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This regularly-scheduled sponsored Q&A column is written by Adam Gallegos of Arlington-based real estate firm Arbour Realty, voted one of Arlington Magazine’s Best Realtors of 2013 & 2014. Please submit your questions via email.

Q. Have you done any analysis on the average sale price per square foot by Metro area in Arlington? I’m looking to buy in the Clarendon/Courthouse area and that along with HOA fees are two of the key components I am examining.

A. I have created a report for you that follows the Metro stations along the Orange Line from East Falls Church to Rosslyn. You mentioned in a subsequent email that you are looking at newer condos, so I am going to limit my analysis to condos built more recently than 1999. I’m using data from the MLS so it will not includes some of the new construction sales at Gaslight Square and the growing number of sales that take place outside of the MLS.

East Falls Church

The only newer condo currently located near East Falls Church metro is Westlee. The average cost per square foot (CPSF) is $454 with a range of $442-$476.

Condo listings near East Falls Church metro


Ballston includes a larger number of condo options, such as Liberty Center, Continental and Berkeley. You will also start to pay a premium for being within the Ballston to Rosslyn corridor. I did not include condo conversions like Eastview & Westview because they were not actually built after 1999 (despite how they are listed in the MLS). The average CPSF is $555 with a range of $450-$624.

Condo listings near Ballston metro

Virginia Square

Virginia Square often gets lumped in with Ballston, but I decided to break them up. I included Hawthorn, Lexington Square, Monroe and Ballston 880. The average CPSF is $544 with a range of $463-$600.

Condo listings near Virginia Square metro


Clarendon is consistently in the most demand when it comes to condo buyers like yourself.  I included Hartford, Lyon Pointe, Clarendon 1021, Phoenix, Station Square and Clarendon 3131. The average CPSF jumped to $589 with a range of $518-$724.

Condo listings near Clarendon metro


Condos in Courthouse include Vista, Odyssey, Park, 1800 Wilson, Dakota, Gaslight Square and Wooster & Mercer Lofts. Courthouse is typically a little less expensive than Clarendon but the average cost per square foot is going to be skewed slightly higher because of the luxury Abdo buildings. The average CPSF is $569 with a range of $443-$744.

Condo listings near Courthouse metro


The numbers in Rosslyn are off the chart because Rosslyn includes the ultra-luxury condo buildings: Turnberry Towers, Waterview and Memorial Overlook. Even though the average CPSF I’m reporting is higher in Rosslyn, I think it is safe to assume that if you built the exact same condo building in Rosslyn and Clarendon, the one in Clarendon would be able to demand a higher cost per square foot. The average CPSF is $815 with a range of $532-$1102.

Condo listings near Rosslyn metro

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