Our Arlington Pet of the Week on this Thanksgiving eve has a very long name.

Severus “The Percolator” Monk Omar Scarface was adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and is a walking and purring cornucopia of cultural references. Here’s what Severus’ owner, Erin, had to say about him:

Severus is a cat of many names, but most humans just call him Sev. His full name is Severus “The Percolator” Monk Omar Scarface. A breakdown of his name includes: Severus, after, you guessed it!, the infamous Slyerian Headmaster Severus Snape (he even sports the House colors): “The Percolator” after his brewing coffee purr; Monk after the famous OCD TV detective (Severus is particularly fearful of plastic bags and freezers), and Omar/Scarface due to the scar he has on his nose from before the adoption. Extra points if you can guess which TV show the name Omar comes from! (Hint: filmed in Baltimore, MD, where Severus’ mom went to college)

Being such a literary and cultured cat, it’s hard for Severus to keep up with all the Arlington pawparazzi, particularly since his dark black coat makes picture-taking difficult. Good thing his bright green eyes and fat cheeks make him the region’s most photogenic feline! Most everyone who meets Severus thinks he’s a dog in cat’s clothing. He meows incessantly, sits at the door waiting every time you come home, licks your face to wake you up in the morning, and loves his walks outside (but always with a leash). He’s a cat of many seasons, but his favorite is springtime, when he can stare out the window and meow at squirrels and lizards. His second favorite season would be winter, where he not only gets to wear his favorite hooded sweater, but also gets his yearly rabies vaccine (health is Severus’ top priority!)

Severus meows that he would like to thank ARLnow for keeping his mom informed of all the local news, his red dot laser pointer (he’ll catch you one of these days!), his adoption home Arlington Welfare League of Arlington, and his fellow cat and dog nominees.

The Arlington Pet of the Week is sponsored by Dogma Bakery, which has locations at The Village at Shirlington (2772 S. Arlington Mill Drive) and the Lee Harrison Shopping Center (2445 N. Harrison Street).

Want your pet to be considered for the Arlington Pet of the Week? Email [email protected] with a 2-3 paragraph bio and at least 3-4 horizontally-oriented photos of your pet. Each week’s winner receives a $25 Dogma gift card.


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