Arlington Pet of the Week: Louie

Our latest Arlington Pet of the Week is Louie, a Lhasa-Poo and recent Fairlington transplant.

Here’s what owners Laura and Patrick had to say about Louie and his kingly demeanor.

Meet Louie, a spirited Lhasa-Poo who recently moved to the Fairlington area from Upstate New York. Louie is the pride and joy of his mother and father. A trust companion dog who is sharp, loyal, and fiercely protective of his human family. He is always there to cuddle up on our laps just as we are getting up to leave for work, alert us that there is a squirrel in the backyard by barking, and always (I mean always) eats his mom’s cooking even if his dad is not as fond of it. We affectionately refer to him as our “little man” because of his expressive facial features and sensitivity to human feelings. His unique temperament, regal walk, and prominent eyebrows have made him a hit with neighbored dogs and humans alike.

Louie’s favorite time of day are his walks, where he gets to play fetch at one of the local dog parks and socialize with his friends Charlie, Polo, and Gatsby. When he is not on one of his frequent walks, he enjoys looking out the window, stalking his mom everywhere she goes around the house, or dragging all of his toys out of his toy basket at once and setting them on the nearest human lap. He can be quite bossy when it comes to his play time, often making mischief if he is not the center of attention. Like any self-respecting diva, he has a passion for fashion and has accumulated a wardrobe that could rival Imelda Marcus. Since Louie used to live on a farm, his owners buy him lots of farm animal toys so he stays grounded and remembers his roots. So far, he has a cow, chicken, pig, and duck, all of which he loves to chew on and hear the (realistic) sounds they make. Ask him to bring you any toy by name, and he will retrieve the correct toy every time, doing so in his fancy silk handkerchief that mom helps tie around his neck.

Despite Louie’s ego, he loves fearlessly and has heart of gold that brings great joy to our home.

The Arlington Pet of the Week is sponsored by Dogma Bakery, which has locations at The Village at Shirlington (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) and the Lee Harrison Shopping Center (2445 N. Harrison Street).

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