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Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run Found Guilty

by ARLnow.com March 15, 2013 at 2:55 pm 1,462 26 Comments

Marc C. Hicks (photo courtesy ACPD)A Maryland man has been found guilty of a fatal hit and run accident that occurred on Route 50 in 2011.

Yorktown High School grad Zorigoo Munkhbayar, 23, was walking along eastbound Route 50 near Courthouse early on the morning of Sept. 16, 2011, when he was struck by a box truck. The truck and its driver did not remain at the scene. Police later found Munkhbayar dead, lying in the roadway on the Route 50 exit to N. Rhodes Street.

A month later, after analyzing parts of the truck that were left at the scene, police arrested Marc D. Hicks of Oxon Hill, Md., and charged him with hit and run.

The case went to trial on Monday, with Hicks maintaining that he did not know he struck Munkhbayar. Hicks, 43, claimed that he thought damage to his truck was caused by a deer he struck in Maryland later that morning. (The truck belongs to a commercial snack delivery business.)

On Thursday, however, an Arlington County jury found Hicks guilty of felony hit and run, recommending a sentence of 15 months in prison, according to prosecutors. Hicks will remain in the Arlington County jail pending a final sentencing hearing that’s scheduled for Friday, May 17. At that hearing, a judge will have the option of either imposing the recommended sentence or a reduced sentence.

Jennifer Clarke, the Arlington Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney who prosecuted the case, told ARLnow.com that Hicks was only charged with hit and run, and not any other crimes, because the facts of the case did not suggest that he was negligent in the accident.

“There was no evidence of reckless driving, there was no evidence of intoxication or any impairment, it was just an accident that happened… and he just didn’t stay on scene,” she said.

Clarke said that there were no witnesses to the accident.

  • jake

    Bonfire of the Vanities Redux

    • Dan

      Except this guy was not exactly “a master of the universe”…..

  • Arlington Chris

    Reading the comments on that article from 2011 makes me wonder: where did CW go? Has he (she?) be around? Used to be a frequent commenter.

    • QTR

      CW has been active in the forum section-

    • CW

      Yep, used to be. The content of the site started getting clogged up with garbage, the new layout hurts my eyes, and then disqus was the nail in the coffin. I like to read the stories and the comments (well, when they load), and as QTR pointed out I said a few things in the forums, because it was easy and my old login still works.

      • Arlington Chris

        Ah, I see.

        I made a rule in AdBlock to hide the background image on Arlnow.com, that makes the site more readable. Otherwise, I personally like Disqus — just unfortunate that the forum is not integrated with it.

        • Josh S

          Cool! I guess the image has its own URL and you can specifically block that?

          • Arlington Chris


        • OX4

          Wow, that’s a great tip, thanks! I didn’t even think about blocking individual background images.

          • ARL


            Complete control and security of all the crap in websites, for Firefox.

          • dan

            This does NOT have a straight forward uninstall….I would advise caution.

          • ARl

            Are you referring to NoScript?

            I’ve used it for years and it’s been great. You can turn it off easily, and control just scripts run in your browser. It’s amazing what stuff is in the background that you never notice, like all kinds of tracking sites. This shows you them all, and stop other exploits and hijacks.

  • IdontWalkOnRoute50

    “walking along route 50…early in the morning”… do you mean to say he was walking ON route 50 at like 3am, so the kid was probabyl wasted?? I mean, did the driver drive on the sidewalk and hit the kid? because if the kid was walking on route 50, what did he expect? that road is an interstate. if youve ever driven a box truck you can hit a car and not know it.

    • There was not enough evidence to know for sure whether he was actually walking on or besides Route 50, we’re told.

      • ClosetoRoute50

        It happened close to my apartment. It was actually on the bridge that crosses over Route 50 – It’s a 2 lane road with a sidewalk on either side. I’m not sure if he was on the sidewalk, but it was in a place that lots of people walk.

    • ARL

      Doesn’t justify hit and run.

  • wtd

    What’s the point of a 15 month sentence in jail if: “There was no evidence of reckless driving, there was no evidence of intoxication or any impairment, it was just an accident that happened.”

    • Alex

      HE LEFT THE SCENE. He left someone to die on the side of the road after hitting them with a truck. It’s pretty obvious why that’s a crime.

      • novasteve

        At least he didn’t claim that gunmen were after him, so that’s why he fled, like the guy who killed that jewish couple in Brooklyn on their way to the hospital.

        • saywhaaa?

          “that jewish couple”?

          • mc 703

            Yes. It was an ultra-orthodox Jewish couple. That was a large part of the news coverage.

    • TheGuy

      This is why you never want to be stuck using the Public Defender. Any quality defense counsel would have had this knocked down to a misdemeanor and a fine. Of course, that would cost you $15k, but this dude is a working class black guy so he faces 15 months. I mean, worst cast he could have hired Trevor to represent him – he only got 40 days.

      • bobbytiger

        As opposed to a working class white guy?

  • Virginia_Girl

    How do you not know you hit something? MD drivers.

  • Jon

    Sounds like there is no evidence that the driver knew he hit something. I did not like this story when it was first reported, and like it less now.

    So, in Arlington, if you are a white high school kid who is texting and you run over a pedestrian, you get a fine. If you are black and driving, you go to jail? (The only evidence was that he was driving, not that he knew he hit something — and no witnesses.)

  • VergaLarga

    Hell, this cat looks like our beloved prez. That’s one mean mustache Mr. Prez!


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