Arlington, VA

Baja Fresh in RosslynAre Baja Fresh and Zpizza in Rosslyn slated to close? That seems to be the suggestion from an item that’s set to be voted on by the Arlington County Board next weekend.

Monday Properties, the owner of 1100 Wilson Blvd, is asking the Board for permission to extend the outdoor cafe seating in front of both restaurants further out into the public right-of-way. The new sidewalk cafe will be about 732 square feet. County staff has recommended the Board approve the request.

In a staff report, it’s revealed that Monday is planning to combine the two restaurant spaces into one, larger space.

“The proposed outdoor seating area will be adjacent to a future restaurant, which will be located in the spaces previously occupied by Baja Fresh and Zpizza,” staff wrote. “The applicant plans to combine two restaurant spaces… to create a new restaurant space of approximately 3,750 square feet.”

It’s unclear what exactly will happen to Baja Fresh and Zpizza. No mention is made of which restaurant is proposed for the combined space.

Zpizza was not open today. A manager at Baja Fresh told us that he was not aware of the proposal, but said that the restaurant’s lease is up in November.


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