Bird's eye view of an Arlington neighborhood by Christopher DoorleyIt’s not easy for many people to afford to buy a home in Arlington. It’s obviously a lot harder to afford to buy every home in Arlington — but believe it or not, there are at least two people who could pull it off.

According to a report from real estate website Redfin, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett could individually, with their net worth, buy every single home in Arlington County.

There are 75,317 homes in Arlington with an aggregate value of $43.4 billion, the report says. Warren Buffett, with his $65.5 billion, or Bill Gates, with $78.4 billion, according to Forbes, could theoretically buy all the residential real estate there is to buy in Arlington.

The Koch brothers, with $86 billion in total net worth, could buy the county twice over. The Walton family, of Walmart fame, could buy Arlington more than three times over with their $154.8 billion.

Only the Walton family could buy all of the 209,092 homes in the District of Columbia; the District’s homes are valued in aggregate at $109.2 billion, according to Redfin.

Photo courtesy Christopher Doorley


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