Police Arrest Man for Deadly Hit and Run on Route 50

by ARLnow.com October 21, 2011 at 4:24 pm 5,701 38 Comments

A Maryland man has been arrested and charged in a fatal hit and run on Route 50.

Police say 42-year-old Marc D. Hicks of Oxon Hill, Md. was driving the truck that struck and killed Zorigoo Munkhbayar as he was walking down Route 50 near Rhodes Street in the early morning of Sept. 16. Hicks did not stay at the scene of the accident, according to police.

Munkhbayar, an Arlington resident and Yorktown High School graduate, was later found laying in the roadway by a passerby, who called 911. The 23-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arlington County Police detectives were led to Hicks by evidence from the striking vehicle left at the scene. Hicks had been driving a truck for a Northern Virginia-based delivery company at the time of the accident, according to police spokeswoman Det. Crystal Nosal. The company — which was not named — did not have knowledge of the crime and was “very helpful with the investigation,” Nosal said.

Hicks is currently being held without bond at the Arlington County Detention Center.

“Police ask that anyone who may have additional details about this collision, contact Detective Paul Marseilles at (703) 228-4237,” police said in a press release. “Detective Marseilles can also be reached via e-mail at [email protected]

  • Charlie

    I love ACPD.

  • Chris

    That’s some nice police work. Way to go Arlington PD.

  • Smith

    ACPD, that is some fantastic police work.

  • Allthatglimmersisnotgold

    Good work by the PD lately…nice to see tax dollars at work instead of being on the receiving end of a ticket !

  • Learned Elbow

    Something seems odd about this accident. Why would anyone flee after hitting someone walking on a HIGHWAY? Maybe the driver did not know that he hit a person? For the good of our justice system, I do hope that the police have something more than just the fact that driver was driving.

    • Just Me

      Maybe he was drunk and thought he could get away with it, or he just didn’t give a rats butt. My guess is he just didn’t care.

    • Bill

      Now that’s funny, right thar! What else exactly would be needed? Maybe a hat?

    • Seriously??

      Regardless, he was not paying attention obviously. That’s just as bad as DUI’ing or DWD’ing. … and takes somebody’s life.

      Seriously, what the f— kind of reasoning is that.

      Hopefully justice will be serviced with the sentencing. A young life was taken.

      • CW

        Um, actually he has a pretty good point. There is a difference between an accident and a crime. It is not a crime to not expect there to be people walking down the traffic lanes of a freeway in the middle of the night.

        • Joe T.

          It was a traffic accident when the truck driver hit the pedestrian. If the driver had attempted to render aid to the pedestrian and called for ambulance, it would have remained an accident and it’s possible the driver would not even have been found at fault (depending on details like where the pedestrian was crossing, etc.)

          Instead, it became a crime when the truck driver fled the scene and left a man to die. I doubt you would be so callous about the pedestrian’s death if it was someone you cared about trying to cross the street..

      • drax

        It’s quite possible that he was paying attention and still didn’t see someone in the middle of the road at night. Perfectly sound reasoning. We don’t know yet.

        • ArlGal

          Agree. We have no idea if the pedestrian stumbled into the road or not.

          Assuming this WAS an accident (not DUI), he was likely in shock knowing he potentially killed someone. The *right* thing to do would be to stop, but people act strangely in situations like this. It is hard to imagine the emotions/reaction you would have yourself faced with this situation sitting beind your computer screen.

          • Joe T.

            I agree with all you say but want to point out that stopping is not only the right thing but it’s required by law (cited below).

            § 46.2-894. Duty of driver to stop, etc., in event of accident involving injury or death or damage to attended property; penalty.

            The driver of any vehicle involved in an accident in which a person is killed or injured or in which an attended vehicle or other attended property is damaged shall immediately stop as close to the scene of the accident as possible without obstructing traffic, as provided in § 46.2-888, and report his name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration number forthwith to the State Police or local law-enforcement agency, to the person struck and injured if such person appears to be capable of understanding and retaining the information, or to the driver or some other occupant of the vehicle collided with or to the custodian of other damaged property. The driver shall also render reasonable assistance to any person injured in such accident, including taking such injured person to a physician, surgeon, or hospital if it is apparent that medical treatment is necessary or is requested by the injured person.

            Where, because of injuries sustained in the accident, the driver is prevented from complying with the foregoing provisions of this section, the driver shall, as soon as reasonably possible, make the required report to the State Police or local law-enforcement agency and make a reasonable effort to locate the person struck, or the driver or some other occupant of the vehicle collided with, or the custodian of the damaged property, and report to such person or persons his name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle registration number.

            Any person convicted of a violation of this section is guilty of (i) a Class 5 felony if the accident results in injury to or the death of any person, or if the accident results in more than $1000 of damage to property or (ii) a Class 1 misdemeanor if the accident results in damage of $1000 or less to property.

  • bobby

    The ARLNOW story says “Marc D. Hicks” but the photo alt text says “Marc C. Hicks” – we got the right guy, huh?

    • Maria

      C and D are right next to each other on the keyboard. I feel like a typo is a more likely explanation than “they arrested the wrong person”…

    • It’s Marc D. Hicks, the photo alt text contained a typo.

  • STee

    Agree that ACPD showed good work here – maybe we can see consistency in other areas!

