Love Letters Posted Along Lorcom Lane

by ARLnow.com March 15, 2013 at 10:45 am 4,536 48 Comments

Some hopeless romantic has stapled a series a posters to utility poles along Lorcom Lane, declaring his or her love for one special lady.

The love letters, which were visible to traffic heading from Spout Run Parkway to Lee Highway yesterday, had messages like “Proud to Be Yours,” “I Love You Forever,” and “The Only Woman In The World For Me.”

One passerby was befuddled by the romantic declarations.

“It’s not even Valentine’s Day,” he observed, scratching his head. On Twitter, there were questions as to whether the posters were a declaration of love or an apology, with one reader using the hashtag “#lovelettersordoghouse.”

Update at 3:15 p.m. — The mystery continues, as the initial claim of credit for the love letters appears to be an hoax perpetrated by an individual who assumed the identity of another person. ARLnow.com apologizes to both named individuals who were falsely identified as the writer and the recipient.

Hat tip to @rebeccapenno

  • South Awwlington

    Fatal Attraction type?

    • Rocky

      Maybe the writer was bit by that raccoon.


    Stop shouting.

  • Keith

    Definitely dog house. From Spout Run to Lee? Had to catch her attention on the way home from work from DC. Must have been a fight that morning before work.

  • malaka

    Cheaper than flowers I guess

  • a stalker

    Or maybe it’s me.

  • Louise

    This is awesome!

  • StankyYank

    Sounds like that dude needs to get laid….

    • StankyYank

      Better yet, sounds like he’s either trying to get laid or got laid and reaaaaalllllly liked the way she shook that thang….

      • Julia

        if he’s trying to get laid, he’s doing it wrong, The poster that says “I need you”” -that’s the worst thing a man can ever say to a woman. “I want you” – great. “I love you” – great. “I respect you” – sounds you are apologizing for something. “I need you” – you sound needy. No woman wants a needy man.

      • ARL

        Nah. This is either a guy in the doghouse, a romantic with not much creativity, or a deluded stalker type, in that order. Nobody is delude enough to try to get laid like this.

    • Bill

      That isn’t going to help any guy get laid. That’s only going to help prevent a guy from getting the boot because of what he said or did to piss her off.

    • YTK

      Thanks for reminding me of the time on Lee Highway when someone pasted an “H” over the “D” on the “No Dumping” sign on the side of the road.

  • Ballstonian

    Are the kids at HB Woodlawn doing a Shakespeare production this spring or something? This sounds like someone is borrowing a plot device from “As You Like It” and doing performance art with it.

    • Polk

      Yeah, I thought HB, too, but the fact that it faces only one direction coming from South Run (and Old Town?) would not quite fit this theory.

      • Polk

        Spout Run

  • Litter bug

    I agree. Someone in the dog house. I have no problem with the signs as long as whoever put them up takes them back down.

  • From an email we just received:

    “I don’t know who posted them, but I saw more of these (one said like ‘my one, my only, my forever’) on the GW Parkway in Old Town, Alexandria this AM. They were the same, large white paper, red writing.”

    • arlcyclist

      Not sure if they’re still there, but as of a week ago there were love messages on some of the light posts on N Kensington just north of Lee Hwy. These are done with colorful magnetic letters which looks nicer and is more creative than this chicken scratch on copy paper.

      • Texas Aggie 1966

        There’s a lot of women who don’t care what it is written on…..just that it is written is enough

  • kate

    There are a bunch of red balloons and hearts taped to a utility pole on the corner of 24th and N. Illinois. Not sure if there’s a letter there or not.

    • Unlucky in Love

      How come no one ever leaves red heart balloons for me? I’m nice…

  • Roger

    Looks like he got caught creeping.

  • novasteve

    What’s the border of hopeless romantic and creepy obesssed stalker?

    • Only Stalking if You are Ugly

      That’s a question probably better directed to the women who have restraining orders against you, Steve.

      • novasteve

        Given I have no restraining orders against me, do your personal attacks have to go into the real of defamation now? Stay classy.

        • jennrubenstein

          yep, defamation of the unknown anonymous message board over-commenter.

      • drax

        You are awarded 1/2 FREDTERP.

  • Buckwheat

    Why is the poster a guy? This is Arlington!

  • ConstantCritic


  • Piercing Discernment

    Similar signs are posted along the median of the GW Parkway in the northbound direction on the north side of Old Town.

  • jackson

    Yikes, now it’s getting creepy.

  • Jenks

    Don’t outcreep the creeper.

  • Bob Loblaw

    They should be fined for littering, maybe even arrested. Where was neighborhood watch on this one?

  • drax

    Are these compliant with the county’s sign ordinance?

    Can’t believe I’m first in with that one.

  • Silky Johnson


  • kalashnikev

    Any coincidence it was March 14th??? 😉

  • samepagesamelinesameword

    Truly touching.
    Hope Declan enjoys the credit but it wasn’t him and it wasn’t for her…

  • Just an idea

    ARLnow might want to add a disclosure at the bottom of this article to cover yourself and/or remove this post. According to the Twitter account of the girl you called out on ARLnow’s Twitter account and named by full name here, she’s only 16 years old and probably didn’t want her personal business posted to a news website.

    • Right, we just updated an article with the correction and an apology.

      This is a shame since in the past we’ve been able to track down people who have done notable things — like Dimas Pinzon ( http://www.arlnow.com/2010/08/26/the-virginia-square-metro-hero-speaks/ ) — via good faith email tips from members of the community.

      We corresponded with someone via phone and email, via a reference from a supposed friend, and thought we had the right guy. We were also told that both individuals were 18. One of the individuals named retweeted what we sent her and did not immediately deny that she was involved. Once she did, we acted as quickly as possible to remove all traces of her name an the other individual’s name.

      Apologies to readers for the false information. In the future, we’ll know that we have to work harder to confirm the identities of those involved in these types of stories.

  • The Romantic

    They were done by a guy who loves a woman, one woman very much, and he’s not doing it to get laid, he just wants the woman of his dreams to know every second of everyday that he is loving her beyond measure. Not because he is in the dog house, but because she is the Most Amazing, Beautiful, Sexy, Desirable, intelligent, Awesome, Cute and Adorable Real Woman Ever !!!!!!

    • Texas Aggie 1966

      What’s wrong with doing it to get laid? Do you have something against that idea?

    • Kim

      Dude, tone it down. I think you are misreading how this stunt will be perceived by a woman.

      • Samepagesamelinesameword

        They worked exactly as intended – it doesn’t have to work or make sense to anyone else 🙂

  • Texas Aggie 1966

    Valentines Day is just that, Valentines Day. That doesn’t mean that you have to wait a year to profess your undying love for your girl…..

  • Pierre

    I would be creeped out if I were this woman

  • bluejaybannon

    saw some of the same on the parkway going north out of old town


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