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AWLA Warns of Rabid Raccoon Danger

by ARLnow.com March 14, 2013 at 4:20 pm 1,458 13 Comments

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is warning that people and pets might have been exposed to a rabid animal in Glencarlyn Park.

Two dogs were seen fighting with a rabid raccoon in the park this past weekend, the AWLA said in a press release. The organization is seeking anyone and anything who might have come in contact with the raccoon.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is seeking information about anyone who may have had contact with a raccoon in Glen Carlyn Park on Saturday, March 9, 2013. A witness saw two dogs fighting in the water with a raccoon in the off-leash dog area. Animal Control located the raccoon later that day and humanely euthanized it. The raccoon has tested positive for rabies. Any people or pets that may have had contact with the raccoon should call Animal Control at 703-931-9241 immediately.

  • Thatguy

    Lol there’s an infested amount of raccoons in the bancroft apartment area by Columbia pike and George Mason…

    • I’m kind of a dick

      Did one bite in the the language portion of your brain, by chance?

  • Fee Lyne

    Sic McPuppo on them (provided he’s been vaccinated first, of course).

  • Jesus Shuttlesworth

    Thems is good eatin’!

  • SomeGuy

    “Coons? When racoons tried getting on our back porch, mama just chased them off with a broom.” –Forrest Gump

  • novasteve

    “humanely euthanized” it? And of course chopped of its head and sent it to a lab in North Carolina to make sure if it was rabid? And if not, they just say “oops”?

    • It’s very out of character for raccoons not to run and hide. The fact it was aggressive, especially at a dog park for overly-sophisticated canines who will ride the streetcar, but would never get on a bus, just like their European cousins, known as the RÁCÖÖŃŠ, is a sign of rabies (D).

    • Peggy Sue

      what else do you expect them to do with it steve? provide hospice care or maybe try to cure the rabies? no other way to test for rabies that I know of… glad its not me chopping heads

      • drax

        When it comes to animals, steve is suddenly a rabid (so to speak) liberal.

  • squidgod
  • Rocky, Rocky, Rocky………

  • Arlington Chris

    Trying to think of a rabid Trev joke.

  • How sad for the dog owners– I hope the dogs don’t have to be put down. We were walking through the off-leash area Saturday afternoon. Now we know it’s not just car thieves we have to look out for in our new neighborhood. Yuck!


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