  • AD

    Thank you for tracking this case down; even if it took pushing and shoving to investigate further.

  • Josh

    am I the only one that thinks he looks a little bit like Obama?

    • Tabby

      You’re not. Hate to say it but when you just see the upper part of his face, he does.

  • Josh S

    Perhaps those posters that feel the need to criticize the police at every turn will be shut up for a while.

    Naaaahhh…. Probably not……

  • grammar girl

    He was lying in the road, not laying.


    • Tabby

      +2 million.

  • CW

    So, was he charged with a crime, or just being held without bond because the police feel like it? The headline says he was charged but no charge is listed.

    Secondly, everyone is acting like a dangerous criminal has been taken off the street. This may well have been a true accident where he did not even notice what happened. When the victim first got hit, everyone was like “idiot shouldn’t have been in the road”; now they pull in a delivery driver and everyone is applauding it like they’ve found the Zodiac Killer…

    • Joe T.

      According to the Virginia courts information web site, Mr. Hicks has been charged with VA code section 46.2-864 (which I cited above) and it is a class 5 felony in this case because the accident resulted in a person’s death. He has already been arraigned and his next scheduled court date is 11/29/11 at 11:30 am for a preliminary hearing in the General District Court.

      FYI, this is America. The police don’t hold people just because they “feel like it”.

    • LI

      I agree totally!!

      • LI

        I totally agree! Who walks on the highway at all, especially after dark! It’s like playing russian roulette! Maybe he didn’t know he hit something, either way! Innocent until proven guilty! Thank God some of you aren’t judges!!! My condolences to the deceased’s family!! I heard the victim was drunk NOT THE DRIVER!!!

  • Wondering if…..

    Is it a crime to run over an idiot walking on a dark highway in the middle of the night? Or is the crime not stopping after hitting the idiot? What if the driver did not know he hit an idiot or did stop but did not find anything on the road? Is a driver obligated to risk his/her life searching a dark road in the middle of the night to look endlessly for something that might have been hit?

    The extent of the facts released by the police is that they arrested someone.

    In any event, we will likely never know the outcome given the commonwealth attorney’s refusal to provide the public with basic information about prosecutions. Arrests get reported (somewhat) in Arlington, but the prosecutions fall into a deep dark hole. (And, yes naysayers, there is a vast difference between a prosecutor grandstanding and a prosecutor issues basic information about the outcome of prosecutions. We currently get nearly no information.)

    • :|

      You have no heart. Someone is dead and you call the deceased an idiot? You say the driver may not have seen the deceased or it is dangerous to go check the road after the accident but have you thought about the decreased? Maybe he was lost or didn’t know the road well or was running away from someone… Very cold and ignorant of you to call a deceased an idiot. I don’t think you would like it if people called you an idiot after u die.

  • YTK

    This was a tragedy that did not have to happen.

    I wish the people at Arl.now had a better grasp of grammar — “found laying in the roadway” – is 4th grade stuff.

  • dj

    i think its governments fault that sidewalk and freeway exist without any wall or barrier! i used to live around there, its awful!

  • victims friend

    My friend is not an idiot, if you have nothing better to say, please just don’t say anything at all. People like you who have such low self esteem makes this world go rotten, but then again its America right? Freedom of speech, haa! Just remember when someone passes away in your life, ill be called them an idiot.

    Charged with felony? So basically anyone can go hit and run over someone and its felony? I just thought it would be more than felony. Not wishing anything bad, but the justice has to be fair.

    I wonder sometimes, what if an Asian driver killed white person? Or what if African-American killed a white person? The situation would be far more worse than this.

    At the end he did ran over my friend and HE DID NOT STOP. He did killed my friend, either if my friend was drunk or the driver. Dont tell me when you bump into something while you are driving, you don’t tend to look back.

    • Thes

      I’m sorry you lost your friend. Just so you know, there isn’t anything “more than” a felony. Felony (meaning prison is possible) the most serious kind of charge (the others are misdemeanor (jail and fine only) and infraction (fine only)). And Hicks is being charged with exactly the conduct you’re concerned about — leaving the scene of an accident. The maximum possible sentence is 10 years in prison. So the police and prosecutors are treating this very seriously. I don’t think they make their decisions based on race.

  • Louise

    ArlNow, grammar note: You wrote, “Munkhbayar, an Arlington resident and Yorktown High School graduate, was later found laying in the roadway by a passerby, who called 911. The 23-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.”

    “laying” should be “lying”. You “lay” down your pencil, or any other thing. When it’s you, or your dog, or any body, it’s lie. You lie down to go to bed. The body was lying in the street. You tell your dog to lie down. Etc.

    • CourthouseChris

      Grammar girl beat you to this by too months.

      But hey, if it makes you feel good to nitpick, carry on.

      (I inserted a homophone confusion error in my comment if you’d like to point that out two)

  • Kimmy

    It’s very odd that a person in a work truck delivering whatever was… or had to be drunk. I read more about this and the time was around 3 am? He may not have known that he hit a person at all and kept on driving. What part of the body was hit on the pedestrian? I’m sure, if he would have known he hit someone he would have stopped. Accidents do happen and we’re only human. How many times have we accidentally done something? You need here the facts and by an “unreasonable doubt” that he had intentions of running. How far could he have ran in a work truck…. think about it.

    • Outsider

      He says that he thought he hit a deer


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