tie it into their transit system? How about New York too? I can imagine the announcement, “This is the Green Light to Battery Park, transfer there to the 1 train to Van Cortland Park.” Downtown to Vienna is a long ride as it is; going to Centreville on metro would be ridiculous.

      Metro is a hybrid subway/light commuter rail system, best suited for distances not too far beyond the beltway. For places like Potomac Mills (or Dulles for that matter), true commuter rail is faster and more comfortable for the riders. VRE is a much too limited system, but the solution is to upgrade and integrate it with MARC into a regional commuter rail system, not to try to force Metro to be something it isn’t and can’t be.

  • novasteve

    OMG I agree with democrats on something finally. But only so I can live futher out.

    • m

      Interestingly consistent – even when you agree with the Dems, you are wrong.

      • drax

        He only agrees with the Democrats because of the D next to their names.

    • xard

      You can live further out now if you want to, but you might have to take a bus part of the way to work. Of course, you are too snobby for buses – you have to have a train, so you can pretend you are in Prague and sip your lattes on your way to vote for anybody with a D after their name.

    • drax

      You can live farther out now, steve. You can simply do without the Metro that those stupid Democrats brought you, and drive your stick shift to work in stop and go traffic every day.

  • mike

    “Wednesday collection routes are in the hilliest parts of the County”

    Of course – that’s why they call it “Hump Day.”

  • TommyW

    This proposal is definitely a job for commuter rail. The Metro trains are already packed on the Orange line by the time it arrives in Ballston in the morning from commuters boarding in Falls Church and Vienna. Putting even more passenger onboard from Centreville and beyond is not feasible.

  • DCBuff

    Next, Moran will call for a study to extend the trolley to Leesburg.


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