Two Arlington Restaurants Make WaPo ‘#40Eats’ List

by ARLnow.com March 8, 2013 at 10:00 am 4,923 31 Comments

Pupatella Pizzeria opens on Wilson BoulevardThe Washington Post is out with a list of the “40 dishes Washingtonians shouldn’t live without in 2013,” and apparently the region can live without most food in Arlington.

Of the 40 restaurants and dishes, the Margherita DOC pizza at Pupatella (5104 Wilson Blvd) was the only Arlington original to make the list.

Also on the list was the Kufta sandwich at Astor Mediterranean, a D.C. restaurant that has a satellite location in Arlington at 2300 N. Pershing Drive.

Alexandria and Falls Church each tallied two restaurants on the list, which was compiled partially via suggestions from Twitter using the “#40Eats” hashtag. The vast majority of the list featured restaurants in the District.

  • KARLington

    Had a margherita DOC just yesterday and the recognition is well-deserved. Look forward to my next visit to Pupatella!

  • flux

    Surprised the samosas at The Forest Inn did not make the list.


  • novasteve

    Why didn’t the whole foods shrimp tempura roll make the list?

    • bobbytiger

      Good chance it would have made the Post’s “Top 41”.

  • novasteve

    Is there any really good, not that expensive chinese restaurant in arlington?

    • Ali

      If there is, I have yet to find it. Go to Falls Church.

    • flux

      Peking Pavilion, Williamsburg Shopping Center.

      • John

        Went there for the first time in awhile just the other day. They’ve drastically increased their prices.

        • flux

          Well, that’s a shame. But even if they jumped 25%, I’d still rate it pretty high for around here.

          Place has been there forever. Local folklore when it opened was that the food would make you sick, since it replaced half of the old Williamsburg Hardware store, and the kitchen was right in the spot where they kept the bags of fertilizer and garden chemicals. At least, that’s the rumor the kids all spread around. Guilty.

      • rkj

        The service there is fast and friendly, and your patronage is appreciated. We keep going back.

    • Anna

      TNR on Wilson Blvd in Courthouse. Get any of the noodles (the spicy beef noodle soup is the best I’ve had in the area, and the Taiwanese-style fried rice noodles are also excellent), or order the “2/3 dishes, 1 soup” meals–I think they’re on the back of the menu. All the dishes are good and very much like what you’d get in China or Taiwan; just keep in mind that the soups are supposed to be very light, more a beverage than a stew (not like hot and sour soup). The rest of the menu is pretty much like any other Chinese takeout place. Also, don’t order tea: they charge you, and give you a tasteless tea bag.

      Or if you like Sichuan food, Mala Tang on Washington Blvd has expanded their appetizer section a little, so you could make a meal there even if you don’t like hot pot. It’s a little pricey, though, and you can get pretty much the same food with more variety at Hong Kong Palace in Falls Church (same owner).

    • DDD II

      Eastern Carryout, they now have tables in the new location so it’s no longer just a carryout 🙂 is on the opposite side of the same building as Astor and is worth checking out. Food, portions and prices are great. Long Time Customer!

      • novasteve

        I wouldn’t describe it as really good though. It’s convenient, and the new dishes like the onion chicken and pepper chicken are good, the other stuff is not that great.

  • Ben’sUncle

    Doesn’t Ben’s Chili Bowl usually make these kinds of lists?

  • flyover_country

    Sigh. Well deserved for both Astor and Pupatella, but enough already – they are both small and are already often so overcrowded that its hard to find a seat. Additionally, it wasn’t enough to give over Joes and Pie Tanza to the crayon crowd, know its getting that way at Pupatellas. Most kids that age would be happy with a piece of cardboard with prego on top, can there be no decent restaurant in Arlington not over run by kids?

    • Sam

      A restaurant is reflective of the neighborhood (and county) it resides in.

      There are plenty of places that are not overrun by kids. Are you really surprised that families are going to places that serve pizza and pasta?

    • Id

      It’s called family and, yes, moms and dads and their children on occasion go out to eat. If you narcissistically elect to have your gene pool die with you, that is your choice, but it should not prevent families with kids from having a rare night out.

      • novasteve

        Isn’t having kids a bit more narcissistic than not if concerned about your genepool dying out?

      • BonAir Mom


      • Annoyed

        There’s nothing “rare” about families eating out in Arlington, some do almost every night of the week and many have no control over their children’s terrible manners.

    • QTR

      There are plenty of restaurants not “overrun by kids”. For example, if you eat at 8 or after, the # of kids is pretty low. Or, nicer restaurants tend to be devoid of kids. Pupatella is a freaking pizza restaurant. Of course there are kids there.

      • flyover_country

        So is Chuckecheese’s. Here I’ll help:


        Or Joes:


        Or Pie-Tanza:


        Yeah, so check out the art work sometime in at Pupatella – all fluffy and spongebob squarepants. Well, no its actually models with cigarettes hanging out their mouth giving ya the come and get me look. Guess it’s better to get little Sally started early though. As I said, blind taste test likely to show that little Sally can’t tell a margherita from a Dominos or chuckecheese. See ya there….

    • Guest

      co not agree with you more. we ate there ONCE – it was so loud – kids were crawling on the tables and screaming…the parents and restaurant did nothing.

      good food but not a good atmosphere to eat dinner.

    • bsu4phd

      Over-run indeed! Tried getting a haircut on a Saturday morning? Lollipops w/ hair everywhere!

  • Bob

    I am not impressed with Pupatella. Paradiso is the gold standard.

  • Patty

    Since Fall, I’ve gone at least 6-8 times and have never had to wait for a table for more than five minutes. I agree that there are parents with children running throughout the seating areas but there are also parents there with kids, who you don’t even realize are there. I know people don’t like to go during slow times but that’s how you get the best food and the best service.

  • Natty1

    Also, just across the border in Falls Church there are two Eden Center restaurants on the list — plus a full review of another Eden Center restaurant. That place has amazing good places to eat.

  • Clarendon Bro

    Whatever. Any list that does not include Mister Days or Ri Ra is NEGATRON.

  • Tired of whiners

    Boo hoo if your anxiety makes you unable to have joy in the presence of children. Order delivery, you’re on the verge of ugly


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